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C/Santa Tell me🎅🏼
☃️Como no hice un especial de navidad es lo mínimo que podía hacer...Espero que os guste💘
🎁Si te gusta comenta emoticonos de navidad
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🎄 NEW VIDEO 🎄 check out what I bought myself, I mean what I got for Christmas ❤💚 #cheapcrsftygirl #dollartreechristmas #whatigotforchristmas

What I got for Christmas off my Mam&Dad🎁💝 considering my Sister and I are 22&26 we are still soo spoilt and I'm ever so thankful❤️ #whatigotforchristmas #youtuber #youtubechannel #swfamily #slimmingworld

What I got for christmas:
Ich habe mir das IPhone 6s gewünscht und bin total zufrieden damit ☺️🌸 Vor allem in Rosegold finde ich es soo schön 😍

Wir zeigen euch noch nacheinander, was wir so zu Weihnachten bekommen haben 😊 ~Rainbow 🎀
P.S.: Wir wollen damit keinesfalls angeben, ihr könnt uns ja auch gerne mal in den Kommentaren schreiben, was ihr so bekommen habt 🎁💕 #whatigotforchristmas #iphone #iphone6s #rosegold

️LINK in my bio to see what I got for Christmas 2016!!!!!!! .
Don't forget to subscribe as its on my personal channel 💗😊 #christmas #gymnastics #christmashaul #whatigotforchristmas #youtube

My Christmas Haul video is now up on YouTube (link in bio). I am incredibly lucky to have such generous friends and family who gave me such great gifts. So many of you asked for this video and I hope you enjoy it! 💕🎄 #christmashaul #whatigotforchristmas #christmaspresents #youtubevideo

From my "What I Got For Christmas Haul" video 🎁 I got some things I love and wanted you to see. Watch the full video on YT. Link is in my bio.✨ #christmashaul #whatigotforchristmas

What I got for Christmas! -Mac nude lip kit
-Mac blush in Melba
-Stila eyeliner set
-Buxom white hot lips kit
-Clinique moisturizer set

#WhatIGotForChristmas It's like a game of spot the chocolate addict.


Super late video guys but it's better late than never right? 😂 #palusotdotcom
Anyway, shared my holiday gifts haul and I sorted them so I can share some with you guys through a giveaway!
Link of this video ony profile 👆or just go to my channel youtube.com/genzelkisses
Swipe to see the prizes!
Good luck and I love you all! Thanks so much!!! 😘❤😍 #clozette #genzelgiveaways

Sooo have you watched my new video where I show all these cutie presents my sister @hipsandbones & my family got me?! There's also a @toofaced GIVEAWAY at the end of the vid (check my previous 'giveaway' post for more details too) 🤗🎉 Link is right in my bio for you 🎁💝 youtube.com/iwasintheshower 💓

NEW VIDEO & GIVEAWAY is up! 😍 It's my What I Got For Christmas Haul (ft presents from my sis @hipsandbones & my fam) and my FIRST GIVEAWAY EVER 🤗🎁🎉 Direct link is in my bio now to go watch & to go enter the giveaway! 💝 youtube.com/iwasintheshower 👀 #iwasintheshower

I finally had time to edit + post my What I Got for Christmas video 🎄
GO WATCH! Linked in my bio.
#youtube #youtuber #whatigotforchristmas #serashares #sjbannon

Little haul going up later on the blog. Head over if you wanna see what I got yesterday! 📸👄💕

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