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Wifisfuneral has came a long way since his BHR mixtape , When Hell Falls has been on repeat & I hope this dude gets the recognition he deserves

my demon's now a runaway
my money now, it multiplies
might see some smiles on my face
this shit is fake
cause when I lay back down,
I'm laying down in my misery
in a black abyss so wild,
I can't get rid of it
I was dead three hours born so tell me how I'm here
I was dead three hours born so tell me how I'm here #floatingonacloud #WhenHellFalls #wifisfuneral

@wifisfuneral's new "Hell On Earth" video is out now on @thefader 🎥 #WhenHellFalls

I contemplate on life daily, hoping I could meet the maker And if the maker could save me 🔌🌐 #wifisfuneral #whenhellfalls

Globs outta this fresh #MayoralXXL after working on the veggie garden all day 😤💪🏼 the banger so fat this @aiutoglass xxl cap is the best ive found in my collection for it so far 👌🏼
"My Bullshit" @wifisfuneral #WhenHellFalls 🌹

Go listen to "Wya" by @wifisfuneral on whatever y'all listen to your music on I'm sure you'll find it.... #wya #whenhellfalls #wifisfuneral

I've started to expand my taste on SoundCloud artists from just Ski and X and went deeper into Wifi's music. #WhenHellFalls


•Review•💀 When Hell Falls by Wifisfuneral @wifisfuneral -------------------------------
The flow of this album is a favorite of mine. His beats are 🔥🔥and his lyrics make it even better. The idea this album has is actually brought out nicely. If you haven't listen to Wifisfuneral before give him a listen. He took his pain and made turned it into this. Listen deeply and enjoy this. Personally i like this more than "Black Heart Revenge". ------------------------------------------------
Favorite song: Floating On a Cloud
Overall: 7/10
#wifisfuneral #whenhellfalls #blackheartrevenge #lostmymind #hiphop #rap #pain #kembex #xxxtentacion #yungbans #henrydaher #dannytowers #music

So I'd love to tell ya about what meeting @wifisfuneral was like and what happened and do a face revel since we took a pic and all lat but I don't really know how interested any of you guys are or even if ya care, which if you don't thats okay
Regardless of any of that I just wanna thank bro for even taking time to speak to me, there was a mob of people he really took time to hold a convo with me for as long as he could and kicked knowledge to me based on what he's seen, knows and thinks. It's always an honor when someone's who's music you love take a moment for you and turns out to be just as dope in real life as they are in the stu. Thank you Wifi, and thank you @djscheme_ because you guys actually gave a fuck when ya don't have to at all.
#wifisfuneral #vfiles #djscheme #richliferecords #richlife #palmbeach #whenhellfalls #blackheartrevenge

Favorite @wifisfuneral song?
Put a lot of people onto on here and in real life, if you're still looking to get into his work some of my favorites are It Don't Matter, Grim, Lightskin Trick Daddy pt 2 & Numb ft @dannytowers . RICH LIFE PALM BEACH ISH ONLY 💀
#wifisfuneral #richliferecords #richlife #palmbeach #blackheartrevenge #whenhellfalls

Mixtape Review

Favorite tracks:Dead Presidents III, All Sinatra Everything, Disgusting, Relaxation,Set The Tone

Least Favorite tracks: 500 Days of Summer, Aye Girl, Life of a Don, What You Want, World Wide.

Memorable Line: "So I hail a cab, jump in But so does some girl. Beautiful, pretty eyes With luxurious curls. I said “No fair” She smiled and said “Why don’t we share?”
What a success Lookin’ at her chest
Thinkin’ if her breasts was a test she would fail
Fresh tip nails, Type of ass make a brother Train of thought derail"-Relaxation
Logic's second young sinatra mixtape "Undeniable" had its 5 year anniversary yesterday I should mention first. This mixtape though has alot of Strongs. This by far is Logic's most lyrical project to me as a whole and listening to it you would think it's perfect...but Despite having a strong first half, the second half of this mixtape really falls off. He does a few slow tracks and some tracks that were just straight boring, listed above you'll see what I dont like. Logic does have many clever punch lines on the song such as the one on DPIII" So if pro is the opposite of con what's the opposite of progress? I love my country but that shit a mess" to more on songs like All Sinatra Everything. This mixtape was basically logic talking about making it and how the music game is for him and how he is GOING to blow up very soon. Which he was right. The production on this tape was great and like all of Logics young sinatra tapes, the samples are PERFECT. But due to the second half this is my LEAST favorite young sinatra tape out of the 3 but still a very solid mixtape for him at the time. If you've heard Undeniable what are your thoughts on it? Comment below let me know!

If only this was real...
Goodnight Everyone 🌌

Mixtape Review
Mixtape:Young Sinatra
Overall:9.25/10(Great😍) Favorite tracks: All I Do, Growing Pains II, As I Am, Just Another Day, 30,000

Least Favorite tracks: Take It Slow, Let Me Go, Addiction, High and Lows

Memorable Line: "I'm Stewie Griffin, and this game is Bryan, beaten the hell out of em trying...to get this money."
Logic's first young sinatra mixtape is fucking amazing let's get that out of the way. His drive to be the best and how hungry he was to make it is absolutely incredible and I miss logic rapping the way he did on this tape. The samples were great, his bars clever and sick, everything is damn near perfect. The first half being better than the second half tho, this tape takes a small dip but then goes back up with tracks like growing pains 2 and young sinatra 2. This is my second favorite logic project to date and I hope he goes back to this style because he new music is corny as fuck to me and I feel like Everybody will flop. The real long time fans know what I mean. If you heard this mixtape what do you think of it? Comment below let me know!!

So today will be DAY 1 of my Logic review countdown for "Everybody"
I will be reviewing a logic project everyday until everybody drops starting with Young Sinatra and ending it with The Incredible True Story! So Young Sinatra Review is later so be ready for that guys! No bullshit all 100% honesty

"If we make it back to the real world. I’ll find you again. And fall in love with you again."-Asuna
Goodnight everyone 🌌💓
(Tagging a random person in the photo so don't get any thoughts)

Wifisfuneral- hunnits, fifties. Vote @wifisfuneral for @xxl freshmen #wifisfuneral #hunnitsfifties #whenhellfalls #veryrare #membersonly

Now I've seen ashes go to ashes and this dust just go to dust
But what the fuck is always up with you?
Why you think that I can't fuck with you?
And fuck this rap shit
Cause I ain't with the actin and you testin' off my patience
With assumptions stop actin
Got the fuckin' weight of the world in my palms
And it's strong
I gotta take it to the top or Ima fuckin' blow it all
Ima fuckin blow it all
Thanks XXL, that pressure is really what I fuckin' wanted
Now my wish is fuckin' granted
Stop asking me about the old me because that nigga is fuckin' dead
Forever 🖤

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