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This what God feels like. #tbt #wheninroaming #californiadreaming

Vietnam may be the dopest country I've visited thus far, but it comes with a prerequisite: you MUST get off the beaten trail. Ditch the tourist packages, rent a bike, strap on a helmet, and find a dirt trail guaranteed to end somewhere dope. #wheninroaming

Where in the world is Travy San Diego? #wheninroaming #sandiego #californiadreaming

@svhoang & I finally got some active stuff in over the weekend! Got to try out my new runners for an easy 8km run at Saint Kilda Beach & made it to a yoga class at @thecollectivestudiomelb #WhenInRoaming #Yoga #InvertYoself #Running

That one time me and bae drove the motorbike to China off a whim because we felt like it.

I've been saying Saigon in a Dave Chappelle voice and didn't realize I was doing it until I was about to post this pic. 😾💦🔥🍺#wheninroaming

Trying to get a monkey off your back isn't as bad as one would think. 🙈🙉🙊 #wheninroaming #watkai #monkeybusiness #travelnoir

Dabbin' on em like the usual.... dab 😹. #iloveiceland #traveldabs #wheninroaming


Santa Barbara is a beautiful piece of paradise. The Spanish style architecture, the endless amounts of wineries and vineyards, the tropical fruit trees that seem to be everywhere and oh my goodness the food! Let's just say we had the finest, awe inspiring meal thanks to our friends at @loquitasb! Perfect ending to a perfect trip. California, we'll meet again soon! 🍷🌊🍽🌞❤️✨

No matter how near or far we go, traveling always reminds us that the world is ours for the taking. As @travy_roaming likes to say, "Life happens in the creases". We've got to get up, and get out on the road when we begin to feel stagnant. We remember that we are direct reflections of the choices we make. Always make radiant choices! 😎✨❤️

We tried the Grapefruit Solis IPA and it was summertime perfection! 🍻✨😋

@MikeHessBrewing is in San Diego killing the hops game! The brewery runs like clockwork and their tasting room gives you the opportunity to taste everything they've got going on behind the scenes. 🍻✨❤️

San Diego is filled with niche spots to satisfy any appetite, and beer is definitely high on their priority list. One of Travis' good friends from high school is a brewer over at @MikeHessBrewing in North Park and he invited us to stop by and check it out! 🍻✨

A little tip for all of our art lovers… DONT PAY FOR THE LACMA!  If you’re out in LA on a travel budget, there’s a way to see the museum for free if you’re interested.  In the park outside the museum, by the La Brea Tar Pits, theres a lightpole covered in small colorful stickers, aka free LACMA tickets!  Instead of throwing away their admission stickers, some visitors leave them on this one pole for you to take… that’ll just be our little roamers secret. 😎✨❤️ #WanderlustWednesday

When we were about to leave the LACMA, we see this lady legit taking a walk with her hawk. Cool right? Right.  Even cooler, they hired the hawk (not sure what he’s paid in though) to protect the museum from birds that aren’t as cool.  So if you’re wandering outside the LACMA and recognize that there aren’t any pigeons or bird poop anywhere, thank this little guy… he’s “killing” it. 🦅✨ #WanderlustWednesday

So we had some mixed feelings about Los Angeles, but the art is world renowned, so of course we had to stop by the @lacma! 🙌🏽😎✨ #WanderlustWednesday

Walking along the boardwalk was surreal. We’ve been to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, but there was something special about this one. We spent an hour walking around in complete awe, not because of the little trinket shops or “name on rice” stands that you can find anywhere, but because we had finally made it somewhere we ALWAYS dreamed of. For us, it was a humbling feeling.  Not every great adventure or unreal feeling is on the opposite end of the globe… some are closer than you could possibly imagine. 🌞🌊🕊✨😎 #WanderlustWednesday

We’ve always dreamed of going out to California.  Even before we met, we both knew that’s where we wanted to end up. “The American Dream” comes with a lousy two week vacation, so instead of leaving the country we decided to take our California Dreamin' out on the road!  We flew into LAX, picked up our rental, and immediately planned out a move to Santa Monica to see our country's western shores. 🌊✨🕊❤️ #WanderlustWednesday

This what God feels like. #tbt #wheninroaming #californiadreaming

Where in the world is Travy San Diego? #wheninroaming #sandiego #californiadreaming

Life gets no better than you. #wheninroaming #bae

"I'm the spark that makes your idea bright. The same spark that lights the dark, so that you can know your left from your right..." #wheninroaming #lacma

Views and vino. Peep that casual stare off into the distance; that's just jetlag--and me wondering if I packed my curling iron. #gretakamaterou visitgreece #santorini #aegean #wheninroaming #hairproblems #suchaharddayswork

Photo credit: @detoldon

"What was important wasn't the fireworks, it was that we were together this evening, together in this place, looking up into the sky at the same time." -Banana Yoshimoto 🎆🏰🎇🎈✨❤️ #slowmotion

We're pretty convinced that no other firework show comes even close to Disney's! The fact that every night at 9pm comes with a 20 minute firework extravaganza is pretty dope. It really makes everyone there feel extra special, plus fireworks on your birthday is always a win. 🏰🎇🎆😍✨🎈

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