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always had a crush on this girl perusset, like damn shes so stunning #whatislife #lifeisunfair 😂😂😂

Sonny and Cher take on Ellen! Tune in tomorrow to see what happens! Shout out to @iamjeanniek for being the nicest human ever! WE LOVE YOU ELLEN!
#ellendegeneres #ellenshow #whatislife #arewefamousyet #truestory #fun #completestrangers

It's 4:30AM , I have a stats exam in a couple of hours and I'm wide awake #WhatIsLife -----------------------------------------------------------------so here's some snaps I took wearing the beautiful beaded scarf from @diamantescarves !! Literally get compliments every time I wear it 🤗✨

Twerk🇺🇸🐀⚡️🌚 #ratlife #whatislife #everybodyweknowdoes

No naturals.

No one magically rose to the top without a ton of practice.

No grinders.

No one put in a TON of effort and failed to get to the top ranks.

And, important note: The best didn’t just work a little harder they worked much, MUCH harder.

There’s that magic number again.

10,000 hours of practice!
Note definition of “practice” here:
You are not just flapping around like a sparrow bird.
Practice that is, purposefully and single-mindedly entering the body, the movement, the moment with the intent to gain understanding and build awareness.
Some call it deliberate practice. Others purposeful practice.

You can call it whatever you want but the idea remains: When we talk about putting 10,000 hours into mastering your craft, we’re not talking about the time you’re instragaming and emailing.

We’re talking about the time you dedicate to “purposefully and singlemindedly” doing what you do with the intent to discover new terrain!
Greene: “In our culture, we tend to denigrate practice. We want to imagine that great feats occur naturally—that they are the sign of someone’s genius or superior talent. Getting to a high level of achievement through practice seems so banal, so uninspiring. Besides, we don’t want to have to think of the 10,000 to 20,000 hours that go into such mastery. These values of ours are oddly counterproductive—they cloak from us the fact that almost everyone can reach such heights through tenacious effort, something that should encourage us all. It is time to reverse this prejudice against conscious effort and to see the powers we gain through practice and discipline as eminently inspiring and even miraculous.” Gear from @nuxaustralia @nuxactive
Photo @colouroflifephotography

Before I got tan and met Fernet, I had to capture the beauty of Trunk Bay. #shotsofearth

For the rest of my life I'll be able to say I opened for @thetimmcgraw and @faithhill on the #soul2soul Tour🤘#whatislife

Trying to stay positive.. The septic tank in the cabin is blocked again and overflowing into the tub and toilets.. 😹 and I'm sitting here on day 4 without a shower dreaming of clean water and of building my own cabin with self composting toilets. 🙌 sometimes shitty things happen just to spark something even better for the future. #punintended #whatislife #cabinlife #cabinlife

Celebrating all of my accomplishments this week! @bachelorabc 🍾 and GUYS IM GOING ON THE ELLEN DEGENERES SHOW TODAY!!! 🌹🙈🌽🙏🏻 #whatislife #teamcorn #letsdothis #swampmonster @theellenshow


3 MARKER CHALLENGE!!! (How does one use markers??? ;-;) #3markerschallenge #marker #platinum #pink #blue #anime #neko #wtf #whatislife #whatamIdoing withmylife

Yesterday I posted a shot of a mailman in my neighborhood. Today I'm inside the mailroom! #whatislife

Be trippy 👾

하나씩 깨닳는중 #뭣이중헌디 💭

Currently in a Facebook gif off #whatislife

This reminds me of a girl who went to my old school , she'd constantly be happy but now she's depressed it's weird #whatislife

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