#talanversestories #talanverse #wheeloftimerp #amateur ⚔️The knife went through it's armor, parting his flesh. The Myrdrall was taken off balance, and lifted in the air with the force of Zyre's unconventional attack.
Up it went only to come crashing down hard, the knife sliding into the shadow spawns chest a bit further. But true to it's kind it did not die. With a savage kick it sent Zyre sprawling, and with one less knife.
Rising to his feet he charged ahead. The fades blade swung and missed, but this time his parry was quick, easily deflecting the slash aimed at his arm pit. Blades clashed, and small yellowish sparks flew. To his right he heard a loud boom and felt the ground shake. The Myrdrall stumbled, creating the opening Zyre needed. With a sweep he sent the monster to the ground and plunged his remaining knife into it's throat. As it lay wriggling on the ground, trying to get back up, Helena Sedai appeared.
Zyre let out a long breath. What ever she was going to do, or was doing was not his business.
With a sharp look he said, " I'm going to check the other bodies. This could not have been a random patrol."
#helenasedai #ZyreShaido #zyreandhelena

Part one. #talanverse
#weavesofthewheel #wheeloftimerp ⚔️💪Zyre tossed the bow up in the air and didn't wait to see if it caught on a branch or not. Drawing his two heavy knives he took the short fall down to the valley and began his work. One trolloc, taller then him by at least two hands, and heavier by far, fell as his left knife slid through it's throat easily, nearly lopping the head off completely. He could see the fade, a solitary figure that oozed fear and despair.
Waving it's hand with a throaty growl, it motioned the trollocs to stand aside. Turning with a final stare of hate in it's beady eyes, it ran off, only to die an instant later as it's body was ripped clean in half by unseen forces.
Zyre wasted no time, closing the distance with his long legs, and sliding low to avoid the Thakan'dar as he slammed his blade into it's thigh and wrenched it to the side to open up a gash on it's leg. Dancing away he avoided a slach that would have cloven him in two had he been a fraction of a second slower.
The Eyeless moved as if the wound meant nothing. Stepping forward it seemed to disappear before reappearing again. Zyre blinked, and in an instant the fade was moving. It's blacker then black sword swaying this way and that as they clashed with the steel of his knives. It was only instinct that kept Zyre's knives ahead of the poison sword.
In a fair fight Zyre never had any doubt he could beat the fade. But this was a Myrdrall, a creature of utter depravity and hate. And this was not a fair fight.
Taking a quick step back he kicked his foot, dragging it just a bit. His body bent back as the sword swung just over him as he sent dirt and snow into the Myrdrall's face. Pebbles and debris flew into it's mouth. It's free hand swiped at Zyre's leg, but too little too late. The Aiel Warder completed his spin, bringing his heavy single edged knife to bare. As he drove it upwards he smiled.
#ZyreShaido #zyreandhelena #helenasedai #whitetower #shadowsgrasp⚔️

💂🐲⚔️ ~Scatter, tracking a ghost. ~ #wardersduty #greynorspride
Tulin sat next to Lilith, both looking at him, waiting. Grey knew it was alot to tell, but he also knew some of them might die. Further and further she went away from him. He was losing time.
Grey began to recount it all. Leaving out the unnecessary parts. He told them of his helping her escape, of his following her. The fights they had been in and the reason for them being here. The pair listened intently, asking few questions, and nodding often when they understood. Grey felt a great weight lifting off his shoulders as he went on talking, words pouring from his mouth like sludge, his body feeling better as each word came out his mouth.
In the end, they all looked at each other. "What are you going to do?" Lilith Sedai asked, her thin gold chains clinking musically as she spoke.
"I'm going after them. The bond is north. Far north. I will go. But you, tulin, can go for help. Seek in the black tower for help. Lilith, seek in the white." Grey turned, then turned back to them. " I have no right to ask this of you but I am. Help me. I will not forget it." Then he turned and hobbled away, towards the entrance. "Wait, Greynor. Come back with me. Rest. Then..." Greynor had already passed out, and was falling before tulins word were fully finished.
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#weavesofthewheel #rpcommunity #wheeloftimerp #ZyreShaido #helenasedai ⚔️One moment he was stepping on hard ground the next his feet were sinking into the soft earth of the forest. The smell of sap frozen and cracked open. The sudden scurrying of animals as his steps disturbed the snow. All so more vivid to him now. Oh, how he missed home. Grinning he slid to a knee, his bow moving as he tried to watch all the trees and shrubs at once.
She passed through the gateway, the bond held tight, controlled. Yet there was also relief. Zyre was glad to be out of the Tower. He did not entirely like being cooped up in there. It felt unsafe for him. But what is he to say to hundreds of Aes Sedai that if you wanted security,you built bridges, not walls. Would they even understand?
One horse, and a placid one at that. It's bags were nearly full. With cook pots and other utensils packed into them. Books also. And plenty of ink jars. Why would she need all those instruments she packed he could not fathom, but an empty book, quill and ink was all she really needed. We were here to scout, not sightsee.
Helena Sedai came to a halt beside the aiel Warder. Such a contradiction, those words were to him. But she had chosen him. He lived his life daily, like a leaf on the wind. Not truely caring what came, and always trusting in his skills to help him avoid waking from this dream. Still, her question gave him a sense of.... What was it though?
"We are good?" Helena asked, her voice calm as an ocean surface, words precise. He could tell she was excited. So he decided to go. "Which way, Helena Sedai?" Zyre asked quietly.
Only a few seconds they been here, and Zyre's unease grew with each that passed. "These woods are too quiet now."

#wheeloftimerp #fanfic #ZyreShaido #helenasedai ⚔️This close he could tell exactly where she was. The time spent in the Tower was never idle. When not in classes, or on the yard, Zyre spent his time walking the halls. Many knew his face, and if not they had heard of him. His, 'sickness', had created many rumors. Some of which he intended to change.
After Helena Sedai's return he had taken to walking the halls, memorizing each and every corridor, stairway and floor. Many he was not allowed access to, but where he could go he went. And always with a smile.
That was imperative. He could not remember every detail, but the rumors more then filled the gaps. And so he set out to change their minds. Why? That he still intended to find out. "One disaster at a time, boy." Zyre told himself sharply. ⚔️
Taking a deep breath, Zyre pulled all his emotions close. Every thought, feeling, everything that was in his mind. He imagined a thick blanket falling to wrap itsepf around the contents of his conscious mind. Tying it tight, the Aielman waited for just a moment to make sure it was secure. Then he picked up the rope and grapple hook and slipped out of the window onto a second story balcony over looking a small garden.🏋️
"If you are trying to hide you must do better, Shaido." She called through the window just as Zyre swing his leg over the wrought iron railing surrounding the balcony.
Zyre stopped and shook his head. With a small chuckle he pulled the windows open and peeked in. "You have been cooped up in this box all morning. It will make you soft." He said as he coiled the rope. "And, as I understand it, your Ajah is the battle Ajah. You cannot afford to be soft, Aes Sedai."
Helena looked at Zyre levelly. But this close he could almost tell what she was thinking. An intense amusement. So she did find his antics amusing. Or maybe she truely thought him a fool for trying to sneak up on her? Either way...⚔️
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~Broken bonds, missing ties~ 💂🌗Grey cried out at what he saw. Blood was pooling around her. She lay there. What has Serenia sedai done? Grey thought as he made to rush to her side. But tam was behind him. Serenia Sedai hung in the air, staring at her sister.
Two voices, one mouth.
Grey's strangled cry seemed foreign to him. The cry of pain, anguish unknown till now. His dreams and hopes for the future seeping out of Celestial.
Suddenly there was a tremendous boom. The force stumbling Greynor and Tam as they tried to reach the Sisters. Pain untold coursed thru his body with each step he fought hard to take. The fire in his veins did not lessen. The chaos in his mind would not slacken. She was dying and he was slowly losing his mind.
"SERENIA!" Came the stangled call of Tam's deep voice reverberating off the hard stone walls of the cave. Grey saw as Serenia Sedai went flying into the strange, eye wrenching doorway.
Grey slid to Celestial's side and placed a hand on her neck. Blood was pouring from her at an alarming rate. Tears formed in his eyes. She would die here, because he had failed her. He had failed his Aes Mael.
#talanverse #wheeloftimerp #amaturewriter #fanfiction #robertjordan

Grey vs Tam, conclusion
Swords clashed for what seemed the millionth time. Grey's fatigue was beginning to show. His sword forms loose. Tam on the other hand, became firmer, his position solid. Or so Grey had led him to believe. The rise of fatigue was only barely holding. Tam fought this fight cautious. That shield.
Grey used what energy he had left, pushing it all into his attack pattern. He brought the iron studded butt of the spare sung wood staff against Tam's shield. Once, twice, three times. Deflecting Tam's return attack easily he continued to press. The spear came from every angle. Low, high, left, right, the barrage never halted. Tam was forced to give ground, yielding every inch with determined reluctance.
The duty of a Warder was to protect his aes Sedai. With everything he had. And tam began using words, as well as weapons to assault Greynor.
"You swore to serve the Tower!" He yelled as he parried a sharp slash that would have taken his leg off at the thigh. "Honor and duty. That is what we have, a purpose beyond us that sets us apart." Tam's shield blocked another attack. "We are to walk in the light, protecting them so they can protect the world. You would spit on that!?"
Grey growled as he pivoted and launched a kick that caught Tam in the midsection sending him back a few paces.
"How can you, in good conscience, follow this criminal, who has caused the Tower so much grief? How could you choose her over us?" What could Grey say? How could he answer such questions. He could feel the pull, he could sense her now. She was just around the bend. His mind blazed with the need to reach her. PUSH!
Tam swung his sword and grey dodged, slapping the bigger Warders sword out wide to the left once, then again, then slapping it high and again to the left. Tam used his shield perfectly, but Greynor knew his style now.
Grey attacked Tam's sword arm over and over till he saw his opening. Tam swung his shield in to block but was just a tad bit late and Grey's sword slashed across Tam's thigh just under the shield. Tam stumbled and grey immediately sprinted passed him.
#talanverse #talanversestories #wheeloftimerp

But the pain in the bond was building. Grey had gotten clear of tam for a fraction of a second. With half a thought for the spear he would leave behind, grey was up on his feet and sprinting. He heard a slight jangle of metal and turned just in time to see his spear, his own spear, hurtling toward him. His sword flashed up and smacked the spear aside, coming back up to defend against Tam's new attack.
Parry, side step, left, right. Grey held his own, but he knew, and he knew tam knew as well, that Grey was tiring.
Tam's sword came down in an over hand chop aimed at Grey's left shoulder. 'The shield would come next,' Greynor thought, and as expected Tam tried to bash him. Spinning away Grey let his body react.
Spinning slash aimed at the head, expect the parry. Fight the pain, slash low, watch the shield. Kick, MOVE! 💂
The two men slashed and hacked at each other, circling ever so slowly, but cirlcing towards her. Grey knew he needed to get in there. And his chance was coming. If only this flaming goat's foot of a man would get out his way.💂 #talanverse #wheeloftimerp ( couldn't tag as many as I wanted. Ran out of time. Work calls. I hope u enjoy.

The fight of a life. Grey vs @tamdasamear 💂⚔️
Gathering the power he could to himself he focused his will to form a tight cage of Air. He would incapacitate Tam with the cage and use the time to spring passed him. Hopefully.
Grey hand shot forward, propelling the weave toward tam. But he was ready. Dodging right he slipped behind a boulder as the web crashed into rock. Bits of stone exploded, showering the landscape with shards of hot stone. Grey was on his feet in a blink, spear held in his hand tightly, ready for taking. Like a wraith he appeared. Sword slashing low with shield held in defense. The blade smashed against the spear with astounding force, sparks flying in every direction. This would not be easy.
Another stab at the man missed, the blade of Grey's spear slicing the air just inches from his arm pit. Spinning the blade, Grey deflected a return strike from tams sword that came so fast.
Slowly grey saw he was taking to long. Without the power to weild against tam, Grey felt his disadvantage. Again Tam blocked a strike aimed at his midsection and returned with a wicked slash that would have taken Grey's arm at the elbow had it not been for his wuick thinking.
Space, distance. Grey had the longer weapon. But Tam's speed more then made up for it. In bursts he came, never a steady push. Tam was not fighting the same fight as Grey, and for that reason alone grey needed to get passed him. But how?💂⚔️ #talanverse #talanversestories #weavesofthewheel #wheeloftimefanfic #wheeloftimerp #celestialandgrey #sereniaandtam

#boundspirit #talanverse
#wheeloftimerp ⚔️Amusement, she let happiness seep through the bond in an amazing amount. She was happy, knowing what was happening to me. She had to know. And now she was back he would confront her.* ⚔️
Alena Sedai walked at her side. They had similar styles, sisters truely but different in thier own ways. She had left Cairhein in haste. And she did not look like she enjoyed what she found. Her stride was strong yet reluctant. I wonder what she feared.*⚔️
They were around the corner from the entrance to her sitting room. From the amount of voices there were others with them. Egvena Sedai, the mistress of novices, also now accompanied them. They rounded the corner smoothly and time seemed to stop. Zyre saw her now, fully. None of the others held any of his attention now.
Zyre felt all of his emotions, full bore. Anger mixed with relief, tinged with jealousy. Uncertainty heavily mixed with pride. Everything he felt was a contradiction and a truth. He felt a fool and at the same time felt he was right. He had been angry because she left. Who would do that? But he was glad she was back. And safe.
Only a heartbeat had passed since he saw her. Only a heart beat.*⚔️
Zyre rushed forward, closing the space in seconds, he flung his arms out and went to his knees. Burying his face in her stomach, he sighed. All of the worry, the pain, the anger. His anxiety fled his body like an expelled toxin. He could not say what it was that flooded his mind and body. His mind was a blank. He felt her move, bending to kiss his head. " Enough theatrics, Zyre. Everyone is watching." 🤣😂

#boundspirit #talanversestories
#talanverse #wheeloftimerp ⚔️Waking up was such a pain. I wanted to and didn't want to. What did that even mean? Ahhhhhhhhhh. I didnt really want to train this morning but for lack of anything else to do I went to the yard. A bit more subdued then yesterday, but lots of action. Seems a few have taken it into there heads to challenge each other to sparring matches. Not a bad trend, but tedious. Ahhhhhhhhhh. These corridors, like the walls of a cage. This tower. A man could go crazy walking these halls. And yet for lack of anything to do I find my self meandering through this maze of madness. Ahhhh! Where in the bloody pit of Doom does this woman get her ideas from? *
Zyre shook his head vigorously. Thought was becoming a bit hard to control. Easily reigned in, but his mind often jumped from idea to memory and back so much he had to stop and take a breath to reorganize his mind. How long has it been?
Suddenly, as quick as lightening, she was there. Zyre turned his body, scanning his surrounding. In his aimless stroll he ended so far away from the traveling grounds. Stupid thing, this Traveling. Zyre made to spit, but then remembered where he was and thought better of it. It may cause a delay, ' he thought as he sped off towards her. " Am I some dog to run to his master when called? Is that what I have made myself?" He asked, truely thinking of what those answers could bring. And wondering where those questions had come from.
His long legs sped him along halls and down steps, through a mass of petitioners in the Grand Hall, and even between the ranks of a Tower Guard squad. He was as polite as he could be. But even that was secondary. She had altered her course. And so did he. Without really thinking of it he knew where she was going. He would not let her reach there. Anger began to grow in his chest, hot, boiling. No, he did not care if there was an audience. But he would speak with her first.

Zyre and the bond
Gateway fever. A side effect of the bond. Triggered by the abrupt change of distance when using the gateway weave. Newly bonded Warders, without proper training, experience drastic mood swings, the inability to concentrate, and violent outbursts. Left alone a Warder could conquer gateway fever through sheer will. The return of the bond holder will immediately reverse the effects but drains a lot of energy from the bonded. Channelers are almost never so strongly affected. Mutually Bonded couple never experience gateway fever.~ ⚔️
Zyre read the text again and again. It was late, the sun having sunk below the distant horizon long ago. Zyre's eyes burned with fatigue. But he would not rest. He would wait.
Slowly, ever so gingerly, he rose from the hard backed wooden chair and began to pace. His steps were short, and punctuated with limps and winces. "Several things help with gateway fever." Dorian had said. But there was one they always chose, because it was believed a Warder should never lose control. The beating he had been given had been well deserved.
Zyre shook his head as he recalled the things people had said. 'Prowling corridors like some hunting beast, searching for young maidens to devour,' said one of the maids stationed in the green quarters. 'Brooding in corners, and snapping savagely at any who neared,' said the seamstress visiting the White Tower, a woman said to be a personal aquaintance to the Amyrlin Seat herself.
Gateway fever. Zyre's enemy had a name. And so Zyre's enemy was marked for death. #helenasedai #ZyreShaido #talanverse #wheeloftimerp #amateur #bondedwarder

#overconfident #learningpainfully ⚔️
"Any two of you. No weapons." Snarled Zyre as he removed his shirt.
His anger, in response to her fear. He knew it as such now. But he knew he would let off some steam before analyzing again. It had led him here, to this point. Now he would see it finished.
One man rose, big, dark of skin with tightly woven, locked hair as black as Ravens feathers. His skin was nearly as dark, slick with the thin mist of rain that fell. Beside him came a pail Cairheinin, short and slender, like a rapier. His black hair glossy with bells tied at the end. He knew these two.
"Zyre," said the big Atha'an Meire man, while the smaller one cracked his knuckle joints. "What you have, all new Warders get. One way of another. Gateway fever. First times where you need to learn control. If not..." Both Warders moved quickly. One left one right, then crisscrossing as the came closer. Dorian, the Cairheinin, came in with a leap from the left. Unexpected from one so short. As he did Zyre saw Zeriph, move in from the right. Zyre pivoted. 'take the kick, avoid the take down.' Zyre thought. Anger swelled. Dorians foot slammed into Zyre shoulders hard, knocking him off balance. Another kick as he came down. And another. The Cairheinin pressed the attack as Zyre back pedalled to avoid being hit.⚔️
#talanversestories #talanverse #wheeloftimerp #ZyreShaido #helenasedai

There were many similarities. I can see this man, @timcember , and see the features of my father. Yet the distinct differences set alarms off in my head. Simple, yet not so simple. Nothing in the world ever was. My father was rasied by Shaido, and many of the customs were lost to me. Being here, and talking with this clan chief made me aware of that. But how could I ever pay any attention. She was not here. I have searched everywhere. In hopes that this could be a farce, some sort of joke. She could be playing a prank? I don't think she would, but a prank may cheer up @alenasedai . She would be that devious to.... No. She would not. "Do not glare. An invitation to take the counsel of the Wise Ones is not often rejected, but it is your right." Sorbin said, his smile holding a hidden meaning, I was sure of it.
"Why smile, clan chief? Do you know something I do not?" I just had to ask. Itchy, is what they called it. Impulsive.
"They are wise ones. What they do is no business of mine. I was simply asked to relay it when I could. But," Sorbin shifted a bit on his cushion. "I do not wish you ill. But many are not as generous as I am. Or my clan. This is certain. Any trip you make to the Threefold land will be full of pain. But you cannot go as you are now. Your have less the attention span of a dog." ⚔️
That man made little sense. But I won't go. No, I won't open old wounds in hopes of creating new ones. A dream is a dream. Requests and invitations could wait. She could not. *Pounds hand to wall* She should know better. Let's walk then. I'm tired of waiting any way. West we go. I'll find @helena.sedai and @alenasedai , and after I give my condolences, I'll have a nice chat with her. 😤A nice one...#talanversestories #wheeloftimerp #warderbond #hiddenrage #thisbetternotbeaprank

~Mountain tip troubles, pt2~ Grey inched his way thru the trees to see a sight he would have welcomed heartily had the circumstances been a bit different. The man, the source of the webs, stood triumphantly amidst the bodies of dozens of trollocs. With him stood an odd woman, but from the prickling goose pimples climbing his arms and legs, she must be an Aes Sedai. Was she bonded to him? "Tulin.... Thank yo...." Grey suddenly stopped. He instantly let go of the One power, this time not even caring for the loss he felt. He turned. Where was Celestial?
#talanversestories #talanverse #wheeloftimefanfic #wheeloftimerp #instaRP #amaturewriter

Zyre's bond. ⚔️⚔️⚔️ #talanversestories
#weavesofthewheel #wheeloftimerp #weavesofthewheelcommunity #warderbond ⚔️ I had not seen Helena at all the entire day. On one hand it was a blessing. Out there she was relatively unknown unless she wanted to be known. Here though. Here she could not take ten steps without some white clad nervous girl approaching her; or the ones with white dresses with bands of color at the hem. They thought they knew it all but jumped as fast for Aes Sedai as they made the novices jump for them. The White Tower; a mad house, like a hornet's nest with busy bees fluttering here to there and back again.
And now I had to wait, watching these women who seemed so self absorbed. They walked by me with a wary eye but that was all. None said a word as to why I was standing at the entrance to the conspicuously decorated Green's Quarters. But she had called. I knew she did. And using the window would have been foolish.

#weavesofthewheel #weavesofthewheelcommunity #wheeloftimerp ⚔️
Combat had been bred into Zyre from a young age. His father had been a hard man, trained by hard men in a time of hardship. But to some of these weird wetlanders, it was like the sword were their god, and training a religion. There was even a boy, nearly fifteen, who so refused to leave he had to be beaten down and tied. Insanity. And these Aes Sedai. What to make of them. As Zyre had little interaction with them before Helena, thank the Creator, he was unsure if this calamity called the white tower was normal for them. Women in white ran to and fro. Women with grey hair jumping to the sound of women who should not have been allowed to think of marriage wreaths yet. Boys with barely a whisper on thier face, with Black coats, fighting with practice swords, TEACHING! What rubbish. Yetone of those boys had shown Zyre the difference between them. He knew now in a fair fight he could not best that boy. That boy, was a Dedicated of the black tower. A male channeler. Another of Al'Thors living legacy. Zyre spat on the floor. "Everyone has a weakness."

#talanversestories #wheeloftimerp ⚔️ I hung back as the women went ahead, through the front wrought iron gates. It was a huge three story building of red brick with a tiled roof. Not far from Far Madding itself, the town saw a decent amount of trade. And as a main attraction this hospital kept foreigners coming. A place where injuries are taken care of. It was said the White Tower had ordered several built, and asha'man would often help where ever they went. Bah, trying to gain more prestige. There was always a second and often a third reason these people did what ever they did. Even if the results were good. As I reached the door a girl in white came rushing out. At first I took her for gai'shain. The white robe, and hood. But after a second look I saw the breast of her robe. A bright red stylized cross. With a quick curtsy the girl stopped in front of Helena Sedai. " How may I be of service, my Lady?" The girl asked just as quickly. Her black hair was caught by a gust of wind. Glossy black. She was short, with a pretty face and liquid black eyes. I looked to Helena and the girl Amava. Both had a look of resignation and determination. What that spelled for me was another story.
⚔️ #TheRunaway #amavatherunaway #helenasedai #ZyreShaido #FarMadding #TheSeed

~Graduation #theblacktower #greynorspride ~ "Kneel, Dedicated." Said the faceless voice. Four men stood around him, clothes in black, with masks . "We will stand as witness." Another voice said as Grey took a knee. Each man laid a sword point on him, two on each shoulder. "I, Greynor, formally of House Talforan, do so pledge myself to maintaining the balance." Each man nodded and removed the swords, sheathing them in perfect unison. Floating in the air in front of him, was the Dragon pin. Finally, he had over come the first obstacle. #talanversestories #ashaman #graduation #wheeloftimerp

~#Saidinslessons , aware of greatness~ Legs folded, Grey focused every bit of the power he could. Quickly! He wove Earth and Spirit, forcing the ground to do his bidding. Up it went, and he slowly stretched out on one foot. Balanced perfectly he let the weave go, then channeled the water from two buckets into the air. Chunks of the ground ripped up and floated to the water which had taken it's normal spherical shape. Breathing deeply he fed Fire into it, making it ring around the ball of water. With Spirit and Air he managed to keep it together. He held on to the weave, tightly. Even with all his power it was no easy task to weave all Five Element at once.
🤣🌓💂 #theblacktower #talanversestories #wheeloftimerp

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