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before/after! #wheelhousesalon

Because it's a shame to *not* document a really good hair day. (And yet it still took 37 shots for me to find one I like. 🤦🏼‍♀️) #vanity #whatever #platinumblonde #wheelhousesalon

while Sasha looks over her presentation for school, Autumn works her magic on this original BLACK BOX COLOR! stay tuned for the end result!

We'll see if blondes have more fun than dirty blondes... #newdu #wheelhousesalon #blondy #thisismenow

Amazing day of filming. #haiti #filming #wheelhousesalon #godspeedgear

handed my boy over to @wheelhousepeej & he killed it!

I have only been at Wheelhouse since April and let me tell you it's been amazing... these people right here have been so welcoming and I couldn't be more grateful and lucky to work with such an awesome & talented group of people. 😘🍀
#wheelhouse #wheelhousesalon #wheelhousedowntown

Big hair don't care 💁🏻

@wheelhousesalon downtown install is well underway....#goodhair #wheelhousesalon #frankeenandesign


this is another picture from my insta story today. Meagan’s first time coloring her hair EVER! so glad i could be the one to do it

Some pretty blonde on my client Summer today!

smokin’ hot attorney in the #wheelhouse!!!

who has started christmas shopping??? DUDES...if you need any ideas, we’ve got you covered! GIFT CERTIFICATES, too!

#umathurman inspired color correction!

digging this new lighting situation at work. thanks for coming in brother!!

i can’t even believe this is the same person!!! 😳 this looks amazing!!! (swipe left)

Carrie x Sammie
Color/Cut/Style @soksammie

courtney cut/colored her bff’s hair in july of 2016! monday was the first time since then!!! (i guess that’s what happens when your stylist is a total BA...still looked good 16 months later!) #colorblock #twotones

When your client requests an undercut bowl cut 😍

Hair was diffused with @randcohair Aircraft.
#wheelhousesalon #wheelhousebham

Color correction on this stylish client. She wanted to transition back to a natural before her next fashion color endeavors

Color correction. Going from at-home green, to a color closer to her natural.

Color correction. Took this sweet client from a green ombré back to her natural color.

@courtneygrimeshair and I had the opportunity to go to NYC and share the @Wheelhousesalon story on Late Night with Tev Finger. What an honor to talk about our team and passions. Thanks to @james.luxbp, @hey_ellbee and Tev for the opportunity. Thankful for the @lbp family! Looking forward to the full episode. @watchlnwtf

Lisa x Sammie
Color/Cut/Style @soksammie

holidays are actually upon us! if any of you gals or guys want your hair done before Thanksgiving call the salon or DM me to set up an appointment this week!

OMG, y’all! look at our bosses! #famous #lnwtf @watchlnwtf

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