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Great day! Good night 💤 #amsterdam thanks 🙏🏻 @jblaudio_eu #ad

The equation on the calculator tho -a #nicenichea

Coffee Time at cloudy Palma 🌴

We missed going to our favorite secret spot today aka “the wild wild woods” (as my son coined it at the brilliant age of three which seemed like yesterday). But we did make up a new game involving a vintage deck of cards and an incomplete deck of Uno cards which we played several times already. Now we’re off to some activities and then back home to venture through Narnia as we just started reading Prince Caspian over the weekend. And we definitely packed in great quality time over the last few days. And though there were travels and adventures involved, I must say that I’m such a homebody at heart. There’s nothing like being cozy together with the sound of laughter, the smell of good food lingering and the scope of our imaginations free to explore, roam and play. The best things are the simplest of things sometimes... ❤️
Pictured here is when we last were at our usual spot in the wild wild woods with my favorite Sendak Artist Roll (that I almost always bring with me there) packed with all kinds of goodies and the Waxed Canvas Tote, both handmade by @pegandawl.
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Exploring some jungle vibes in Java. We went to a beautiful art district in Yogyakarta where bought some great selfmade batic prints. #ootd

"Wenn du nichts änderst, dann ist der Leidensdruck nicht hoch genug" - Ich glaube, dass dieser Spruch ziemlich genau auf viele Lebenssituationen zutrifft und zum Beispiel auch auf meine sportliche Fähigkeit einen Rückwärtssailto zu können. Ich wollte dieses "Kunststück" schon immer erlernen und habe - ich glaube - ein halbes Jahr (vielleicht auch länger) gebraucht, um diesen Trick aus dem Stand und auf einer harten Oberfläche zu machen, ohne Angst zu verspüren. Oft stand ich im Training und habe "nichts geändert", da Auftritte noch zeitlich weit entfernt waren. Aber je näher der Auftritt rückte, um so großer wurde auch mein "Leidensdruck" mich selbst und auch das Team zu enttäuschen, wenn ich bis Dato Dinge nicht ausführe, da ich zu wenig dafür getan habe. ⠀
Hast auch du schon solche Situationen in deinem Leben erlebt bei dem du etwas geändert hast, da dein Leidensdruck so hoch war?


Hi. If you want to see what's in my purse had to my blog and find out. 👜👜👜 link is in the bio ✌️

Out of control 👩🏻‍🌾

Last day in Essaouira, tomorrow @kathrin_tee_ and I are going back to Marrakech. Essaouira was super calm and relaxing during the past days, food was good, the atmosphere a little friendlier than Marrakech. Today it seemed that busses full of tourists arrived.

But who could blame them. Traveling with the bus is super easy and cheap. Our first driver was much more organized than bus drivers back home are, with seat numbers, baggage checkin and leaving on time.
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i'm 36 weeks pregnant and a few so this week, i'll be sharing what oils i'll be bringing in my hospital bag! stay tuned 😎

🔜Bermudas 🗾#bermudas #island #insel

What's in your bag blog is up, the link is in the bio. Have a read loves. What are the staple pieces in your bag? Leave a comment💖

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