I normally try to stay out of the political and social realms on IG but it’s extremely hard these days. There is so much injustice going on right now that seems to be basically celebrated by some parts of our society and public servants. It blows my mind. We talk at home with our kids that when we see inequality we must take a stand, interject, and protect if necessary, ANYONE who is subjected to intolerance. I feel like I can and should be doing a lot more. Expect to see a lot more postings from me on the subject. Don’t like it, ✌🏼. The above thoughts and message are expressly mine, @suuupadave, @ and give credit if you’d like to share. #whenyouknowbetteryoudobetter
The assault on women’s rights is REAL. Get your ass out and VOTE.

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IMAGE DESCRIPTION: A letter titled “Women’s March on Kavanaugh: Withdraw.” The content of the letter reads: “Brett Kavanaugh’s history with women shows he is 100% unqualified to serve on the Supreme Court, and he should withdraw immediately. His nomination was an affront to women from the start, and any continuation of these hearings will be seen by women as a war on survivors of sexual assault.
The #MeToo movement exposed the horrific reality that far too many survivors live, but there is a better path. Women deserve better, survivors deserve better, and we are here to demand better for Dr. Blasey Ford, for Deborah Ramirez, and all of us.
Donald Trump’s essential message, that women, femmes and girls are worth nothing in the eyes of our government, is wrong. Women are watching. It is past time for Kavanaugh to withdraw, and the Republicans who have championed him will pay in November. You don’t get to be a rape apologist and stay in office. Not on our watch."

I went to a building designated a “church” for the majority of my life. I’ve tithed more than 10% and given to enough building funds to have fed an entire community. For at least a decade. I don’t hate church. I don’t despise the buildings I drive by and could claim partial ownership to. But I do want to slap my own self when I think of how much I could’ve done in my own community with the $$ I put into these buildings and the pockets of my pastors. Now I know better. I want to do better. Whenever I walk outside my house, I desire to touch lives in a good way. To be the smile that someone needs to see, the ear someone needs to listen, the touch that someone needs to feel, the kind words someone needs to hear. The hand that gives, the heart that feels, the feet that step up. Church buildings are beautiful. People are more beautiful. #iamthechurch #buildpeoplenotbuildings #mentalhealthawareness #church #peoplearebeautiful #loveoneanother #losingmyreligion #whenyouknowbetteryoudobetter

Posted this already but just finished reading! It's so SO good. Highly recommend for parents of daughters. Great, practical suggestions and insight. Feel like it's going to be my go-to for the next several years! #whenyouknowbetteryoudobetter #parentingjourney #crazyspots

It’s really nice knowing that I can have Decker help clean without worrying about what sort of chemicals are being transferred through his skin into his body, let alone huffing them out of the air while he sprays. .
I feel much more comfortable with a cleaner that says ‘if swallowed, drink lots of water’ instead of your standard chemical cleaner that says ‘if swallowed, call poison control’. .
I dont know about you but, seems like a no brainer🤷‍♀️ benefit number 921 using #thieveshouseholdcleaner, it only costs about $1.50 per bottle and cleans WAY better then any conventional cleaner I’ve ever used before. .
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Good morning ALL & Happy Sunday... fruits should be the first meal of the day!! Even for people who fast fruit should still be the first fruit of the day!! However you should have a knowledge of what fruits you can eat together and what fruits you cant. Some fruit eating together will cause an upset stomach. I will create a post with the dos and donts of fruit combining. Dont forget ask questions, respost if you want!! !!!!Each one teach one!!!! #breakfast

🤨Trust issues? Let’s work through it! 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽 TRUST • How to establish it. How to REGAIN it. •
No excuses. Get to church!!!! Meet me at APEX Everywhere... Service starts at 10:30!!! #ApexEverywhere #TRUST #EmotionsSeries #WhenYouKnowBetterYouDoBetter #BIACG

Nothing is as deceptive as human desire. Desire becomes deceitful in three way. 1. Material 2. Motive 3. Means . Number one tells us that sometimes you can have a good motive and follow the right path, but what you desire may not be right or best for you. Number two tells us that you can for crave something which is not bad or wrong but the motive or why you want that thing is bad. Number three tells us that having the right goal or good motive is not enough, we must use the right means. This is where the saying “the end justify the means” is wrong. The end does not justify the means. The means must of themselves be justified. All corruption begins with with one of these three points. It begins when we say it doesn’t matter what we want to achieve if we have a good motive and use use a good means or when we say it doesn’t matter our motive behind what we do, so long as what we want to achieve is good and we use the right means or when we say it doesn’t matter the means we use, so long as what we want to achieve is good and have a good motive. That’s just a word of caution to guard our desire lest it lead us into destruction. Now, this proverb teaches us to learn to appreciate and work with the available while we pursue the desirable. The fact of life is that life we won’t always get what we want. In fact, we will sometimes get what we don’t want. Be appreciative! #SelfExplanatory #Repost #NigerianProverb #ReadThat2wice #WhenYouKnowBetterYouDoBetter #UseYourNoggin #DontWaitTillItsTooLate #JuHurrddd #LifeIsTooShort

If you’ve spent 5 minutes with me you know I *love* coffee. Anytime, anywhere, I’ll take it. BUT I also know that if I want to enjoy multiple cups of java each day, I need to increase the amount of water I consume. While high quality coffee has several great benefits, it’s also dehydrating to the body. In order to offset the negative affect, for every cup of coffee I drink I need to increase my water intake by an extra 8oz.
The general rule is to strive to consume 1/2 your body weight in ounces (ex. 120 lbs = 60 oz of water). Using that as my guide, plus enough to make up for my coffee consumption, I fill these (3) 32 oz water bottles first thing in the morning. To ensure I get it all in I try to finish 1 bottle before 9am, the 2nd stays with me at my desk while I work and the 3rd goes with me as I shuttle our daughter to and from school/activities and with me while I exercise. By the end of the day they all need to be empty. Some days I drink more but I won’t allow myself to drink less. In the past I’ve gone through periods of not paying attention to my water intake. In those times I watched my weight go up, my energy go down and my digestion and my skin both suffer. I’d get back on track and every one of those things would improve. Every time. Hydration is so important to the health of your body.
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Five days before my journey begins to get these toxic silicone bags out of my body. I am now making decisions that are best for me based on what I know. Surgery is something I do not take lightly, but neither is slowly being poisoned to the point I cannot function or physically look like a freak because of the constant rash doctors cannot identify. When you know better you do better. #thehealisreal #myjourney #bii #breastimplantillness #enbloc #spreadtheword #mefirst #loveyourself #whenyouknowbetteryoudobetter #thisismyjourney #selflove

Ways in which I get my fiber and protein. I put them all in my unsweetened coconutmilk yogurt along with fresh raspberries and blackberries with a little honey and call it a day! #themoreyouknow #whenyouknowbetteryoudobetter #fiberrichfood #groundflaxseed #organic #chiaseeds #hempprotein #coconutmilkyogurt #blackberries #blueberries #digestion #proteinpowder #proteinsource #plantbaseddiet #plantbased

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