😂😂🤦🏾‍♂️ supposed to be “the best player in the world” but he got swept in finals 🤷🏾‍♂️ then coincidentally he had a broken hand since game 1 🤦🏾‍♂️ it didn’t look like he had a broken hand when he was wettin 3’s, slam dunking with authority and throwing hisself alley oops off the backboard and jammin it tho. Coincidentally it seems like a well laid timely convenient cop out to me. In no way am I hating on Bron. He is the best player of his generation but I’m sick of the excuses. When he wins he’s the greatest player on earth but when he loses there’s ALWAYS an excuse as to why. A broken hand, he doesn’t have help etc etc. nobody’s perfect, it’s ok to take a L here and there. Nothin to be ashamed of it happens to the best. It’s all about how u bounce back but you gotta hold, own and accept that L without making up excuses 💯 if the cavs actually won it a be headline news how Bron played the whole series witta broken hand and won. He’d be a superhero but since they lost it’s a cop out #IFuxWitBron #HesABaller #WhenHeWantsToBe

Me and my queen bestie #whenhewantstobe #rehab #loon #queer

So this one has been the best to me since we got off holiday with the family, ‘tis only me whom can come off holiday and get smacked in the face with a throat infection of some sort but he is being a superstar 🌟 wouldn’t be anywhere without him. •

@lightweightdarkness #mybabe #realationship #myprincecharming #whenhewantstobe 😂

Even though sometimes I wanna punch you 🙃😉, don't ever think for a second I don't realize how blessed I am to have you on my side, reminding me that I'm not alone.
He also came through with some Belgium waffles with strawberries and an animated movie (cuz kids movies are better) lmao 😊😍 definitely feeling the love today.
#babydaddyisfire #bestboyfriend #whenhewantstobe 😂

Today (Thursday) is #HatDay @ CES. Lyric was so excited to wear one hat and then he brought his captain hat in his backpack lol! Kid loves wearing hats especially to school since that's a big no no in public schools. Took a bunch of photos of him posing in his hats @ the bus stop to pass the time. Love how they turned out. My little lovey❣️Tomorrow is #FieldDay & Lyric is beyond thrilled for that. Just hope the rain holds off long enough so they can play outside and not inside of the schools gym. #mypridenjoy #rebelwithoutacause #2ndGrade #mybadness #sweetface #whenhewantstobe 😉💞 1️⃣0️⃣more days of school & 4 of those days are 2 hour early dismissal YAYYYYY!!!! 😁😍😜🤣 This momma is #stoked for June 14th❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️

I think Booboo did a good job!!! He always brings home little drawings or notes to us.
#suchasweetheart #whenhewantstobe #artistinthemaking #verycreativemind #unique #hesahandfull

Sweet man of mine. Pic 2 is how we really feel about each other! 😂❤️ #hehatestakingpics #hecute #whenhewantstobe #iputupwithhim #orviceversa

Him said cheese! My sweet baby boy #whenhewantstobe #nigelrichard #nomakeupanditfeelssogood

Sampson P. Ampson:
Licensed Notary, and top ten on the CIA’s most wanted list for #catastrophic acts of terror.
#hesmean #andgrumpy #butcute #andsweetsometimes #whenhewantstobe #catsofinstagram #badluck #licencednotary #iwannatalktosampson

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