Take it to the house! Until the next flight.....roughly three weeks from now. Thinking about hitting the North East quadrant of the US, you know Boston and maybe even Ontario/Montreal. Anything north of NYC -kia 🌇🌃🌁🏙
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Planning my next trip. Where to next? Paris? Bali? Italy? 🤔✈🌏
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We (@ciprianaquann @tk_wonder) celebrated our birthdays last week, at the Billboard Music Awards @BBMAs in Las Vegas with @Uber, supporting women's empowerment, and all of the incredible inspiring female artists. What an amazing ceremony to experience for the first time on our born day. Visit UrbanBushBabes.com for a behind the scenes look as we get ready and attended the BBMA's. #WhereTo #BBMAs #sponsored ▫▫▫
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Times are changing! Entrepreneurship is not anymore just a man's domain. Being a founder of a non-profit organization Council for Fashion and Social Change @fashionandchange is sometimes challenging. There are many presumptions and stereotypes, BUT when your break them, YOU OWN IT!
Together with @uber I encourage other female leaders to break stereotypes, to build support networks and RISE!
Powerful moment captured by @metouiphotography
In partnership with @uber
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Listen to these rails a humming. All aboard get on the A train.

A flattering picture of me traveling 1000 miles away from my haters
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{русский: из жизни }
#Sponsored I still remember the time after I had just had my first child and was sitting on the couch crying my eyes out because everybody said that I couldn't really continue the career that I wanted. I was told that now I would have to do that which everyone else does because that was just the way things were. I had so much pressure because everyone expected me to fit within the frame that wasn’t who I was, nor what I envisioned for myself.
While I tried to keep everybody happy, at one point the realization came that my life is mine and I didn’t have to fall into anybody’s expectations. And while yes there wasn’t anybody doing that which I wanted to do, the only thing that was stopping me from laying the path for myself was simply me, my fears, and someone else’s standards of good and normal.
The first few tries were ridiculously scary, I did not know what I was doing. I hated myself and questioned if I was good enough of a mother for wanting to pursue my dreams just as much as I wanted my kids to be able to pursue theirs, but at one point it dawned on me that I couldn’t really reach my full potential as a mother if I didn’t reach my full potential as a person. Once that realization hit, everything started to fall into place.
Fast forward to today. While the path was not easy at times, I have zero regrets. Sure, not everything was perfect, but that’s just life in its essence.
So, to all women out there who feel the weight of society's pressure to be something they don’t want to be, know that it absolutely is possible to go for your dreams and stand for what you want in life. We can choose to go for our dreams without sacrificing motherhood, or any other thing that may seem to be standing in the way.
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И ещё один пост о жизни.
Я помню, как сейчас, время, когда родился Николик, мой самый первый человечек, ему было несколько месяцев, а я сидела на диване и плакала, потому что все вокруг твердили, что на карьере и мечтах теперь нужно было ставить крест. Все повторяли, что теперь я должна быть, «как все», потому что «так положено». Давление со стороны ⤵️

Book an uru for the evening.
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the westernmost point in europa! 🌞 #hayinportugal

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