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Enjoying the magic of this country, watching and meeting amazing people and experiencing all Ubud has to offer. What a truly amazing place 🙏

Thee are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle. -Albert Einstein #tigereyes
Feeling all sorts of gratitude this morning. This is the same balcony that was my ticket to see the northern lights. And taking a moment to just bask in the memory brings the joy full circle.
Gratitude is the secret. To move from a place of thanks and a place of joy is not both the best way and the only way to operate without being burned out.
My gratitude journal has been the common denominator between my lows and my highs (no need to wait for life to give you what you want before you give thanks). And while I don't think journaling is for everyone (I don't even find journaling beneficial half the time). Staying in a posture of appreciation makes minutes into moments and every moment, grace. ~
Thank you to @fountainheadhotels for the amazing set up and being my base camp for operation Fairbanks!

We're adding some additional bookish merch to our studio shop like these Wild Thing and Gandalf terrariums by @mosslove and I'm so pumped! They're also available on her website for folks outside Minneapolis. 🌱😊 #frostbeardstudio

God said we're too aggressive. Really!? Us!? Too Aggressive!? 🎶 @natgeo #treepeople #wherethewildthingsare

Love working with client themes to create unique experiences and lasting memories! With @jackieohhevents @aaronscatering @thegildedgroup @eventsontheloose #wherethewildthingsare #luxurycatering #miamievents


Slowly turning this apartment into a home. First installations of our "Where The Wild Things Are" wall in the kitchen. #homedecor #blackandwhite #wherethewildthingsare #wildanimals #pictureframes #DIY #homeproject

Sometimes you have to rock a fauhawk! #wherethewildthingsare #fauhawksareforgirls

Inside all of us is hope, fear, and adventure. Inside all of us is a wild thing. ✨
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