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My brother is making me think of a hashtag for his upcoming wedding. Ours was easy. I used to dance hiphop and my friends call me Dens so my email address has always been denswithme, like dancewithme. So for our wedding, I just replaced "me" with "Mike". I get top-billing of course. Notice I replaced the usual "and" with "with" because for me, it is more meaningful. "And" is a function word that connotes an addition to. But "with" can mean having or possessing, or accompanied by, or something that indicates responsibility. It implies that Mike is not just an addition to me but he must accompany me, be responsible for me and vice versa, and I posses or have him. Haha. Yun yun eh. 😂 #wifemusings #areminder #whosboss #whatsubmission?! #jokelangbabe

For those of you who don't know, this is what thesis writing procrastination looks like... 🙊🔨
#procrastinationqueen #whatsubmission #metaphoricalchapters #deconstructing

Damn it if this isn't me to a T!! #workinprogress #whatsubmission #aries #zodiac #repost

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