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Merci pour les moments, Repose en paix big bro . #skew #freddymack #whatyouwrite

Looking through some old direct messages and found a few convos with #FreddyMack who ran the graffiti aggregate account @WhatYouWrite. I mentioned it in my record store post already, but I found out earlier today he passed away yesterday. He put in so much work covering the art form, it's a tragedy but hopefully his account will remain as an archive, I don't know if it's gonna carry on without him, or if simple commenting on a widowed account keeps it from being deleted but go check it out, there's so much love over there. 🙏🏽 ...And the truck did get more props over on his feed. #WhatYouWrite #RIPFreddyMack #RIPSkew

A peine le temps de répondre à ton dernier message que tu n es plus là.. Tes compliments pour une petite lettre qui change ou pour un gros tag qui coule vont me manquer mais pas autant que ta sympathie et ta façon de rire de tout.

Pas le temps de finir la série de stickers qu on a commencé la dernière fois qu on s est vu..."la dernière fois putain..." cette phrase qu on néglige prends un sens irréversible le jour où il est trop tard,Le temps on l a toujours mais on ne le prends pas forcément,les proches par contre ne sont pas éternel.. Une photo haute en couleurs complètement à ton image,le noir et blanc ne te vas pas,ton sourire est éternel Defré et restera gravé dans nos coeurs chargé de tristesse,merci au nom du graffiti pour l avoir tant aimé,repose en paix mon ami. 💘 VMD BSD MON FREROT 💘

#RipSkew #WhatYouWrite #BadMouthKid #SkewForEver #Skew

I wanna paint this already..

Thoughts: I had this name since i was under 10 years old. Since then till this day knowone ever called me by my goverment name #zearone #almost40years #crazyhowyourtagnamebecomesyournameinlife #whatyouwrite #graffitichangedmylife @famecitykings @thecool5ive @ibm_crew

I still remember us in the early 90's when we were in Junior/high School...R.I.P Brotha❤ #skew #freddymack #whatyouwrite


Want a free sticker pack? Slideee in the DM!

I used to rack paint markers from Color Crane on 24th every day on the way home from James Lick in 7th grade. #sanfranciscograffiti #80swriters #bayareagraffiti #whatyouwrite #3812 #wod #189 #mdc

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