#talanversestories #wheeloftimerp ⚔️ I hung back as the women went ahead, through the front wrought iron gates. It was a huge three story building of red brick with a tiled roof. Not far from Far Madding itself, the town saw a decent amount of trade. And as a main attraction this hospital kept foreigners coming. A place where injuries are taken care of. It was said the White Tower had ordered several built, and asha'man would often help where ever they went. Bah, trying to gain more prestige. There was always a second and often a third reason these people did what ever they did. Even if the results were good. As I reached the door a girl in white came rushing out. At first I took her for gai'shain. The white robe, and hood. But after a second look I saw the breast of her robe. A bright red stylized cross. With a quick curtsy the girl stopped in front of Helena Sedai. " How may I be of service, my Lady?" The girl asked just as quickly. Her black hair was caught by a gust of wind. Glossy black. She was short, with a pretty face and liquid black eyes. I looked to Helena and the girl Amava. Both had a look of resignation and determination. What that spelled for me was another story.
⚔️ #TheRunaway #amavatherunaway #helenasedai #ZyreShaido #FarMadding #TheSeed

~Graduation #theblacktower #greynorspride ~ "Kneel, Dedicated." Said the faceless voice. Four men stood around him, clothes in black, with masks . "We will stand as witness." Another voice said as Grey took a knee. Each man laid a sword point on him, two on each shoulder. "I, Greynor, formally of House Talforan, do so pledge myself to maintaining the balance." Each man nodded and removed the swords, sheathing them in perfect unison. Floating in the air in front of him, was the Dragon pin. Finally, he had over come the first obstacle. #talanversestories #ashaman #graduation #wheeloftimerp

~#Saidinslessons , aware of greatness~ Legs folded, Grey focused every bit of the power he could. Quickly! He wove Earth and Spirit, forcing the ground to do his bidding. Up it went, and he slowly stretched out on one foot. Balanced perfectly he let the weave go, then channeled the water from two buckets into the air. Chunks of the ground ripped up and floated to the water which had taken it's normal spherical shape. Breathing deeply he fed Fire into it, making it ring around the ball of water. With Spirit and Air he managed to keep it together. He held on to the weave, tightly. Even with all his power it was no easy task to weave all Five Element at once.
🤣🌓💂 #theblacktower #talanversestories #wheeloftimerp

~ #Saidinslessons , #theblacktower ~ "Air is the most under rated. I've seen very effective weave made of only Air!" Grey said as he wove seven thin threads of Air around a thick cord of braided Fire and Earth. With hand extended and pointed at the wall the class gasped as a fist sized hole melted in the wall. "Today's lesson was Elemental ratios. Turn in your essays to the instructor tomorrow." Grey said as he relinquished the Source. The students filed out. He remembered those days. One of the oldest in his class. There were some here as young as twelve. And as old at forty. Age mattered nothing to the entrance exam. Ren's beard, time has flown. #theblacktower #teaching #wheeloftimerp

~Contemplations #theblacktower #talanversestories #wheeloftimefanfic #wheeloftimerp #ashaman #Dedicated ~ The rain fell consistently thru the night. Yet the rain held his attention as much as the wind that whipped it. On his lap was the sword given to him by @egvena_sedai. A gift she said, in the days when grey contemplated being her Warder. So many things had happened. So many mistakes and so many encounters. Risking life and limb was nothing. But to be charged with the protection of another was something altogether different. Ren's beard, but he needed to get back to her. Yet there was something he needed to do. So with little thought he rose and walked quickly towards the building that housed the medical unit. Grey desired to know whether his feelings were his, or something else. Once inside he quickly made his way to the Healer, a loose term used to describe the most knowledgeable asha'man in the tower in this area. He would do one more check, just to make sure. Scratching his beard he entered and sat, waiting to be called. Ren's beard.

~ #Saidinslessons, Traveling, ~ The Cairheinin Asha'man fed the weave thru his staff while slowly dragging the point of the staff downward. A vertical slash appeared, growing wider little by little. On one side stood Greynor, his face Stern, his eyes focused on the weave in front of him. On the other side of the Asha'man stood a pair, a woman so obviously Aes Sedai noone need question it. And at her side was a tall boy, his hard eyes glancing at Grey every so often. The others were Dedicated close to being promoted. "You must know where you are going, yes. Or you cannot jump far. Blind jumps are dangerous. Fatal even." Grey knew the rules of traveling. Had even seen the weave dozens of times. He was strong enough to weave a gate way big enough for two wagons to enter side by side. But there was a prohibition. Always a restriction. The instructor droned on, a lesson on the weave itself, it's property, construction, and history. Each lesson he had taken he had tried to absorb everything he could. Taking notes and studying late into the night. Ren's beard, he thought to himself as he scratched at the beard that had grown on his face. He had neglected shaving. He spent his time training, at lessons, or in the library. He would shave when there was time.
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Disoriented Brinna attempted to get up and hit her head.
Cursing she realised that she was under the bed, and she had absolutely no idea for how long she had been laying there.
Moving was painful, “Must have been curled up in ball under there”. Once she finally stood on her feet again it came crashing down on her, Orthrus was gone, he had left, and he was no longer bound to her, yes, he was gone.
What was she supposed to now… cry… Brinna raised her hands to cover her head and felt the wet cheeks.
She had already cried.
Furious she reached deep inside and embraced Saidar, drinking deeper and deeper and finally letting a storm wind loose in the room.
Moments later she collapsed from exhaustion, coughing up massive amounts of blood. “The wheel weaves as the wheel wills… but I need another nap before obeying it”. Brinna drifted away again.
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Zyre⚔️ #talanversestories
The inn held more then just beds. A woman stood up on a platform near the center of the room. Tables and chairs were set up around the dias so as to give the serving maids easy access to the aisles. Lanterns and lamps gave enough light to see by, but the room was oscured by the abundance of pipe smoke that filled the air. The smell of tabac and mutton permeated the air. Zyre smiled. Mutton stew, with potatoes and vegetables in a thick gravy. A simple meal but one that tasted as if it belonged in a palace. Helena Sedai sat across from him, her bowl left nearly untouched. "You must eat." Zyre said as her head swivled around. "Then that bath you so desperately wanted." Helena glared at Zyre for just a second before a smile began creeping across her face. 'Light,' Zyre thought to himself. ' This woman was so mercurial. What am I to do with her?' The Aielman shoveled more food into his mouth. ' Why must I do anything with her? For her?' These were the questions that raced in his mind as he ate and contemplated his next move. Already he had seen more of these Southerners then he wanted to. He had given up a chance to make coin in #Tarrthall. Shifting in his seat a bit he felt the small pouch, nearly empty, tied to his belt. And his knives. He trusted steel more then people. Steel did not betray.⚔️
#wheeloftime #wheeloftimerp #farmadding #muttonstew #tavernmeals

When the world returned Brinna was laying in bed and Orthrus sat in a chair silently watching her. “Why” was the only word she manged to say to him. “I need to be free, I am a wolf, not a dog” his voice was hard but not unkind. “Must the bond be severed, I would let you go wherever you need, please let me be with you”. He shook his head solemnly, “No, I am heading to the Blight. I must be free”. Blinking the tears away Brinna locked eyes with Orthrus, “One more night with me, and a promise”. Orthrus crawled into bed with her and Brinna curled up, entwining her fingers into his hair, “Promise me that you will come back for me one day and we will be bound to each other once more”. When morning came, Brinna took Orthrus head between her hands, kissed him softly and embraced the bittersweet Saidar. “The wheel weaves as wheel will, but you must do everything do come back to me even if that means defying the wheel, that is my condition for releasing you today. You are my home, do not abandon me forever.” Orthrus nodded solemnly and took a deep breath when Brinna severed the weave.
Then he was gone, and Brinna allowed herself to drown in darkness again.
#weavesofthewheel #talanversestories #taarthall #wolfqueen #wheeloftimeseries #wheeloftimerp #amwriting #fanfiction #fantasy #writingislife #writing #writersofinstagram #fanfic

As soon as Orthrus sauntered into the room Brinna furiously questioned him about his whereabouts.
He laughed and stated that he had kept her alive, but his voice was harsh and more so than it had ever been before. Then he produced her teacup and told her she should be grateful. For a moment confusion raged inside her but with a stern voice she demanded an explanation.
At the very least he could have contacted her in the Wolf Dream.
With a snarl Orthrus took the few steps and towered over her “Everything I have done is to keep you safe, do not dare to question that”. For once Brinna lowered her head, “I do not understand what kind of danger I was in, nothing has happened here, but I trust you”. Orthrus refilled his glass with brandy and grew silent.
Something was different but Brinna decided to wait him out, he would tell her eventually, well she hoped he would. “Brinna… would you release me from the bond…” The world fell into darkness.
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~The Black Tower ~ Grey followed the crowd. They wound their way into the tower in two neat single file lines. None of these faces seemed familiar, but that was an easy mistake to make. Towards the end of his stay he found himself with drawing from the revelries the others took part in. The trip to the inn where he got drunk and was involved in the bar fight had taken away his desire. But now, looking at his fellows; Ren's Beard the sacrifices one makes. When finally the column stopped the instructor's voice boomed. "Attention." Instantly a dozen boots stamped together in a dull boom, fists slamming into chests. "Salute the Baijan!" He roared, and tho Grey could not see which baijan it was he knew. He was still waiting for the other shoe to fall. And he hoped it didn't take too long in falling. #talanversestories #wheeloftimefanfic #wheeloftimerp #blacktower #ashaman #warder

Once it was clear that the stranger was stable enough to move to the longhouse, Brinna spent a few hours by his side keeping watch over him, if he woke up she wanted to be close, so she could hear his story.
But her own feeble body demanded rest, so she eventually relinquished her watch to Thea with the firm request to awaken at any signs of changed in the man’s condition.
Late in the night a loud, chilling howl reverberated through the town.
Brinna sat up in bed with grin, he had finally come home, and she would have his hide for being away.
Calmly she got up and dressed herself in robe, sitting down at the table with a book and waited for Orthrus to make his way to their quarters.
Willow put her head in Brinna’s lap. “The wheel weaves as the wheel wills Willow, but he sure needs a good explanation for this absence”. Then he stood there.
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~when darkness falls~
Grey lay stretched out on the cot in the barracks. The other Dedicated could be heard from down the hall. They had taken upon themselves to sneak in a few bottles of rum while noone was paying attention to them. He cared little tho. His mind was filled with thoughts of Celestial. What was she doing? Did she even care he had been gone from her side these passed few days? They needed each other. And he endured because he knew that fact.🌓
When sleep came the dreams came with it. Aweful images of death and destruction. Of the earth being rent asunder by the use of the one power. And thru it all those two faces appeared. He knew Celestial's face, and the differences between the two. The other face, so much alike Celestial's, had to belong to her twin sister. So alike, but after spending so much time in the former Aes Sedai's company he knew every feature on her face and could tell the difference. He was also taken aback by his new found control over these dreams. He knew he could not dream walk, but he knew also this dream was his to control. Slowly the images changed; from the horrors that hid in his mind to images of the woods that always soothed him. To memories of the Plain of Lance's in northern Kandor that always made him feel secure. Finally true sleep came. And with it the much needed relaxation. Tomorrow would be a hard day. He was to be Tested yet again. He could not afford to fail.
#talanversestories #wheeloftimerp #theblacktower

~The black tower, working with the Power~ grey looked at the instructor, a burly, mean faced Mayener. The gold dragon on his collar only enhancing his menacing stature. "Your defense must be inpenetrable. Your attacks must be swift and devestating." Shield and attack. Offense and defense. It wasn't as easy as he made it seem with his bellicose yelling, and the occasional slap with a thin yet strong stick to test concentration. 🌓
The rock slammed into Grey's shield, and rebounded, but before it could hit the ground grey used air to snatch it and send it back. Suddenly Greynor side stepped, the whistle of the instructions baton slicing thru the air made grey smile. Then his shield was up again to block yet another rock. And on it went.🌓
#theblacktower #training #talanversestories #wheeloftimefanfic #wheeloftimerp #warder #dedicated #soldieroftheblacktower

"You will not speak until spoken to. Understood, Dedicated?" "Sir, yes sir."
After a long pause grey released the breath he had been holding. The last time thorvous had to discipline him there had been a bit of violence. And tho Grey did not fear it, nor did he wish to avoid it, it was thorvous's eyes that held Grey. There was saddness, rage, and something else there. But in an instant his face went blank his eyes as readable as a blank piece of parchment. "Dedicated, you were told to report, no." Thorvous looked back down at the pile of paperwork before him. "You were given specific orders to report on your actions and where abouts, each fortnight."
"Yes, baijan." Was all Greynor dared say. He had only sent three reports. There should have been more, but grey doubted that was something Thorvous was really concerned about. "Do you understand the position you are in, Dedicated?"
"I understand, baijan. It is why I returned."
"Some times the tower must work in secret to achieve it's goals. Some times we must publicly declare our actions and intentions."
Grey looked at Thorvous as the baijan raised his head.
"There should have been more reports, yes that is a concern. But this report about Baerlon. Let us discuss that."🌓
#talanversestories #wheeloftimefanfic #wheeloftimerp #blacktower
#mystories #storytime #amaturewriter

After contemplating which cup to choose of the ones before me I was disturbed by the wolves sending images of a wounded wolf at the gates and Gesean caring for it.
I hastily made my way to the house where Gesean had carried the stranger. “What happened, who is this…”. “We know almost nothing about him yet, only that he arrived at the gates with the blade of a fade requesting aid before collapsing” Gesean explained never taking his eyes of the young man, he was still channeling.
This could very well be a warning of a second attack on Taarthall and Orthrus was still absent, what would be the best way deal with this. “Gesean, do what you can for now and then take him to the longhouse, Thea and I will care for him there. You must take a few men and wolves out and scout the land, we may have another attack waiting, or at the very least Shadowspawns roaming about”. Absentmindedly I put my hands on my hips, nodding to myself “The wheel weaves as it wills, it always do, no point in trying to change it”. I catch a glimpse of Gesean grinning at my words.
#weavesofthewheel #talanversestories #taarthall #wolfqueen #wolfbrother #wheeloftimeseries #wheeloftimerp #fanfiction #fantasywriter #amwriting #writingislife #writersofinstagram #writing ⚠️ Credit:Wounded by MichelleRamey on Deviantart⚠️

Amazing how many teacups Taarthall holds ... Which one to choose though... #weavesofthewheel #talanversestories #taarthall #teacup #wheeloftimeseries #wheeloftimerp

I sent the servants searching trough the longhouse for my teacup.
They came back with nothing, it infuriated me more than anything else of all that had happened lately.
Hours later I had to face the truth, someone had taken it, stolen it, for what point and purpose I could not yet grasp. “The wheel weaves as it wills… but it could at least have the decency to leave my cup out of it all…” I mutter while scratching the side of my head. “Are you certain that you are a wolf and not a cat my Queen” one of the young servant girls remarks. “I am what I need to be, nothing more and nothing less” I smile at the girl and add “Do call me Brinna. There is no need to be so formal when we are alone”. I send her away to scramble up every teacup she can find, I must choose a new one.
Drinking tea in the correct manner is apparently according to Thea, very important in the blasted Great Game and I simply cannot do it without a teacup that I feel attached to.
Let the search for a worthy cup begin.

#weavesofthewheel #talanversestories
#taarthall #wolfqueen #wheeloftimeseries #wheeloftimerp #teacup #fanfic #fanfiction #fantasywriter #writingislife #writing #writersofinstagram #amwriting #shortstories

Theas first lesson was interesting and covered things such as how to drink tea to stall a conversation, the art of smoothing out your skirt in different ways to give away or hold back impressions one might want people to notice.
And of course, how to talk. “Let’s try this again Brinna, remember, I am posing as a woman from Tear who wants to bed Orthrus, you must tell me that you know my intentions but in the subtlest way you can imagine”. With a sigh I try to oblige, after all I did ask for lessons. “Greetings dear, I would recommend that you stay as far away from Orthrus as possible at all times or you might find yourself headless and boiling in my kettle”. Thea is laughing and shaking her head at me, “How about we take a rest and try again later…” I nod and smile at her when she leaves.
One of the servants brings some fresh tea and I reach into my shoulder bag to take out my favourite teacup but it is not there. “Where is that bloody thing…” even with all the contents of my bag strewn out on the bed I still can’t find it.
It is gone.
#weavesofthewheel #talanversestories #wolfqueen #taarthall #wheeloftimeseries #wheeloftimerp #amwriting #fantasy #fanfiction #fanfic #fantasywriter #writingislife #writersofinstagram #instagramwriters #robertjordan #writing (Teacup taken from Pixabay)

Another urgent matter to be resolved was Orthrus absence.
It was worrying indeed but the bond to him told her that he was no longer in any form of discomfort. “Whatever he is doing, I am sure he has his reason. We must not be distracted, despite everything we now have a kingdom and people to care for. I would ask the two of you to not let Orthrus disappearance disturb you. If I think he need help I will inform you, for now we must stay the course”. As Gesean and Thea where about to take their leave Brinna asked Thea to stay behind for a moment.
Brinna smiled as she saw the warmth and love between her beloved Sister and Brother as they said goodbye for what seemed to be months apart. “Thea, you know how straight forward I am… I have concluded that as a queen, I should be able to play the blasted great game. Will you teach me”. As Brinna predicted, Thea wasted no time to give her first lesson.
#weavesofthewheel #talanversestories #taarthall #wolfqueen #wheeloftimeseries #wheeloftimerp #amwriting #fantasywriter #fanfiction #fanfic #writersofinstagram #writingislife #rp #robertjordan #writing

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