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You have a choice, each and every single day. Choose wisely 💕 Bonne journée!
#WheninParis #JourneywithNatasha

Paris had improved significantly in terms of cleanliness since my last visit 4 years ago but I still feel unsafe taking a stroll without checking my wallet every 5 minutes due to the fact that the crime rate in this vibrant city is rather high. The best thing for a Muslim traveller like me, I can find Halal foods almost everywhere the likes of Kebab, fried chicken & other middle eastern cuisines. Will I come again if I get the chance? This time around my answer is definitely Yes, unlike last time. #wheninparis #theriseoffye #tigapuluhharidieropah

Always taking chances, always taking risks 🌹 #WhenInParis #TheTrishcoveryChannel 🌎

Safe to say that we've officially survived a Parisian mosh-pit 🔪☺️💣 #WhenInParis #LollapaloozaParis #Lollapalooza2017

Architectures like these make me fall in love with Pareé more💙#wheninparis

Before I left for Paris, I have considered but haven't been able to bring home any of the bags offered to me at my local store. The challenge : the top two bags on my wishlist have not been ordered by my local store, and not likely to be allocated from Paris this year. (Yup I hadn't requested for them the year before. I thought I would keep my options open this year, in case amazing seasonal colours came along.) Oh well, long story short, my SA and I agreed that I shall try to ask for them during my visit to the mothership. So I asked, at FSH. Outcome : This, is a baby that I really really really want, and I am over the moon that it came through. My local SA was also floored that this amazing connect happened for me. BUT. If you had followed my trip posts, you would know that this came about after holding out, turning down the other options, at the risk of not having any at all. I am truly grateful. The videos : the husband recorded the unboxing video for me. But I thought it may be nice to document him unboxing it for me too, so he obliged. Watching his unboxing video makes me smile. Lol. You will know what I mean. 🤗 Thank you all for watching, for sharing my joy, and being with me during my first few days in Paris. 💕❤😊

Mirror mirror on the ceiling #wheninparis

my evening walk from le marais to notre-dame #walkingalone #wheninparis


One of the few, if not the only luxury retail store open on Sunday in Paris. #WhenInParis

Paris has now become one of my favorite cities. So much history, amazing architecture, and of course high fashion. 😍 #nsomtravels #louisvuitton #paris #france #vacation #europe

Hello @redd_wine_bar 🍷 #winebar #wheninparis 🇫🇷

Our hotel room had a switch to turn on the lights and a switch to turn on the rotating disco balls. Unfortunetly today I accidently deleted most of our @ms.b.larose disco bath photoshoot pics cuz I thought it had synced already to google and.. it did not. But I'm going to be so bummed when i get back home and my room doesn't look like this. #wheninparis #discobath #birthdaytrip #dreamy

Some coffee, some walking.....8.8miles😳, some sightseeing, some escargot, cheese, bread, duck and a sip of wine🧀🥖🍷 #wheninparis #idoitforthefood

Façade views of #sacrécœur #rodinmuseum (not really the façade 😝) #notredamecathedral #alexanderbridge #grandpalais #petitpalais #garnieroperahouse
That's a lot of shit in one day! LOL. No wonder my legs are flippin' tired. 😂😂😂 But it was all worth it. I think I can live here. Maybe I'll move here. Who wants to move in #Paris with me? 😝😝😝 •
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Sometimes I look at him and wonder how I got to be so damn lucky. @m_lrnzo ❤️ #wheninparis#couple#vegan#onedayhewillbevegan#nowhehatesme#joke#meinschnäuzler#longback

Architectures like these make me fall in love with Pareé more💙#wheninparis

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