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High Above.

As the sun goes down... 🌆 #sunset #wheretoserbia #visitnis #slikesrbije 😍

"Jer, sve je prelaz, most čiji se krajevi gube u beskonačnost, a prema kom su svi zemni mostovi samo dečje igračke, bledi simboli. A sva je naša nada s one strane.."
#mostslobode #novisad #ig_novisad #dunav #srbija #myserbia #zivetisaprirodom #wheretoserbia #slikesrbije #bridge #river #winter


High Above.

"In the world through which I travel, I'm endlessly creating myself". This is a suspension bridge above a road and a river that leads to a church on the hill. 60 m long and 20 m high, built in 2013.



"Never stop exploring". After a heavy downpour I started walking on the shore of Krajkovacko jezero and enjoying the silence, for nobody was there that day. Krajkovacko jezero - Lake Krajkovac is an artificial accumulation made in '86. by creating a damn (you can see it in the photo, straight yellowish line) on Krajkovacka reka. The lake is 1600 m long and 600 m wide.


Inspiring Day.

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