Sun is setting on my last day in my lucky 7th year 🍀 I hope 8 is just as great 👍 Also, I wonder what my pawrents got me for my birthday?! 🤗 Any ideas?

Can we go for another walk pleaseeeeeee

Feeling a tad sad, because I learned I might have drank my last puppacino 😔 #TMI, but I’ve been getting the puppy runs on and off the last couple of weeks, and my vet thinks I have a sensitive tummy...which means no treats, and a change of food 😔 I think this stinks, but Mom says she’s happy it’s not anything worse. Has this happened to any other puppies?! Good news though: I got the last round of shots! Hooray! 🎉

Rainy day mood 🌧⚡️

Walking is for suckers. #nowalking #justchillin #stickisbae

Lambchop is the best pillow

This rain 🙄🌧

Just three bros watching 📺

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