Happy birthday to #WhereToInvadeNext director Michael Moore. #OnThisDay

🎥 23.04 🇺🇸 Happy birthday Michael! ♉ Bowling for Columbine ✅🌼 @michaelfmoore

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Olemme Jetsun kanssa Idän tietäjiä sekä vapaustaistelijoita. Vai kenties öljypohattasheikkejä? #hastalavictoriasiempre #vallankumouksenkuonot #revolutionismyname #wheretoinvadenext #oil

ISLÂNDIA. Taí um lugar que ainda vou visitar. E depois de assistir ao último documentário do Michael Moore, "Where to invade next", esse desejo só aumentou. Por quê? Porque quero ver com meus próprios olhos como é ser mulher em um dos países com maior igualdade de gênero no mundo. Se você assistir ao documentário ou fizer uma busca rápida na internet sobre a Islândia, vai entender do que tô falando. #islandia #grlpwr #somostodosiguais #mydreams
p.s.: o doc não é sobre a Islândia. Nem sobre igualdade de gênero. Tem assunto pra todos os gostos! #wheretoinvadenext #oinvasoramericano #michaelmoore

#매주보는 #홈무비타임 ~~~#보는내내 초롱초롱 집중한 영화 #말이필요없다 #그냥모두 보면 좋겠다 #다큐영화가 이리도 재밌을 수 있을까 #마이클무어감독 위트 #정치범 #경제범은 감옥에서 매일 이 영화 보여주는 걸로~ #많은 생각이 떠오르나 긴 글은 생략 #모두 보기를 바라며 #나의기록인 인스타에서 기억하길 바라는 영화였음 해서 남긴다 .
#진중하되 진지하지 않게 ~~#good!! .
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A trip to spice garden in Munnar! 🌶☘ Not only we saw 100s of varieties of spices and ayurvedic medicinal plants but the guide gave insights on the farming procedure, it's use and history of these plants. I never knew that cardamom is the bud or clove is a climber and it's the flower which you harvest. Saw Indian day to day used spices which I never knew grow in such manner. today in this robotic world, we have come so far from our roots that we don't even know how our food grows or where does it come from! I am not sure why I learned about trigonometry in my basic education and not about basic farming.
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Please watch till the end...
I love what he said in the end:
“We should have more democracy, more freedom of speech. Because to lock up, that wont help us. That will just create more hatred!”
Parts of Where To Invade Next documentary by Michael Moore
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#دموکراسی #آزادی_بیان #مایکل_مور
پذیرش ترجمه و آموزش انگلیسی، مکالمه و کلاس های آمادگی آیلتس در ساری.
جلسه اول رایگان!
شماره ی تلگرام: ۰۹۳۹۱۴۹۴۲۸۸☎️
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Michael Moore dgn hasil movie documentarynya pada tahun 2015 "Where to invade next",moore telah tour sekitar europe utk lihat sendiri sistem pendidikan yg diberi percuma,serta mempraktikkan makanan sihat utk para pelajar seawal dari pra sekolah,sehingga menjadi negara no 1 terunggul di dunia dlm bidang pendidikan,juga utk warga pekerja kelas bawahan serta rakyat marhaen yg dijaga dgn elok,tax rakyat dikembalikan kpd rakyat dgn sepatutnya!Moore membuat perbandingan dgn negara US yg hanya mementingkan perbelanjaan military dan mengabaikan facilities rakyat marhaen sebaliknya #michaelmoore #wheretoinvadenext #movietrailer

Have been on this documentary kick lately, starting with some great ones like “Food, Inc.” and “Rotten” to “Before the Flood” and “Blackfish”. The last one we watched was “Where to Invade Next.” by Michael Moore in which he “invades” countries he sees are doing things right, and “steals” those ideas from them to bring them back to the US. This clip is from almost the end of the movie, and it starts after Moore was talking to three Icelandic female CEOs about what has been working in Iceland so well. For Iceland everything changed after they elected their first female president, Vigdís Finnbogadóttir, in 1980! Moore has her speak the last bit, in which she explains what changed in Iceland after her election and after the Women’s Strike in the late 70s in Iceland. Her sentiments and convictions still hold true today, and I for one would be excited to put them to the test because I am convinced that she is absolutely right. #womenshistorymonth #girlpower #femalerolemodels #strongwomenstrongworld #whoshouldruntheworldgirls #wheretoinvadenext #feminist #feminism #womenempowerment

Such a reccomendded documentary film. #wheretoinvadenext

Turnén fortsätter! Välkomna ut på dans! #wheretoinvadenext #martinezorkester #dansband #dans #långkörare

#Documental #wheretoinvadenext (qué invadimos ahora)
#Resumen Michael Moore es documentalista crítico americano, lo que hace en éste film es contarnos cómo a través de los años el "sueño americano" se ha desdibujado, y viaja por el mundo mostrando por medio de ironía la forma de vida en otros países, y como el capitalismo no es mas sino una farsa ya que la calidad de vida ea mejor en otros lugares.
Este documental es brutal, en cuanto lo vez cambia la perspectiva de estados unidos, yo son fan de los documentales de Michael, siempre lo deja a uno con ganas de querer cambiar algo
Se lo recomiendo, tiene una comedia negra realista muy buena

To learn what the USA can learn from other nations, Michael Moore playfully "invades" them to see what they have to offer. #WhereToInvadeNext #beINMovies

لا تفوتوا مشاهدة الفيلم الوثائقي هذا المساء!

#wheretoinvadenext ✈️💕

Contrary to popular belief, enemies of oppression come in all shapes, sizes and colors...Michael Moore is most certainly one of them, without a doubt or contradiction. I've been appreciative of this brother's work since way back when he blew the whistle on the Bush administration and the AmeriKKKan government with his documentary 'Fahrenheit 911'....that being said, this documentary 'Where To Invade Next' is a MUST-see for you and your children! It presents a SHARP contrast to the United States' egotistical and narcissistic attitude that this is "the GREATEST country in the world"....yeah ok....watch this and see if it doesn't give you some REAL perspective..... #WhereToInvadeNext

In this documentary Moore has an interesting idea, positioning himself as an invasionary force of one – personally visiting a series of countries, mostly inside Europe, planting a US flag, and then taking all their best ideas away with him.⠀

#wheretoinvadenext is #thoughtfulentertainment at its best.

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