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Wifisfuneral - Antisocial Club
#Wifisfuneral #WhenHellFalls #Rap #Bars

@wifisfuneral's new "Hell On Earth" video is out now on @thefader 🎥 #WhenHellFalls

Wifisfuneral has came a long way since his BHR mixtape , When Hell Falls has been on repeat & I hope this dude gets the recognition he deserves

man I'm posted at the grave smokin A1 piff #WhenHellFalls

Globs outta this fresh #MayoralXXL after working on the veggie garden all day 😤💪🏼 the banger so fat this @aiutoglass xxl cap is the best ive found in my collection for it so far 👌🏼
"My Bullshit" @wifisfuneral #WhenHellFalls 🌹

New @wifisfuneral "Luv Me Never" produced by @henrydaher is out now on @thefader 🌹 #WhenHellFalls

@wifisfuneral - Anti Social Club
January 27th #FREEX


#tbt to when got to talk to @wifisfuneral & @djscheme_ after the @vfiles show, things you never forget. 100s of people, had the block shut down and my guys spoke to me and kicked game for as long as they could
We talked about everything from his next tour, his next two or three projects, life, whatever came to mind. I showed him this page and he recognized it which was insane. I'd never reveal the exacts of our convo, thats for me but things I greatly appreciate.
Bro is a great guy, we dapped it up and I told him this ain't the last time we'd meet since I'm really trying to make something of this, he seemed to believe that, hope he did. Thank you Wifi, Members Only, Very Rare 🏄🏽
Oh, and face reveal I guess. I love you guys so if see me round the city say wassup lmao.
I rarely ask for shit but if you guys could tag Wifi that'd be appreciated, it'd be lit if he saw this.
#wifisfuneral #weef #lilzay #liljeffhardy #blackheartrevenge #whenhellfalls #palmbeach #membersonly #veryrare

Rolling loud fest
📸: @imperfectvisuals

Deadass just went a week without internet and tv

Rank em..
A) Wifisfuneral
B) Ski Mask the Slump God
C) Xxxtentacion

Artist: Wifisfuneral
Project: When Hell Falls
Genre: Hip-Hop/Trap
Length: 12 Tracks (27:29)
Release Date: January 27 2017
Requested by: @christian_owenby

Notable Features: Kembe X/HenryDaher/and more
Best Lyrics: Fallen Soldier/Three-4our
Best Beats: Hunnits, fifties/
Best Flow: My Bullshit/Numb
Best Tracks: Numb/Three-4our/Dinner at Mom's

Album Art: 3.5/5
Lyrics Rating: 4/5
Beats Rating: 4/5
Replay Value: 3/5
Significance: average
Overall Rating: 3.75/5

Final Thoughts: In Wififuneral's newest project "When Hell Falls", he explores the limits of his personal sound, and displays well thought out lyrics, beats, and a small array of very effective producers (most mentionably Henry Daher). "When hell falls" works best when Wifisfuneral gets up close and personal with his lyrics, which he only does for a portion of the track. At times the beats feel a bit reptitive (like a good portion of trap music does), but Wifisfuneral's fresh flow and extroverted lyrics makes up for this slack. The project is very well out together, but still could be improved overall; that being said, be sure to be on the watch for Wifi's next project, which will be promising considering the growth and evolution of his sound and message since his last project, "Black Heart Revenge". •

Comment suggestions/requests, and your opinion on the project below !
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This page is a flop without hashtags

Lmfao I suck at captions

Wifis so humble man😭❤️

Thoughts on wifi? -

My opinion: he's super underrated and he completely deserves xxl freshman this year and he really has the most talent out of most of these underground rapper his albums black heart revenge and when hell falls are both fire overall he underrated ash. Plus he gonna be on the revenge tour with X and ski mask so I'm hype for the show next month
- - -
#wifisfuneral #xxxtentacion #skimasktheslumpgod #rap #underground #hiphop #whenhellfalls #blackheartrevenge


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