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Come at me chipotle!!!! This taco bowl is life!!!! Maybe I’ll start posting more of my food (probably not ) seriously though this was meatless and so dang good! Everyone crushed it! “Recipe”:
Black beans
Caramelized onion
Boca meatless crumbles
Sour cream
Brown rice
Seasonings were lime juice, garlic and salt!! I keep it simples! Throw it in a bowl and mix it til it looks like baby vomit and take it straight to the dome! 😂 so good!
#vegetarian #meatlessmonday #whenyouwanttacos

I’m pretty sure I’m gonna abuse this when I get home 😂#Ubereats #whenyouwanttacos #youwanttacos

Yesterday for Taco Tuesdays: Carne Asada in Blue corn hard taco shells with baby lettuce, salsa and feta cheese. All bought from @sprouts. When you wantvTacks, you work with whatever you have around the house lol! #tacotuesdays #nontraditional #whenyouwanttacos

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