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@muagaby looks happy, healthy and has been dominating the makeup game 💄 since her journey on #RevengeBody! 🙌🏼#WhereAreTheyNow

Tune into @owntv #WhereAreTheyNow tomorrow at 10/9c to watch the full episode.

is the love from us 2 u, gezz #indovidgram #WhereAreTheyNow

UMC 16, 1year on - minus James and Lauren.. #Andthebillygoat #wherearetheynow

Remember these guys? @whomagazine catches up with past #mkr winners, including @danandsteph13 and their beautiful daughter Emmy, to find out what they've cooked up since taking out the title. Pick up a copy today for your @mykitchenrules #wherearetheynow fix!

Here. Goodnight from giac. #phanievideo #youllknow #wherearetheynow

It's Thursday, and today we honor Mariana Atencio @marianaatencio !! She studied Mass Communications at UCAB where she participated in HNMUN for only one year, and even though Mariana only went once, she achieved the highest possible award: Best Delegate!! After graduating, she went on to pursue her master’s degree from Columbia University, where she won a full scholarship to study journalism.
Mariana knew she wanted to be a journalist when #the Hugo Chávez Government shut down Venezuela's oldest television station, Radio Caracas Television (RCTV) in 2007. Even though she felt a strong sense of indignation and frustration, she realized her determination to raise her voice was even stronger.
She's known for her field reporting, doing breaking news and special reports on global youth unrest and other domestic and international issues, like the protests in Ferguson, Mexico, Venezuela and Hong Kong.
It's impossible to cover all she's done, but we'll try to do her justice: Mariana won a Peabody Award for her investigations in Mexico and the US. She hosted and co-directed the Univision documentary "PRESSured: Freedom of the Press," a film about the fragile state of press freedom in Latin America, for which she received a Gracie Award.

She is also well-known for interviewing Pope Francis from the US-Mexico border on ABC's "Pope Francis and the People;" and for her coverage of the 2014 student protests in Venezuela which aired on ABC's World News.

#WhereAreTheyNow? Today, you can find Mariana working for MSNBC and NBC News. She's the first Venezuelan and the only Latina at the network level. She inspires us every day by telling the stories of people fighting to make our world a better place.
In Mariana's words: "we have to choose to take a stand, to speak up, to step forward, even when we think we’re alone. I’ve seen that one brave person is all it takes to raise an issue, to spark a protest, to launch a movement for change."
Mariana's storytelling remind us we are all equal because we are all human.

It's been a long time since I helped Indie against those pesky Kali worshippers. #newyork #wherearetheynow #okaydokaydrjones


Mighty Cute vs Captain Adorable. 2 weeks vs 20 weeks. 💙

UMC 16, 1year on - minus James and Lauren.. #Andthebillygoat #wherearetheynow

My favorite characters in High School Musical. Speaking of HSM have you checked out my blog? I did a where are they now post on the cast of HSM. (Link in my bio)

#blogger #blog #highschoolmusical #HSM #wherearetheynow #sharpayevans #ashleytisdale #ryanevans #lucasgabriel #troybolton #zacefron #gabriellamontez #vanessahudgens #corbinbleu #chaddanforth #taylormckessie #moniquecoleman #wildcats

Hamburglar ponders options for lunch.
#hamburglar #wherearetheynow
#crimemap #mickeyds

Meanwhile back in China...
Pat is camel riding with students during a trip to Inner Mongolia's Kupaqi desert! Pat is keeping the Silk Walk presence strong in China while the rest of us are stuck in rainy MN. #silkwalk #wherearetheynow

When your squad is scattered across the planet so you lose your shit when you see one of them in print😂😂 #missyoufam #squad #wherearetheynow #haveyouseenthisgirl #AWOL #toughlife #famousfriend #thisisforstayingawaysolong #comehome #noonegetsmehere

#WhereAreTheyNow Phillipsburg Girls basketball alum, Rachel Edwards, is about to enter her senior year at Centenary University. Her three point shot is just as deadly in college as it was in high school. The Lady Liners family is proud of all of her accomplishments and can't wait to follow her final year on the court. Keep up the good work, Rachel! #ladyliners #phs #centenaryuniversity 🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀

The best one yet 🤣🤣🤣 #AlSharkton #AlSharpton #WhereAreTheyNow
@Regrann from @mindover7 - - #regrann

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