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I try to explain this to you ladies so much but it takes to have experience real love and real pain to know the difference sometimes 💯💯💯💯 #realshit #whatyouallowwillcontinue

The joys of releasing bad rubbish in your life and allowing new energies to take over has great results! #LiveLearnAndGrow #WhatYouAllowWillContinue #NothingRealCanBeThreatned #GodSaidYes

Confession : I haven't sat down to read in months. I've been allowing myself to surf the Internet for all kinds of things and spend hours binge watching Netflix. So last night , instead of allowing my time to get sucked away from me , I started to read again and it felt really good. #mentalwin #whatyouallowwillcontinue

One of THOSE days. Shot for British GQ. @veritymegan -Styling . @unruly_beauty_ Make up/Hair @taranewton1 x 2 :) #whatyouallowwillcontinue 'How many scars did we justify because we loved the person holding the knife?'

A lack of boundaries invites a lack of respect. #setboundaries #whatyouallowwillcontinue


Abuse Has Many Different Forms. Know Your Worth🚶‍♀️🚮
#knowyourworth #knowyourself #selflove #whatyouallowwillcontinue

Words cut but I don't care how much it hurts
Shades for the blind, can't hear your empty words
We don't need no.
#statements #loreen #shades #thingsafterdark #idk #simplicity #portrait #music #whatyouallowwillcontinue #heartbeat
#mysenseofreality #lyrics #nightdreaming #yolo

**SWIPE left 4 post PICS***
--Inspired by a client's venting session-- DAMN SNAKES IN HER GARDEN
by N.M.Manning

Damn girl you got snakes in your garden.... slithering around looking to suck the life, the joy out of anyone they come in contact with.... They bite when you are not paying attention
Their venom hurts to your core
You wonder what you did to be dealt such pain

Damn girl, you don't see all these snakes in your garden...
Causing Pain is at the center of their pleasure,
Trails of berated & offended people. They let you know everything wrong with you hidden behind a smile or delivered via joke
Their souls are stained, tainted, maybe by someone as evil as them, They want you to be dirty too, Dirtier than her... If that was humanly possible to justify their attack.
lower than her so she feels better, powerful
You can't get any lower than a sneaky-inconsiderate-selfish-bullying-taker

Damn girl, It's time to get the snakes out the garden, Weren't you just there for them?Didn't you come when they call? Maybe they are just really MESSED UP, because there is no reason for I'll will towards you. Ignoring them won't work, avoiding them isn't the answer. Cutting them off and exterminating them from your existence is the only way to find peace. ***BONUS INTERLUDE ***
"So what if a snake sheds its skin, ITS STILL A SNAKE! I'm not allowing anyone to bite me twice "~ #Tashaisms "I choose happiness, I choose peace, I am militant about protecting my HAPPY place, I DO NOT associate with negative people, EVER.
They are JOY SUCKERS, the bucket of cold water that jolts you out your dreams. The little digs encased in smiles and laughter,
The haters disguised as your Cheerleaders, they hide and live in and off of your CHAOS because they look, their life looks so much better next to others who are unbalanced. Only when we are in TruHarmony will the snakes be revealed." ~ #Tashawisdom

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