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Loves a waffle 🥞🥞🥞 #wheresthewaffleemoji and who doesn't have a side of chips, salsa and guac with their breakfast 🙄🥑👅

As far as Tuesday's go, I'd say last night was an Eleven... #StrangerThings #wheresthewaffleemoji?

Waffles are my love language. #letterfolk #wheresthewaffleemoji
Do you have a favorite quote from Parks & Rec?! Patrick and I have way too many lines memorized from this show.

LOW CARB WAFFLES :) yep!! “Made waffles using @proteinbreadco pancake mix this morning and oml it was delicious. 300 calories and 29g of protein this plate wheeee. 🍓🍽 #wheresthewaffleemoji : @mylittleprogressdiary
=== ✅ Low Carb ✅ High Protein ✅ Gluten & Dairy Free === Samantha P. 15/07/16 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ - "Love the pancake mix, stays light and fluffy and is delicious with bacon and maple syrup :-D" === 🚀 Order Online with FREE SHIPPING 🇦🇺 Australia wide. Just visit: https://theproteinbreadco.com.au/shop/protein-pancake-mix/ - or visit the link in our bio

road trippin to cali wby🚘🥞 #wheresthewaffleemoji

Spring has sprung, and so has our NEW SPRING MENU! 🍓🍳🥓Come check out our AB&J waffle and more, available for a limited time at participating First Watch restaurants nationwide. #WheresTheWaffleEmoji #AlmondButter #SpringMenu #YeahItsFresh

Always a favorite. ♥️🥓🍳☕️
Cookies for a #wafflehouse loving dad's 75th birthday celebration.
#waffles #wheresthewaffleemoji

I may have gotten there three hours late, but hey I still got a waffle🥞 #hbd kenn #wheresthewaffleemoji #fashionablylate


What do you mean “watch out for sharks”? I AM the shark 🎾🦈
Pancakes or waffles?? 🥞#wheresthewaffleemoji

Meeting the weekend like 😍🤤☕️ #wheresthewaffleemoji?? Hope your weekend is magical 🙏🏻✨ and full of deep breaths 😸✌🏻 and waffles 😍😆 #itsthefreakinweekend #fikacafe #coffee #lattelove #breath

Taking advantage of my mini waffle maker! I'm always going to be a pancake person, but I must say, making waffles is way more efficient! I didn't get too meticulous about the garnishing & it came out a-okay. What you see on top of those lil babies is coconut oil & ghee 😉🥞 🍓🍌#wheresthewaffleemoji ?! by: @avacm

Give me homemade apple pie waffles or give me death! (That's how the quote goes right??) How many of these darlings would you eat?? Let me know below 🤤🥞#wheresthewaffleemoji

Did some makeup and hair inspired by Eleven’s look from the season finale of Stranger Things 2. I’m kind of in love? Went a little bit more subtle on the eye makeup cause I got work today though.
#wheresthewaffleemoji #stillwaiting #strangerthings2 #snowball #elevenstrangerthings

PW COCONUT VANILLA WAFFLES 🥞 #wheresthewaffleemoji
Today I just did an easy back workout, foam rolling and stretching - perfect for a rainy Sunday ☕️
Now I’m enjoying these protein waffles - they are among my favorite recipe I’ve ever created 😭😍
400g vegan curd
4 tbsp almond milk
2 eggs or flax eggs
100g almond flour (or coconut flour)
40g vanilla protein powder
5g baking powder
3 tbsp erythritol (or 3 tsp agave nectar/coconut sugar)
⇨ Full recipe: www.alexasearth.com
What are you having? ✨
Waffeln gehen immer, auch abends 😍 Oder wie seht ihr das? Esst ihr manchmal abends süß?
400g Sojaquark
2 Schüsse Mandelmilch
2 Eier oder vegane Ei-Alternative (3 EL Leinsamen + 10 EL Wasser für 15 Min. einweichen lassen)
100g Mehl (Mandelmehl, alternativ Dinkel- oder Kokosmehl)
40g Vanille Proteinpulver oder Geschmack eurer Wahl
5g Weinstein-Backpulver
4 EL Xucker light @xucker.de (o. 3 TL Agavendicksaft/Kokosblütenzucker)
Wie sieht euer Sonntag aus? Auch so verregnet und kalt? ☁️
Dann probiert die Waffeln doch mal aus und füllt eure Wohnung mit Waffelduft 😍 Das und weitere Rezepte findet ihr auf www.alexasearth.com 💘
Habt einen tollen Sonntagabend ihr Lieben!

If you trail run in a thunderstorm and have Waffle House for breakfast and don’t post a pic, did you even trail run in a thunderstorm and have Waffle House for breakfast? 🤔⛈⚡️🏃🏼‍♀️🥞 #wheresthewaffleemoji #6run5 @peterbenm

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