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Time For Tea Celestial ~~ (A Hunt For Celestial). Using the overall turmoil as cover, Erenya darted off attempting to give off some sort of appearance of fleeing.

Something almost hit them again and some mad cackling sort of laughter followed them and then a shout.
“Yes run away little Greenie, run, you will never survive”. When another blast of something almost struck them, Erenya decided to fall.
Covered by tall grass, bushes and young trees, Erenya then made their way back to the cabin and snuck into it from a broken window on the back.

The battle was raging and both Thorvous and Gesean seemed to be hurt but still fighting.
Serenia seemed to be exhausted already and Lucian was pinned to the ground, struggling against weaves of air most likely. Jake was nowhere to be seen.

Erenya advanced slowly, still contemplating what to do, then the answer presented itself. Solutions usually do if one only keep their mind open.

Celestial had advanced towards Serenia. The other woman helping Celestial had its entire focus on a writhing Lucian and on Thorvous who tried to help his friend.
Erenya picked up the teapot they had discovered inside the cabin. A teapot made of some sort of black heavy metal.

When that bloody rude woman bent down to scorn Lucian, Erenya struck fast and with all their might.

A sickening crackling sound followed.
A look of utter surprise drew across the woman's face and then she collapsed.
Blood started to pool beneath the woman's head almost as soon as she hit the ground.

Erenya turned to face Celestial who had noticed that something was wrong.
With eyes glowing green as emeralds Erenya stepped over the woman, smiling like a maniac, swinging the teapot.
“You are next Celestial, remember, you promised to have tea with us… Misty is waiting”. #huntforcelstial #talanversestories #talanverse #wheeloftimeseries #weavesofthewheel #wheeloftimerp #fanficton #fantasywriting (Teapot picture and cateye picture found on Pinterest)

Erenya Angry ~~ (A Hunt For Celestial)

We stood on our boulder and flung a few fireballs at Celestial and that other woman who suddenly decided to appear.
How incredible rude of it, it should have announced it’s desire to participate in the battle beforehand.
Sighing we flung a few more fireballs and flung some dirt around, solidified the air into a wall which Celestial did not notice and walked into.

That was fun. It did not hurt Serenias sister much but it did cause a bit of bewilderment.
Lucian had a lot more fun, judging from the sensations we could feel through the bond.
This whole business about NOT killing was immensely frustrating.

We had to miss Celestial. We itched to blast that troublesome woman to the darkest deepest depths of oblivion. However we were not allowed to… Serenia would be upset and the Three Oaths did complicate things as well.

Something stung their left leg and then their left arm, Erenya screamed in pain.
Pain and anger.
That rude woman, the other one… it had flung something at them.
Erenya spat on the ground, cursed and ripped of the torn pieces of their dress.
That woman, it would soon regret hurting them.

Erenya smiled and chuckled to themselves and disappeared into the smoke and undergrowth.

#weavesofthewheel #huntforcelstial #wheeloftimerp #talanverse #fanfictin #roleplay #fantasywriting

No More Cabin Door ~~ (A Hunt For Celestial)

Hiding behind a large boulder, how boring.
We watched Serenia and the others.
This hunt for that blasted sister of Serenia had long since lost its excitement to us.
There had been plenty of encounters with Trollocs and other unsavoury creatures... but that only meant fighting.
It wasn't that interesting.
Truth be told, it was only tedious.

Serenia said something about that the channelers should focus on trapping Celestial. Lucian and Jake would rescue Mazur and get a hold of that damned owl.

We decided to point out one of the major flaws in Serenia's plan. “We think this will be tricky if we can’t kill them”. The Grey Sister did not like that statement. But she did acknowledged that it might be necessary to kill her sister.
Only if things got desperate though and as a final resort.
We cocked our head slightly to one side in response, and smiled sweetly. We would follow Serenia’s wishes… for a while.

We embraced Saidar.
Serenia blasted the cabin door off its hinges.
We climbed up on the boulder to get a better overlook over the soon to be battlefield.
Let the chaos commence.

#weavesofthewheel #fanficton #wheeloftimerp #robertjordan

Lucian’s Departure From The Grove ~~ (After The Hunt For Celestial). We watched as Lucian left the Grove, followed him with our gaze until he disappeared.
Lucians request had not surprised us, we had seen it coming.
It was the manner in which he had presented it for us, shirtless and with a feeling of urgency and desperation.
The faint sensation of Lucian's distress lingered through the bond. We had truly managed to make him uncomfortable with our answer.

In the back of our mind, Valkyrie sniggerd and hissed. She regarded Lucian as a toy and expressed some concern about the possible loss of her precious plaything.
Lunara, while sharing the concerns of Valkyrie, did so for another reason. The coming separation of the pack did not amuse her.
Of course, Misty did not contribute with much, only the hopes of gifts brought by Lucian. Gifts in the form of something new and exciting to eat, or the possibilities to go on a small hunt of her own.
Erenya laughed at her constant companions. They were all so different, it was amazing how they managed to get along. She did not like to be away from Lucian, he was, in a sense, her home.
But she was a kind and caring girl, he wanted this and there was little else she could give him, she would not refuse him.
And from deep within, still keeping to the shadows of our mind, Runa spoke.
“The Warder, he has passed the training of the White Tower… but he could become more than he is. He must go, he must grow, so that he will be what we need when the time comes, if it comes”. In unison we all nodded. We were not asleep, yet we could see each other as clearly as we had seen Lucian and as we saw the Grove around us. Valkyrie sitting on a branch above us. Lunara laying on a boulder, seren and alert. Misty drooling and licking her muzzle. Erenya sitting on the log with a book and Runa… She was somewhere rustling about in the shadowy undergrowth.

#weavesofthewheel #talanversestories
#talanverse #wheeloftimerp #fanfiction #robertjordan #adventuretotheblight (Pictures found on Pinterest)

~Road to Andor~ ( #TalanVerse #wheeloftimerp #wheeloftime #WhiteTower #Andor ) Dragonmount passed by, its peak hidden by the storm clouds that hid the winter sky like an angry, vengeful blanket. Greynor watched as Snow dashed forward playfully. He was an odd animal, smart strong but gentle in play. Very odd indeed. His eyes scanned the surroundings. The Braemwood was no place for the unwary traveler. Though a steady presence of Andoran Royal Guards patrolled the road, they rarely went out of their way so far into the thick woods. Ceamlyn wasnt far now, but it wasnt the city Grey was currently interested in. He looked to the side to see @egvena_sedai on her horse, her hood thrown back, her braid bouncing against her back, her harness barely jingling with each step. She made him nervous. Her cool exterior was just a mask, Greynor knew that, but the mask was impenetrable. He would have to wait. But tonight, at dinner, he would begin his line of questions. One where he may learn something. He did not know what he sought yet. But he would find it soon enough.

~the search begins anew~ #acaseofdespair ~ Greynor strode thru the halls, his mind running thru what he knew to be true. He had just heard the greatest news he had heard in weeks. But he still had work to do. The culprit wasnt just going to pop up in the Great Hall and shout 'im here you goat-brained flaming peices or sheep dung', no. It was his duty to protect Aes Sedai. He would do his best. He would be remembered for cracking this mystery. #acaseofdespair #wheeloftimerp #Greynorthelast

~#Contemplation~ #wheeloftimerp #thewolfsden
Greynor sat in the chair and looked at the brandy that filled the glass. As usual the glass was clean. @st_lucian did not allow shabbiness in the tavern. Even @erenya_sedai would not stand for it. Yet the amber liquid shining with the light cast by the mirrored lamps around the Den, could not truly hold his attention. His mind was full tonight, his thoughts running in circles. Grey took a swig and grimaced. This was an unusual drink for him, and the taste was not to his liking. But it would do the job, he supposed. Some things were just better faced as drunk as possible. In the morning he would redouble his efforts for the investigation. He just hoped @theaalmorgain had found something else. Something that could help. Grey downed the drink and poured another one. Tonight was a night of drinking. In the morning he would begin the hunt. #Talanverse

~Final charge, #ChallengeAccepted ~ Greys sword skidded off the armguards lucian swung like mallets. He was fast enough to deflect my sword thrusts, and continued to manage to disrupt the tactics he and irora had been using. Grey jumped back as lucian swung at his mid section, but the dodge cost him. "You cant dodge in mid air." Lucian said as his foot spun around and connected on greys thigh sending him tumbling to the ground. But Irora was there. She feinted left and manged to get a cut in just over the bicep. Lucian stepped back and smiled. When grey rose lucian flexed his shoulders, waited just a second more, then leapt at them. Irora went left, grey went right. Then both turned back and stabbed at.... Where lucian had been. Grey reflexively rolled. When he was up on his feet he saw lucian crouched not one pace away, that sharp curved sword held loosly in his hand on his knee, pointed directly at Greynor. It would be a killing blow, that this been a real fight. Grey rose and looked at Irora. He smirked, she nodded. Then he turned back to lucian. "The next time i will not lose so quickly." Grey says with a smile, then salutes. "And maybe i need a few more group tactics lessons." He adds with a soft chuckle. ~ #TalanVerse #lucianschallenge #wheeloftimerp #WhiteTower #wardertraining #warderyardstory #Greynorthelast #borderlanders #weaponstraining (Hope you enjoyed 👍💪💪💪💥💥)

A Memory Of Snow (A Hunt For Celestial). The memory hit them hard, and they staggerd slightly before regaing themselves.
She was fine, wasn't she... Egvena had promised to look after the dog.
Why had this sudden... sorrow stuck them so hard.
They stood still for a brief moment surveying their emotions.
We miss the bloody dog... And we might not return alive, of course... They might not see her again.
No one could tell how this business with Celestial would end... But end it would.
*Take care of Snow for us Sister...*
Erenya discarded Snow from their thoughts and continued towards the camp. Brand was off to their right he must have found one of the others... #weavesofthewheel
#talanversestories #huntforcelstial #wheeloftimerp #wheeloftimeseries #fanficton #creativewriting

That Fool. (A Hunt For Celestial)

They worked quickly, Lucians body seemed more like a tattered piece of cloth than an actual body. He should not be alive.

Well this was not Lucian, neither Fenris or the sweet boy Varg.

This was a new one, Brand he had called himself, they liked it. “How do you feel, we are not exactly healers, but this will have to do”. “I will fight as long as you need me to fight”. Erenya tilted their head at Brands respons. He was all about duty this one. That would both make things easier and a lot harder. “Well come on then, Love, this night is far from over, we have monsters to slay and friends to save”. They began trudging away but turned and locked eyes with Brand. “I am not… Lucian.. he is in here but I am not him”. Erenya smiled, their boys, always so scattered and at each other, they walked back and took one of his hands in theirs. “Silly man, you are Lucian, and you are Brand, you are also Fenris and Varg, and we love you all, but really we need to go now. We can talk about this more when things have calmed down, yes”. Brand looked at them with those icy blue eyes, still uncertain.

Erenya scoffed and shook their head amused by Brands uncertainty, then they pointed in the direction of the camp. “Come on, off and prove yourself, find the others, we will head back to camp. Bring everyone alive back to us, don’t argue about it, we are your Aes Sedai and you WILL do this, but stay close”. Brand began to protest, he did not care about the others but Erenyas gaze made it clear that this was his trial, he had wondered if she would accept him and this was the answer.

He darted off with Erenyas last words ringing in his ears, “Hurry, Love, things are looking grim for us all”. #huntforcelestial #weavesofthewheel #talanversestories #wheeloftimerp #wheeloftimeseries #wolfbrother #wolfsister #robertjordan #fanfiction (Picture Credit. Found on Pinterest)

#Talanverse #wheeloftime #wheeloftimerp Night came and with it the nightmare. The field was lush, green with newly sprouted flora. The trees spotted the plain randomly, and the night sky was clear. The moon was full and low, just above the distant tree line. He was walking, had been walking. The crashing sounds had made him stop. Suddenly a figure burst from the trees, its huge form covered with coarse hair. Its arms were huge, corded muscle rippling with every move. Its hand and feet, human hands and feet, were tipped with wicked looking claws. The face of the creature was partly human, partly canine, somehow caught in between with a rictus snarl of pain and hate. Then the monster saw him, saliva dripping from its razor sharp teeth. It ran at him, catching his stunned body, claws dragging against his skin, ripping, tearing, killing. -- Greynor woke sweating. Some dreams are better left undreamed.-

#Talanverse #wheeloftimerp ~Borderlands~ Greynor stared in to the fire Drezil, the Shienaran bowman, built. The rain had stopped and the warmth was welcome. But Greys mind drifted as the Borderlanders spoke. He half heard what they were saying but his mind was full of other thoughts. With a whetstone in his hand he absentmindedly sharpened his sword as he weighed his options. 'Was going home an option now?' He thought, the soft wisp of the stone on metal somehow soothing to his scattered mind. 'Better they thought me dead.' Grey could not make his decision, but he knew going to Talforan castle wasnt a choice he need make. He could forget about his inheritance, it couldnt help him train any harder, and the distraction may likely get him killed in the field. He had no desire to actually take the seat of Head of House, but it was his. So what should he do? Grey went and laid down near the fire, his bow and sword near him. Jester and his other possessions were gone. So his cloak and a pile of leaves were his bed. Sleep came quickly, but so did the nightmares that had besieged him since leaving tar valon. Grey slipped into his dream, and began his desperate fight against his own demons. #housetalforan #younglings #whitetower #tarvalon #westland #kandor #chachin #borderlands

Meeting Brand (A Hunt for Celestial)

They saw him coming, effortlessly cutting and slicing up any blighted wolf that had survived their newly found weave.
They let go of the green flames but held on to Saidar.
He was death. He performed perfectly. Erenya watched him calmly and admired this new friend. It looked like Lucian but they knew, this was a new one. His eyes, they were icy blue.
A low sigh of admiration escaped them.
He was perfect, a true warder, he was in every sense, the very thing ever Warder, every Youngling had ever and would ever strive to be.
Erenya prepared a healing weave, he needed it, they knew he would allow it without a word in protest. He could not protect them if he was mortaly wounded.
He would scold them for wandering off, they would allow it, he was right.
Then they would see if the others required healing and then, before they collapsed of exhaustion, they WOULD find Celestial and end this... End it before Ben came back and took them away, attempted it anyway, again.
"Well look at you, come here and let us heal you, tell us your name and then we will clean up this mess".
He simply noded.

#huntforcelestial #talanverse #weavesofthewheel #robertjordan #wheeloftimerp #wheeloftimeseries #roleplay #fanficton

#TalanVerse #wheeloftimerp ~Borderlands~ "Stand yer ground, soldier." Yelled the Shienaran, his tabbard already stained with blood. "This the last o' the lot. Twenty of the goat-brained idiots just ran across the border. I dont know, or care. We kill them now." "Excuse our Lord Shimura. He gets a little excited at the thought of killing trollocs." Said the man in the tree, odd mix of scale and plate mail and boiled leather jarring to the eye. In his hand was a bow and arrow, ready to shoot. "I dont like you." Said a man squatting at the base of a tree not twenty paces away said. "NOCK!" Yelled the Shienaran, who now held a bow. Suddenly the thundering hooves and crashing trolloc bodies grew close. They spread out, hoping to flank the three humans they saw. "Loose." The man said, his top knot plastered to his shaved head by the steady rain. Four arrows flew, three trollocs fell, two never moved again. Yet on they came. Another volley took the three lead trollocs down, killing them instantly. Greynor loosed the arrow then threw the bow behind him then drew his sword and his 'for glory' short sword. Two trollocs ran at him, one fell with an arrow protruding from the top of its horned skull, the other swung its curved bladed sword and Greynor blocked it easily, then stabbed it thru one all too human looking brown eye. He let the body drop, then turned to join the others fighting the remaining trollocs. They way the three men killed trollocs told of years of experience. Grey joined Lord Shimura in a high/low combo that cut a trolloc nearly in three. Once all the trollocs had fallen, and not without injuries. Grey sank to the floor. His elaborate sash had been shredded and his hair was a mess. Several cuts in his shirt deep enough that they would leave scars. Lord Shimura had taken a deep cut to his leg, and Augy, the Shienaran bowman, had twisted his ankle jumping down from the tree. "Another day alive!" Laughed Greynor as he looked up, the dark leaves and limbs of the trees hiding the sky and partially blocking the rain.

A New Fire

The rage, the fury, the bloodthirst…

Sweet, sweet things.

Erenya had retreated deep into her mind, into the shadows, she had not been alone after all.

Only… overwhelmed by memory and surprise, what was her father doing out here.

She watched as both Misty and Valkyrie took turns at hurting him… Ben… not Vrang, Ben.

He fled. It did not really matter. He would come back.

But their blood boiled. They. Yes, together again.

Kill. Kill. Kill.

Anything. Everything.

They were vaguely aware of pain, pain coming from… they tilted their head… the pain came from… someone they knew… someone important.

Who could possibly be more important to them than themselves. It was puzzling.

Then they heard it. The howling. It contained everything they felt. All the rage, fury, bloodthirst, agony, pain and desire.


Their mate. He was hurting. They could feel his desperation, his agony, the pain, not only from his wounds but the pain of fear. Fear of losing them.

They dug deep. Deeper than ever before. Drew in that flood, reached for the bottom of that deep ocean of power.

They would burn everything that hurt him, everything.

The flames that enveloped them, that spread across the woods from their body, those flames were green like their Ajah with purple streaks. They obliterated the tainted wolves, they found Shadowspawns and obliterated them to. The woods burned but life remained.

Then they saw him. Their mate. Their Alpha.

#weavesofthewheel #talanversestories #talanverse #wheeloftimerp #wolfbrother #wolfsister #huntforcelestial #darkcelestial #creativewriting #fanfiction #robertjordan (All pictures found on Pinterest)

Facing Their Father

Erenya found themselves staring into the eyes of a wolf, into the eyes of what had once been a wolf.

This, thing, was rotting, it was tainted, this was a dead wolf, as dead as anything living could be, but it was still moving.

A voice said they should be afraid. That voice was reason, something they had turned away from long ago. Of course, they could still reason, they could still urge others to exercise it… but reason didn’t really matter much to them anymore.

They scoffed at this creature before them and caught it mid-air with a weave of air, in its attacking leap towards them, they let it hang there, floating and then they burnt it to cinder. As they begun to turn away there was a noise behind them. A branch snapping and then they noticed a scent. It was far too familiar. Ancient, one memory almost forgotten. The memory stirred inside her, clawed, cut her, drowned her… Her… Erenya froze. They were gone. The others had left… She was alone… and before her the scent took on a form, the shape of a man, it was her greatest fear. Her father.

Erenya screamed. Screamed in terror, mad with fear, her mind gone.

#weavesoftgewheel #talanversestories #huntforcelstial #wheeloftimerp #wheeloftimeseries #creativewriting #robertjordan

Alin listen to the concerns and thoughts of the Elder Council. The twelve Eldest of the Wise Ones from each clan with an addtion of the Eldest from each sept. There had been an increase of Shadowspawns in the Waste.

It was a problem that would be dealt with but, Alin sighed, the young one was far to eager and often paid for their eagerness in blood. Some were more cautious however and Alin thought that a certain young clan chief, Sorbin of the Imran sept of the Shaarad Aiel, might prove to be one of the more sensible men.
#talanverse #wheeloftimeseries #weavesofthewheel #aiel #robertjordan #wheeloftimerp

Are you a fan of Robert Jordans Wheel of Time series?
Would you like to join a role playing community that revolves around the Wheel of Time?
If you would like to become an Aiel, a wise one, DM me, Alin the Eldest.
Perhaps you want to become an Aes Sedai, a warder or an Asha'man, maybe even a wolfbrother or wolfsister
DM @amyrlin.seat
@st_lucian. @the_blacktower.

Our community is great and friendly. Join us and have a good time 😊
May you shelter in the palm of the Creator.

#weavesofthewheel #talanverse #thewiseones #aiel #robertjordan #wheeloftimeseries #wheeloftimerp

Wandering Off (Hunt for Celestial)

Erenya was breathing hard, a weird pain had surged through them but it had not been their own.

They still felt odd, strange… like something was alive inside them.

Looking around Erenya noticed that all the others was asleep. Well… not everyone… Serenia was gone…
It was painful to stand up but even so Erenya clenched their teeth and stood up anyway.

Serenia was probably looking for that lynx on her own and she shouldn’t be alone…

A few steps later, Erenya was leaning heavily on a tree, walking was grueling. Like walking through thick wet snow with stones chained to the feet.

They were burning inside. Burning.

Something was snarling somewhere in the dark night… that snarling seemed to come in rhythm with Erenyas laboured breathing… it was rather enthralling to listen to…
It couldn’t hurt to explore this snarling a little… Serenia could wait a little longer… Perhaps the snarling was the wounded Lynx… perhaps it was creature in need of aid.

And then the dark night closed around Erenya, and they were gone.
#huntforcelestial #talanversestories #weavesofthewheel #wheeloftimerp #wheeloftimeseries #fanfiction #creativewriting (Picture Credit. Found on Pinterest)

After The Fall Ball (late post)

The dress had been ruined, torn, dirty.

They had worked so hard on it.

Not necessarily for the ball, but it had been finished just in time for it so they had worn it.

It had been beautiful too, quirky, whimsical and weird, just like them.

Fuming in anger Erenya changed clothes.

Lucian and Willow was asleep next to each other in a corner.

Willow still weak from her wounds and the following healing… Lucian tired from his wounds which he had not allowed them to heal yet.

Those Tower Guards had hurt Willow.
She was Lucian's mother… their mother…

Orders from the Captain, the guards had said… Why!

Tar Valon was supposed to be a sanctuary, a beacon of light.

The Dark One might have been taken care of by Lord Dragon but the world was still a cruel and uncaring place.

So dark and painful.

But for the sake of their beloved Warder, Erenya restrained themselves.

Deep breaths, distant… like the silver moon, smooth, cool, collected… and then…
A smile sweet as honey. Yellow eyes burning.

Erenya would protect her pack, at any cost.

#talanversestories #weavesofthewheel #thefallball #fantasy #fanfiction #wheeloftimerp #wheeloftimeseries #wolfsister (Picture Credit. All pictures found on Pinterest)

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