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Couldn't imagine life without you people !!! #hoco #whatsheorder


HOFlympics w/ the Best Fam 🍔🐠❤️ #WHATSHEORDER

I've spent a fair bit of time out of my own mind. Objectively looking from the outside in. At times reduced to tears trying to define purpose and fighting suicidal thoughts.
The grey area of ones mind which comes forth in the face of the unknown, I've learned, is a symbolic Sword of Damocles. To find thy self, one risks the void becoming oneself. The Sword of Damocles, delicately hanging by a single strand of hair, is the swiftness and fury by which oneself will lose to temptation and self indulgence. To lose is to die. It's easy to to think that this is predictive of a definitive end but there's hope.
There's hope in the unknown, the grey is a sea in which one can die a number of symbolic deaths. My soul has chosen truth to lead me through the grey. Spare the physical, I have by consequence died, but my soul comes back to life with the same light of leading truth. My fairytale starts with twice upon a time and with each rebirth brings me closer to enlightenment and total self love. Burning your deadwood is a must for absolution.
I guess this is quite revealing, the depression I've bottled and kept to myself is out of the bag.
If you're in the grey just know there's hope, use truth and love to steer your boat. When you want to run, dig in your soles. God and love will heal your soul.
I'm saying be honest with yourself. Ultimately you're all you have, if you can't be honest with yourself you'll start to believe your own denial.
The greatest revelation that came from the grey is my threshold for selfishness is very high and I show that through materialism. In that sentiment I admit I've allowed the void/abyss to look into me for a moment. What can you say about yourself?

#love #wisdomting #whatsheorder #fishfilet

Couldn't imagine life without you people !!! #hoco #whatsheorder

She said “Wally can we get married at Pigalle?” 🔶♦️🔹 #Pigalle #ballsohard #whatsheorder #fishfillet #escargot #shortmencanjump #taggedmyselfsoyouknowitsreal

If you can't fly then run, if you can't run then walk, if you can't walk then crawl, but whatever you do, you have to keep moving forward martin Luther King Jr #mlk #martinlutherkingjr #martin #martinlutherking #gravy #motivate #motivational #fly #movingforward #gravygravygravy #crawlbeforeyouball #whatsheorder #worldmentalhealthday #mentalhealth

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