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So ihr Lieben,
Ich hoffe ihr genießt das Wetter🌞❤️ Geht ihr trotz der Hitze zum Training? Ich habe heute selbstverständlich trainiert, Schulter/Nacken 😇 (Siehe Storys)
Für mich geht es diese Nacht noch nach Berlin😵 Ich bin nämlich zur Premiere von @baywatchmovie eingeladen🙌😊 natürlich werde ich auch vlogen in Berlin☝️ YouTube: Lisa Del Piero (Link auch in der Bio)
Die Schuhe sind von: @puma #Werbung

I get asked every now and then what it's like to be a woman working in construction and I can never figure out what to say. I don't really think about how things might be different for me because I'm a woman. I just want to be one of the boys, so to speak. I like to think that I can do whatever he can do... as well as whatever he can't do 😜

If anything I wonder what it's like for the guys to suddenly be working with a woman. I think it would be a lie to say nothing changes. The shit talk gets censored to an extent. The guys don't randomly punch me or otherwise manhandle me like they do with each other for fun. The boundary lines are drawn way back here just for me. But there's also a lot that doesn't change just because there's a girl on site. I get plenty of hints every day that I'm no longer working in an office, that it's me who needs to adapt and not the other way around.

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In case you were w o n d e r i n g...

Sundays spent with coffee, mags and great tunes🎶⠀

Now that I've got my faulty iPhone 7 replaced with a working iPhone 7 (why does this happen to me?😭) I've finally managed to get music on to my phone🎶📲 Before I had a very old iPhone 4s with a laughable battery life so I'm beyond happy to get to listen to music and podcasts while out and about now.⠀

I've just started using these Bluetooth earphones from @SudioSweden and I'm loving the freedom. I tested them out today by leaving my phone down while puttering (read:dancing💃🏻) in my flat. I cannot go back to regular wired earphones after this. Can't wait to start using them in the studio!⠀

Today's soundtrack: Florence and the Machine's "Lungs" - one of my all time faves💕⠀

👉What music do you like listening to when you're puttering away on a project? Or are you a podcast person? Any recommendations?⠀

➕ My treat for you Insta friends: Get 15% off at @SudioSweden when you use my code CLICKTHISPHOTO⠀

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Summer has arrived for our fam. ✌🏽School is out for everyone but Eva and we have a long bucket list of things we want to do. Trying to be more scheduled + engaged with my kids this summer. I wont lie, I struggle with the lack of structure and the constant "Mooooom." Any tips welcome. 😘 Edit: Eva just said, "Look at your face. I love your face." So I guess I'll be ok. ☺️ // 🎥 by the talented @alliseeiz #ecphotosundayspecial

Applying the perfect pop of pink and then we are headed out for some fun! Happy Sunday 😘

A detail of my recent private commission mural in #Montreal. The checked pattern comes from the Portuguese tiles in the little gazebo park a few blocks away at St Laurent and Beaubien. #ihavethisthingwithcolor



Big cheese is out of control 🌿 Planning a day of gardening & a bit of work over here 😎 Happy bank holiday!

#officefortheday 💙
Wir haben unser Büro heute nach draußen verlegt ☀️😎

McLaren p1!!!

Fiore brand identity by @nonamebranding.nyc #InspoFinds

Craving something yummy but somewhat healthy for dinner - no problem on the JBT program • we've got your favourite fast foods covered ✨

The best part is these REAL food wedges are even better!


Wash potatoes well, peeling is optional. Par boil until just tender. Meanwhile preheat an oven tray in the oven at 200C.

Drain potatoes well, then toss in a generous amount of olive oil and an abundance of good quality SMOKED paprika powder and season well with pink salt flakes. Throw onto the preheated oven tray in an even layer and bake until crispy, tossing occasionally. Serve with crushed garlic mixed through some plain yogurt- CLEAN aioli! ⭐️

A bit of Monday inspiration for all the designers out there ✨

How much do you know about the #marblelling art? 🎨

@marblematter is a small business from Barcelona that creates unique pillowcases, paper cards and stained glass using the techniques of Suminagashi and Ebru.

Du suchst jemanden für dein Design? Du hast sie gefunden ;-) mein Design - Prozess ist für und dich und mich ein kreatives Abenteuer ;-) mehr dazu findest du auf meiner Webseite in meinem Profil.

‪My #inspiration #station Yes everything has to be smiling back 👻 No pretences of an organised person. I am not. The chaos calls for improvement and therefore creativity.
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Being a girlboss is all about giving yourself a little luxe in your life. Yes we work so damn hard to make our dreams a reality and there will be some days where I'll stay in my track pants all day, top knot and no bra but I'm a huge advocate for living a boss life right from day one! I've always been such a big believer in the law of attraction and I feel when you look at your life from a place of wealth and abundance starting with the small steps to help you feel that abundance - like buying yourself nice flowers.
The environment you surrround yourself in can have such an impact on what you actually achieve. Give yourself permission to have a beautiful work space, surround yourself with pretty things, things that make you feel amazing and inspiration. Reminders that your life is already incredible! That you have already made it girl! .
DARE you to try it this week and see how it transforms your mindset and positivity levels. 👸🏼💕


Grooved runway 唔代表可以處理無限量嘅雨水,況且跑道兩邊向下純粹係利用地心吸力去幫助排水。如果雨勢強勁,雨水仍然會開始累積,而側風更可能會將積水吹番上跑道中間嘅位置,令去水速度更加緩慢,所以在暴雨下跑道仍有可能積水。

最後想多謝各位 share 咗我篇文同指出文中錯誤嘅朋友,正已修!

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