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365 somethings in 2018-prompts from @drawriot Day 18 Turquoise Another Page I like. Learning what will work best for this 365 project. I used tape that I made after taking a class with @balzerdesigns #whatjulietaught #drawriotdaily2018 #365somethings2018 #travelerpocketjournal

365 somethings in 2018-prompts from @drawriot Day 16: Red I love this page, I used tape that I made after taking a class with @balzerdesigns #whatjulietaught #drawriotdaily2018 #365somethings2018 #travelerpocketjournal

365 somethings in 2018-prompts from @drawriot Days:12 White Collaged papers unified with white markings #whatjulietaught #balzerdesigns #drawriotdaily2018 #365somethings2018 #travelerpocketjournal

This is an excerpt from a short video all about a super duper exciting 3-day art workshop I’m teaching in Syracuse, NY in March. You can find all the details at the #BigCollage link in my bio. I hope you’ll join me!! Not only will we be making art, but we will be learning how to talk about our art, how to self-critique and correct, and how to let go of perfect. Everyone is welcome — beginner to expert!You won’t want to miss the learning, the laughter, or all the messy paint splatters! #whatjulietaught #mixedmediacollage #pressplay

Looking back on 2017 - 3: Stamp Carving Today, Daniel & I carved stamps. It was our 1st time carving ... it was fun! #carvedecember #whatjulietaught #bookstagram #artjournal

Looking back on 2017 - 8:Circles I was fortunate to take a few classes with @balzerdesigns I was also fortunate to meet new friends in the classes, including @clen_dreamitdoit, @marissa_ob and @designbyflair I learned that creating and art can help get us through tough times. Handmade tape.#whatjulietaught #daisyyellowart #circles

Love 2017 - made in class with @balzerdesigns Posting for @gypsy999 Look back on 2017 #daisyyellowart #whatjulietaught #gelliprint

Late night art making! 🙌 Finishing up some #mixedmediacollage samples for a class @natkalbach and I are teaching in the UK Fall 2018! 🇬🇧 #whatjulietaught #mixedmediacircus #collage #mixedmediart #art #workinginaseries

Want a creative kick in the pants every day in January? Join me and 30 other artists for Creative JumpStart2018. #cjs2018 is an online class ($40 if you sign up before December) that offers a 10-minute instructional video every day in January. In my video, I will be sharing the 3 ingredients I use to create awesome #mixedmediaart. 👍Details are on my blog or follow the CJS link in my profile to sign up. #onlineclass #artclass #whatjulietaught

Had so much fun teaching my two-day #gobigorgohome class at @whimsodoodle! #whatjulietaught #paintbig #whimsodoodle

Teaching my #gobigorgohome class today at @whimsodoodle in St. Pete. This is layer 1 of one of my demo pieces. More to come! 🙌 #whatjulietaught #wip #whimsodoodle #abstractart

Join me for three classes at @whimsodoodle in Florida in October! Swipe left to see the three classes. Going to be an epic paint filled awesome time! #whatjulietaught

Working out the details for a new in-person watercolor class. Going to be a good one! 👌 #creativeplay #whatjulietaught #watercolor

Taught a #stampcarving class today at @whimsodoodle in Florida. These are a few of the demo stamps I made during class. Swipe left to see some of the amazeballs student work!! I am going to be back at #Whimsodoodle in October, teaching 3 classes, including a two-day painting workshop!! You won't want to miss it! 🎉 #whatjulietaught

My "Expanded Square" class is all about learning to find balance in design. This was a demo piece I made in class last night. #whatjulietaught #whatjuliemade #expandedsquare

Taught two more classes at @whimsodoodle today: "Expanded Square" and "Sketchbook: Yes, You Can Draw!" Had tons of fun and so proud of the work everyone created! #whatjulietaught #whimsodoodle Swipe left for lots of photos!!!

Taught TWO fabulous classes at @whimsodoodle today: Interesting Faces & Color Mixing. What a lovely day packed with color and art play!! #whatjulietaught #whimsodoodle Swipe left for lots of pics!

I'm in Orlando at the Brother Back to Business dealer event. In my class I'm teaching the dealers how to create these super cute customized tote bags! #whatjuliemade #whatjulietaught #scanncut

An amazing group of artists gathered at my home today for my "Make a Tunnel Book" class. It was awesome & the books they made were amazeballs!! 🎉 Swipe left to see lots of photos & a video! #whatjulietaught Next Up: I'm teaching FIVE different art classes at @whimsodoodle in Florida August 4,5,6. Hope you can join me!!

I made a tunnel book! #whatjulietaught