Is it just me or have you ever wondered why things are what they are? I mean why are they called French fries 🍟 if they’re really from Belgium 🤷🏻‍♀️. If your curiosity is anything like mine, you might have wondered something similar. No? Just me? 😆

Have you wondered what goes on in Health Coaching🏋🏻‍♀️🤸🏻‍♀️🧘🏻‍♀️biz??? Tonight I’m sharing 3 key insights.
1️⃣.You need to be passionate for helping people💗👭👫
2️⃣. Consistency is Key 🔑
3️⃣. Working on YOU{Mindset, Nutrition, and Exercise} and your journey will inspire others✨ ⬇️More questions? Drop 'em below! ⬇️ .
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I’m not sure if this is a native orchid, a baby stag horn or both #australianflora #iphonephotography #bushphotography #whatisit #nofilter #wollongong

Reaching (in) than up and out

Graeme Connors sang "I have walked a long hard road to be here But it hasn't hurt me, no I've learned a thing or two along the way Like winning isn't always being first across the line As long as I do my best I'm winning every time" Let's take a moment to reflect about what type of song we are singing to ourselves. Our self, talk is one of the most powerful tools in our life. It is ok to feel down from time to time, that is life but we can not live there. If our words are powerful and we think about that with other people; maybe we should remember that for ourselves. It is hard to treat others well when we treat ourselves poorly. It creates division within us. We have to treat ourselves as important as others. It is that concept "Charity starts at home"; we can't love others before we love ourselves first.

Once we start actively walking in self love and respect than we can go on to help others.
Let your song reflect love for yourself and love for all while being present. Think about what we are all singing on the inside because it affects the outside. If we are not present we will miss so much.

In the chorus of this song Graeme Connors sings. "Reach up, reach out .
Being here's what it's all about. This time This place To fight the good fight and run the good race. And then When it's all through I'll be proud to stand here beside you. Proud to remember being here."
--- So in conclusion take some time out of the day and evaluate what song is resonating with you and the world around us, and if your not happy with it. Remember change starts with us first.
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It’s not Wednesday but #whatisitwednesday #whatplantisthis ??? I just got them because I liked the look. #plantlover #plantdaddy #plantsofinstagram #dallas #texas #whatisit

Does anyone know what this bush is?
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We’re speechless. #notadonut #sweets #whatisit

Something is happening.. what could it be?!
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