Not even continents can separate us

~ Perspective ~ Every day at 1 PM Qantas flies over Lake Grapevine on it’s descent towards DFW airport. “Those people came all the way from down unda!” my dad would always tell me as we watched the huge double decker plane from our boat below. Dad would haul ass in attempts to beat the plane in, welcoming the Australian’s to America. I grew up wondering if the people on that plane could even see my him. Yesterday at 1 PM I flew over Lake Grapevine on Qantas and watched my dad race me on his boat below.

jet lag

1 year ago i asked you to be my girlfriend. We’ve had our up and downs but mainly ups and now we’re in the bahamas together on our one year. I can’t wait for what our future holds together. i love you @samcschmid
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Chasing summer 🦋

where to next ✈️

: he almost smiled, - 1940’s / 1950’s magazine scrap - 1950’s book page.

DREAMS OR REALITY. 🌀 The world is such a beautiful & rare place. It's so diverse & the most suitable habitat. Even out of the 13.6 billion light years we can see with our most powerful telescopes, we survived. Out of all the galaxy's, WE EXIST — In this moment & at this time. Does buying Gucci flip flops for way too much money really matter besides the hype? No. (*cough* I did that) Am I making you feel uncomfortably small & unimportant to life itself? Yes. BUT make your part, have value & take care of this perfect little ball of blue & green orbiting around a bigger ball of yellow. Pass it down & let it sustain for years & years until the sun turns into a black hole. ⚫️ just something to think about
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Talvez esse realmente não seja o maior sonho, mas tenho certeza que será o maior impulso para a realização dele. #whatyouth #nutriçãouvv

Lucky man.
Picture by @shkurka

M O M E N T S.

Man Vs Wave


Two weeks to first criterium #trainingday 🤟🏻#whatyouth

those days were numbered..

Things are about to get pure.

@jaasroeper in a classic Euro moody setting on his turn game 🌊🌊🌊

Woke up and decided I wanted to go shoot some waves today. Spontaneous decision, Hawaii you the best.

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