Angela Lindvall by Juergen Teller.
Just thought I’d drop a small playlist for you guys, so here’s what I’ve been listening to lately! - Aphids by @sophielstrauss (one of my favorite new releases, an absolute work of ART), Recommencer by @lebaronbandit (thank you @guitareseche for sharing amazing music with me), The Denial Twist by The White Stripes (a classic), A Lotta Things by @bonny__doon, and Next To You by @johnvincent3! Drop a song down below that you’ve been listening to on repeat...

: there is - 1940’s / 1960’s magazine scrap - 1950’s book page.

All we need is love ♥ →Fins free ←

Blinded by the light

I came out the back of this and got smoked by a bigger wave. Fun?🤷‍♂️

Robo calls 🤖☎️

Just shot some fun little waves on north shore and it’s got me feeling very very eager for winter. Throwback to one of my favorite mornings last season! PC @laserwolf.laserwolf

Photo by @aribrebre!! :,) Thank you guys for being so patient with us as we grow and go through this transition! Exciting things in the works 🌟

flashback to hot coney island days 🍭🌭


You may hear a voice inside And if the voice starts to whisper To follow the farthest star, that voice inside is Who you are

Goodbye, youth. See you never.
Unhappy birthday to me.

Entering into my middle twenties feels like a such big deal, and I’m not even going to call it “middle twenty crisis” because that’s bullshit. My whole life it's a crisis.
Jokes aside, I do hate getting old, but I’m thankful I’ve get another whole year of new experiences, self growth, and more time to spend with my loved ones. 🖤🧜🏻‍♀️🌙

#birthday #birthdaygirl #whatyouth #glasses #ginger #redhair #longhair #hairporn #makeup #fauxfreckles

: 4 - collaboration collage series with @twillyums - we provided each other with found vintage materials - mailed back and forth between Seattle and Southern California over the last couple months - bringing our two different collage styles to each piece.

: passing through - 1950’ / 1960’s magazine scrap - found 1930’s postcard.

just a bunch of moments worthy to be remembered

disc golf is a hipster sport

: collaboration with my lady @timbercharter - found vintage postcard - 1950’s / 1970’s magazine scrap - her original floral sketch.

Just a friendly message to all those amazing female photographers out there, I love and appreciate you. This is YOUR thank you, for making a place for women and creative expression. For capturing moments I can only dream of experiencing. For inspiring me, and so many others to go out into the world and capture what we see, or rather HOW we see it. (Sorry boys, you guys are good too but this is for my girls out there). This photo is by @ashleyosborn - a music photographer that you should be following if you aren’t already - of @findlaymusic.
Thank you for creating. Thank you for existing.

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