Today we spent a very beautiful day at @proyecto4patas 💚

It's a beautiful little Sanctuary close by Alicante. They rescue animals of all species, the majority coming from the animal agriculture industry.

José is working hard, most of the time on his own, to provide for the animals and make sure they receive all the care they need.

He has the opportunity to expand and rescue more animals but does not have the money for the expenses that involves at the moment.

Please support him in any way you can, even if it's just with a follow and like on social media ✨

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Grow your dreadlocks, don’t be afraid... - Bob Markey. What if we ALL grew our antennas?? ✨✨✨

It’s a blend of 3 oils to help you get energized, focused and to open up creativity.
This is also a great blend to get some studying or homework done. You’re going to love it.
How to make it is on my IG story now and is saved to Oil Talk Highlight. ✨

Me getting ready for all the peppermint mocha lattes.. because well.. it’s Christmas (season) 🎄 ☕️

“You were eating meat last week, you can’t preach about veganism!” - I’m seeing this more and more on social media as veganism gains traction and becomes more popular. It’s incredibly sad that there’s people that feel you need to be vegan for a certain amount of time before being able to spread awareness...
I’m seeing this from both sides. Both long time vegans and non-vegans discouraging those for making a positive change in their life by choosing to no longer consume animals or their biproducts. These same people are making veganism appear as if it’s an exclusive club but the truth is the exact opposite.
You don’t need to be vegan for a year to be able to start spreading awareness. You don’t need to have 12 vegan friends before being able to share a post on animal agriculture. You don’t need to be Earthling Ed’s 2nd cousin’s uncle’s dog to tell your friends about the travesty that is the meat and dairy industry.
Please do not feel disheartened by these people. These doubters that believe you are not making a difference and that you are suddenly entitled because you don’t want to eat what we’ve been brainwashed to consume whilst growing up.
It’s your life and if you want to spread the positive message of veganism, you do as you damn well please and talk about it all you like whenever you like 🌿
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🚫why should you NOT workout at home?🚫 pet interference of course! Little Freddie would not leave me alone today 😹

I decided to do a 30 min Insanity video today as I was too busy with work to make it to the gym. Good for Fred, not so good for me! 🙄😂 What are your go-to home workouts?? 🌿 #veganfitness #veganfitfam

There is nothing quite as satisfying for the soul than the mornings where you can get ready as slowly as you damn well please.
If I could take two hours to get ready EVERY morning I absolutely would 💓

🤷🏻‍♂️ she saying where it at thooo!? lol.. sidenote, animals are sentient beings that do feel... trying to convince yourself that plants feel pain in order to cover up the pain animals do feel so you don’t feel as bad is silly.. #thanksgivingclapback

Most people reach for #painkillers when headache strikes, despite the fact that these pills provide may side-effects, such as liver and kidney damage. What`s more, they fail to address the root cause! If you`ve been looking for alternative treatment, look no further! You probably haven’t tried the one option that really works wonder: essential oils.

#Essentialoils improve circulation, reduce stress, and provide pain relief. They also offer a wide range of health benefits and boost the immune system.

Applying peppermint oil on the forehead and the temples effectively relieves a tension #headache. According to a study in which 41 patients were analyzed in a placebo-controlled study and in which peppermint oil applied topically, the patients experienced relief and no side effects.

In a 2012 study published in European Neurology researchers found that #lavender oil works as an effective means of managing migraine headaches. This placebo-controlled clinical trial studied 47 participants. The treatment group inhaled lavender oil for fifteen minutes during the migraine attack. Then, the patients were asked to report their headache severity and its symptoms in 30-minute intervals for two hours. The difference between the treatment and the control groups was statistically notable. Out of the 129 headaches cases, 92 responded to the lavender oil treatment.

According to a clinical trial published in Evidence –Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine which involved 52 patients who underwent knee replacement surgery, inhaling eucalyptus oil reduces blood pressure and decreases a person`s pain.

Eucalyptus oil had anti-inflammatory effects, reduced edema formation, and promoted emotional stability in the patients. These properties can be useful for those suffering from tension headaches, too.

Rosemary essential oil is used for poor circulation and #headaches due to its analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and stimulating properties. It improves alertness and personal orientation due to its calming effect.
Note: When using essential oils, make sure you dilute it first.
Source: http://besthealthyguide.com/powerful-essential-oils-relieve-migraine/

Tofu on salads are everything.

Me and @bhaktiwave will be @thedrifterhotel tomorrow for their jazz dinner series🎶🥢serving this Charred Enoki Roll, Jackfruit Crunchy Roll and Vegan Gumbo ‼️ show starts at 7 pm, see y’all out there 🕺🏽

Friends don’t let friends buy oils from grocery stores. This isn’t me being a diva, you honestly need to be careful where you get your oils from. Essential oils are hot right now and marketing is taking advantage of this. If you can’t inhale or ingest your oils, they’re probably not the kind you should be using.

#me ✌️eating literally a kilogram of bulgur salad while watching true crime videos on youtube, looking like garbage, sitting with the worst posture in the entire world and being surrounded by my millions of plants 😂 if there's something that represents me more than this.... if i think about it 10 pets running around me would be even more accurate. oh well. 🐕🐈🐇
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Vegan mac n cheeze with a side of onion rings at the one and only @edinburghpalms 🌿
Vegan food really doesn’t have to be overtop, excessive or even expensive. I still firmly the perception of veganism being incredibly difficult, lacking in nutrients or that it’s expensive and classist is completely wrong.
Take what you love eating and there is a way to make it vegan and inexpensive. We aren’t out here eating buckwheat and the overly expensive free from items you find at supermarkets everyday.
We still pick the same vegetables, the same spices, the majority of the same ingredients. Our alternatives aren’t breaking the bank or breaking innocent animals. We’re living more ethically and more empathetically. Fact ✌🏽
Photo credit: @t3aqu33n
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I might be the only @vegansweetscon attendee who didn’t take a photo of the cookies! 🍪🤷🏼‍♀️ trust me, I tried them, and they were delicious! As was the Dutch apple cheesecake by @bakedvegansweets ( my favorite treat of the day) & cashew cheese baked mozzarella sticks 🍰🧀 all vegan and amazing 🤩 what a fun way to celebrate dairy free & cruelty free sweets 🍫 #vegan

when you truly want something and go after it without limit yourself with disbelief, the universe will make it happen 🍂
who else loves the colorful autumn? 🍁🌞

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