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This is a sign that I should have more, right?

Time literally flies by! Happy 13th Bday to my first born Bronny! Love the young man you're becoming and as always know Dad has your back throughout eternity and beyond! Continue to rise Young King! Sit back and Enjoy your day. #Bronny #IHaveATeenagerThough #WhatTheHeck 🤦🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️🙏🏾👑

Floral prints and things til leaves begin to fall. 🥀🍂
Thirteen days of Halloween begins tomorrow ( already!😮) but this crazy summer heat refuses to go away! #whattheheck! The struggle is real, guys!
Anybody else waiting on the leaves to fall?🍂🍁 #waitingonfall

Family photo circa 1988. #tbt #familygoals #whattheheck #matchingoutfits

What’s more scary than a confused CorgGhost is my hooman’s handcrafting skill 👻👻👻#PoorFit#WhatTheHeck


Not sure what the heck this thing is! He was chillin on my truck when I came out of the store. #bugnado #canihavearideplease #whattheheck #heygoodlookin


We are seeing the beginning of a Gut Health Movement and we are lucky enough to be on the front end of that! ProBio5 and VitalBiome are SO important for our overall health and combating Candida. Did you know the whole purpose of Candida is to decompose our body when we die? This is why we see so many issues when it is out of control in our gut!

Candida overgrowth deteriorates the intestinal wall. Candida grows filaments or tentacles that "drill" into the gut lining and grow into the gut wall. 😳🤢🙊 #whattheheck #nothanks 🙅🏻
Okay yeah, that's weird and all, but does it really matter?? It DOES. Especially if you're dealing with...
❌ skin and nail infections
❌ general tiredness or fatigue
❌ fibromyalgia ❌ digestive issues
❌ autoimmune diseases
❌ difficulty concentrating, poor memory, brain fog
❌ Skin issues (eczema, psoriasis etc)
❌ irritability, anxiety, depression
❌ severe seasonal allergies
❌ strong sugar cravings
Why?? Because Candida overgrowth is directly correlated with every one of those conditions. 👆🏼
What can you do?? HEAL. YOUR. GUT.
Decrease your sugar intake. Stop the yeast overgrowth. Get rid of the overgrowth. Replenish with the right bacteria. We happen to have a pretttty stellar health tool that targets these exact things... People desperately need what we have!!!!

Look what arrived! I can't stop laughing at this guys. #tillandsia #plantporn #bluedoorgardenstore #jacksonvilleoregon #whattheheck

This is a sign that I should have more, right?

Dont dare to taste it all it will make you sick.. TRUST ME
#whattheheck.. #anightfullofsurprise

Here's our Pinterest fail from our fall party on Monday.
It is so worth the tears streaming down my face from laughing.
#pinterestfail #whattheheck #soflippingfunny

This is my normal face expression. Imagine me when I get angry. 😂😂 #alwaysangryface #unapproachableface #whattheheck #malditalooks #kontrabidangbida

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