10/17 - SUN OPPOSING URANUS - “Now who is there to harm you if your are zealous for what is good?” 1 Peter 3:12
Yesterday, i spoke of the losses we may encounter during this Venus retrograde period. Well, as the old saying tells us of one door closing and another opening, I’ll talk about the opening. Sun (energy/self/ego) on the “cusp of drama and criticism" opposing Uranus (chaos/surprise) can sound frightening, but Saturn (structure/stability) will be in place to work as a friendly bridge between the two. The way we could see this energy work out over the next two weeks is that as we sacrifice (Venus rx losses) we allow ourselves to be open to new experiences and what nots. Some of these experiences will seem shocking, surprising or just plain odd with Uranus involved, but if we can check our inner critics and are lead by our hearts toward the good, good fortune can result (Hex 17:1/45:2) These angles are friendly, and as the Sun exacts these angles, it will do so in Scorpio, the “other people” sign. We may encounter things that we hadn’t planned for ourselves and meet people we may not understand, but again if our minds remain open to the impulse of our hearts and the influence of our Guide, to gently move us, we can more easily see that simply there is loss, then there is gain, then loss, then gain, and THE WHEEL OF FORTUNE keeps turning.
TODAY’S SUGGESTION : Try being grateful for every single experience today. Good or bad, fortune is serendipitous by definition.
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The Wheel of Fortune. A sudden change in circumstances. New opportunities or challenges may arise. A new cycle of life begins. A shift is underway to a new phase of existence. Go with the flow, move forward with life’s changing cycles, embrace progress and evolution. #wheeloffortune #majorarcana #tarot #tarotreadersofinstagram #deviantmoontarot #dailydraw #tarotcommunity

I love when friends come to me for guidance on a specific matter. #tarot #tarotcards #tarotreadings #wheeloffortune

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Paris is a city for all the senses, for artists and writers and musicians and dreamers, for fantasies, for long walks and wine and lovers and, yes, for mysteries. M. J. Rose #Paris 2007 #WanderlustSteps #wheeloffortune ✨🎡

@wheeloffortune I Watch #wheeloffortune This Evening When Vanessa and Jessica Both Land On The Bankrupt And Lose a Turn Ouch! 😵


Girl on wheel of Fortune. Good job wheel. #tattoo #wheeloffortune #necktattoo

life sure gets interesting sometimes !!! . Just when you think it’s all organised and settled along comes another life changing moment where adjustments need to be made . But the key to survival is just that . Adjusting & adapting ! Many people find these two principles very challenging to do so their energy gets completely zapped and exhausted as they wrestle against change . So much quality time is wasted by many as they wrestle to keep things as they think it should be but change is part of all life . Nature shows us change every day . Your survival , your strength , your nature, your character will build and improve as you get brave and trust that Heaven has your back . You are an amazingly intuitive being and you are built to change form . You will be lovingly guided through the changes you face . Adapt & Adjust as required !!!!! Life will be so much easier on you when you do ! #changingtimes #wingsbackonlifeadjusents #wheels&;worlds #aceofwands #wheeloffortune #counseling #tarot #readings #adaptingtonew #lifetransitions #clairvoyant #intuitive #guide #agentforlight

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