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Tişörtleeer her yerde şarkısını duyar gibiyiz,profildeki direkt linkten hemen sipariş vermelisiniz! 😎 #orkdes #whatmakesyouhappy

Do not mind anything that anyone tells you about anyone else. Judge everyone and everything for yourself -Henry James
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This. •

This is an image I never expected to capture.
Another baby.
Three years ago I could barely juggle life with a newborn and all the baggage that came with it. Physically, emotionally, socially... insane changes. Not to mention the financial burdens I was facing. Then to add another?! Sure, I had a full time, nice salaried career with benefits and retirement, but it was robbing me of the extras in life. My career as a teacher is rewarding and amazing, but basically just pays the bills. Not to mention I was tutoring any chance I could get. <<Extra time away>> And now with babies, working overtime between tutoring and after school activities, was out of the question. No time for family, friends, to really just be ME. My time was overly valuable at that point..... What do you do when you're THAT stuck?
Little did I know an opportunity was right under my nose. Something I didn't seek out, but rather found me. And so thankful now that I can sit back and count my blessings the last couple years -and since this sweet boy entered our life. To have found something that not only fits into my overly busy life, but that also gives me time freedom, financial freedom, and ME freedom. To find yourself in something as easy as helping others in your same situation,--- is astounding.
I've found my passion in teaching has transpired into something so much more. Teaching others how to build their own dreams, even if they have passions already.
So, to have this image, this very innocent boy on my lap, brings this leap of faith full circle. Because god knows I couldn't have done this, another mini, without the freedoms I have now.
Love the life you have guys. If you don't... find that void. It's overwhelmingly liberating 🖤

Shift in perspective 🌊🌍💙 "We think we understand the rules when we become adults, but what we really experience is a narrowing of the imagination" - David Lynch

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What makes you happy?
It's interesting how social media has become a medium of short term gratification for so many of us- getting likes for a post, watching perfect people in their oh so perfect worlds. How about, instead, switching off the phone for a moment and doing things that are more sustainably pleasing? I have found that a little walk in the nearby forest can lift up my mind for the whole day, or just drawing a picture or talking to a good friend on the phone. There are a million ways of living a life in fulfillment and abundance. Let's start exploring 💪🏼✨
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Whether you are starting a new diet, training routine and or have a work deadline, this is a little reminder that YOU GOT THIS! You are Enough and You have what it takes to succeed in your endeavors, SO GO OUT THERE AND MAKE SHIT HAPPEN!!
For me im starting a new Running Program (hence the photo of me running all majestic like) as well as a few work deadlines... soo im going to be running around like crazy, literally, but as always in a good type of a way 😃👌🏼
📷: @t.r.fitness

Trying on a new style more suited for my client and friend @rebeccarosoff. You killed it to @taiwanwilliams777 choreography once again. Can we stop working and dance all day? #dancelife #cantstopwontstop #panda #hiphop #whatmakesyouhappy #soulhappy


Little bit of sand, waves 🌊 and sun ☀️ #whatmakesyouhappy #beachlife #beachgirls #smilemore #beachvibes

With more than 200 vehicles in stock at any given time between our 4 #Alberta locations #Automaxx has a ton of options to best suit your needs! 🥇🚘 Visit us online or stop in today to check out our inventory. .
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#solareclipse bowl inspired for today!🌞🌝 And I want to share with you 3 things that we can take advantage on that eclipse. 😌

1️⃣ This kind of phenomenon makes us think we live in such big universe, right? And that we are part of a bigger plan for us.

2️⃣ That we live in moments of light and in moments of dark. That everything is cyclic. Enjoy the present the moment. If you are in a dark moment of your life, a good one will come since you have the power within you.

3️⃣Enjoy this nature powerful moment to bring only good thoughts into your life and towards your goals. 💛
O meu creme na tigela de hoje é inspirado no #eclipsetotal de hoje! 🌞🌝 E eu quero compartilhar com vocês 3 coisas que podemos aproveitar nesse eclipse. 😌

1️⃣ Esse tipo de fenômeno nos faz pensar que vivemos em um universo enorme, certo? E que somos parte de um plano maior para nós.

2️⃣ Que vivemos em momentos de luz e em momentos de escuridão. Que tudo é cíclico. Aproveite o presente no momento. Se você estiver em um momento sombrio de sua vida, um bom virá, pois você tem o poder dentro de você.

3️⃣Aproveite este momento da natureza poderosa para trazer apenas bons pensamentos em sua vida e para seus objetivos. 💛

Come join us from your home for this FREE event as women from various Direct Sales/MLM companies discuss how community, training, collaboration, and support can not only grow your business but, change the way women work together.

If you are in a direct sales company, thought about joining one, or have no idea what the hell I'm talking about 😂😂click the link in my bio and sign up so you can get access to the private group. Can't make it Live? No worries Replay will be available 😉#wahm#sahm

Shooting in the water is hard! Can hardly see what you're doing most of the time. Lots of educated guess work. Missed the focus and would like to see a little more above the water here but I still like it for that smear-iness 👍 #alwaysrefining
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Pomegranate is the perfect color to get in on some #selfie action. I'm loving the #fallfashion feel of this warm shimmery lip. I have one ☝🏻 in stock so drop a comment below if you need this on your Lips 💋#socialitesummer #plussizefashion #eyebuydirect - loving these #hepburn frames from @eyebuydirect

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www.jihanehe.com 🎈🎈Welcome to my bloooooooog 🎈🎈
After months working on all that amazing things, my blog and my YouTube channel, I can officially show you and share with you the final result ❤️❤️ Come and join this new adventure, because it is just the beginning 😆I will share with you all what I love ! Everything about fashion, beauty, lifestyle and all the topics that can make you feel happy and confident.
My goal is to give you confidence and make each time full of joy and big smiles on your face 😄😄 So let me introduce you my new baby: www.jihanehe.com
Lots of love 💛Jihane 💛 #newadventure #blog #blogger #sharing #newstart #beauty #fashion #lifestyle #whatmakesyouhappy

First day back after vacation = GIVE ME ALL THE COFFEE #amiritght ?!? 😜☕️

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