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Sunday's MealPrep Results =
💁🏼‍♂️ Buffet Style with Another MealPrep Method 👇🏼

Goal : Tick the Boxes Approach:
✅ Quality Real Foods
✅ Cooked to Prevent Damage
✅ Wide Range of Food Sources
✅ Tastes Incredible
✅ Shop Effective + Smart + Save Money
✅ Cook Productive

This is is a Buffet Style MealPrep
So either,
A) The Night before I Prep all my Foods
B) If I'm at home during the day I will just pick and choose
All protein is accounted for
(ie I know the cooked weight ratio to the raw value)
I always use the RAW weight much more accurate
All Fat will be measured on the spot.
This in my opinion should be the strictest to measure as it has more Kcals per gram
All Green Vegetables; I eat as much as I like bearing in cost as organic is more expensive and I'm not a baller yet. But a handful is a good amount
& Before you start wondering & someone tells my Mum, that I do not eat my carbs and she tells me off!
I eat White Basmati Rice Post Workout. It has Very little anti nutrients & is the most easiest absorbed + Digested with MY Health! ➖
🕵️ Breakdown of Above
🐄 Beef Flat iron Steak
🐑 Dried Mint Lamb Leg Steaks
🐓 Dried thyme Chicken Breasts
🥚 Egg Whites
🥚 Whole Eggs
🌳 Roasted Broccoli
🌲 Tenderstem Broccoli
🌿 Pak Choy
🍃 Calvo Nero / Russian Kale
🌵 Green Beans
🍃 Fresh Mint + Rosemary (for coffee)
🥑 Avocado Mayo
🥑 Avocado
🥑 Avocado Oil
🐄 Butter
🌴 Coconut Butter
🌴 Brain Octane Oil (c8 mct oil)
🍾 EV Olive Oil
🌾 Ground Flaxseed with Probiotics

Hope this Breakdown Helps
Any Questions Leave them Below
Ryan @livevitae 💚

#livevitae #avoidingthejunk #avoidingbs #bsfree

Thought I'd "balance" my salad of smoked salmon, avocado and greens with a side of sweet potato fries, but they arrived at the table with hubby's double bacon cheeseburger instead. He liked them so much he ate most of it! 😏 Guess the universe was trying to tell me something 🙈🙊🙉. Happy Monday everyone!

🙋🏻Im the type of person that just throws a bunch of ingredients in a pot and hopes for things to turn out. Recipes aren't my thang🙅🏻Today however I thought I would follow a recipe to a "T"
🌟Ladies and gentlemen I give you (🥁drum roll please🥁) Curried Red Lentil Dahl. Takes 25 minutes to make and is super delicious. The internet is filled with different variations of this traditional dish but if you would like to see the recipe I used check out my InstaStory 🎥

💥Has anyone ever criticized you for what you eat?
💥I've gotten both sides.
"Why are you eating so healthy? You look fine."
💥"Wow you're eating pizza? I thought you were trying to be healthy."
💥"You eat well all the time! A slice of pizza won't hurt"
💥"I wish I could eat as healthy as you but I can't because I'm just too busy"
⚡️what you put into your body is only meant to please yourself and not others.
⭐️Just remember that what anyone says about the way you eat is a reflection of how they feel about their own diet.
💥If you get BS from other people this week, just say "yeah so what" or put them on the spot. They'll realize that it's not their place to comment on your healthy positive habits... and probably stop.
🔹Ok enough rambling here's what you really want: MEAL PREP DETAILS!
1️⃣protein lasagna with lentil pasta, tofu ricotta and seitan.
2️⃣lentil curry with tomatoes and chickpeas: recipe coming this week!!
3️⃣snacks: edamame, carrots, grapefruit, apples and pepper. Keeping it so real this week!
❓Questions about this prep? Drop them below!

Tonight I made chickpea and spinach curry from SCRATCH 💁🏼 it was really really good and i'm really really proud of it - I also have like another 4 portions to freeze and use for other meals so I'm pretty chuffed 😛 #canutellinevernormallycook #littlebitoverexcited

If the weather keeps acting like summer, I'm going to keep eating like summer 🍦Fun Fact: Growing up, I would beggggg my parents to drive an hour to the closest Dippin' Dots. So now, when I see a stand, I HAVE to stop, for "younger me" sake. 😬 #dippindots #whereisFall

Ein neues Gericht für die Kategorie #leckerkannsoeinfachsein 💕 Ich liiiebe Kartoffeln #carbscarbscarbs und in der Kombi mit nem leckeren Quark ganz besonders. 😊 Die Portion hatte so 👆🏼8 SmartPoints. Ich hab allerdings nur etwas mehr als die Hälfte der Kartoffeln geschafft, da ich erst um halb fünf zu Mittag gegessen habe. 🤷‍♀️ Ich stress mich in solchen Situationen übrigens überhaupt nicht. Wenn ich satt bin, bin ich satt - offene Punkte hin oder her. (Heute 5 SP) Wie handhabt ihr das? Macht ihr die 30 immer voll? 😊

🔥 #GIVEAWAY Alert 🔥 Want to be the undisputed cheeseboard 👸🏼? @sartoricheese and I are giving away the ENTIRE award-winning line of Sartori Reserve cheeses and some other cheeseboard goodies to one lucky winner!! That's 14 wedges of cheese, you guys. 😳. To enter you must be following me, @sartoricheese and tag a cheese loving friend in the comments! Each friend you tag is an additional entry, one tag per comment.
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4sp breakfast. I have a ton of mashed potatoes left over and I don't want to waste them. I took 1/3 cup scooped it in to Saran Wrap, squished it in to a circle and froze it in the wrap for about 30 mins. I sprayed the pan and fried it up. 👌
Egg- 2sp
Potato "pancake" -2sp
Broccoli- 0sp

#weightwatchers #becauseitworks #beyondthescale #smartpoints #wwsisterhood #whatiate

To celebrate one of the last warm days of the year, we had cheesecake bingsoo. Y'all this thing has a whole slice of cheesecake chopped into chunks as a topping. So. Good. 🙌

Simple tip to up your health and fitness.

Add some greens to a daily smooth for extra veggie consumption and to "bulk" it up. I swear I can't taste anything but chocolate and peanut butter in mine!

Want more?  Comment👍below and I'll message you about my upcoming group,  SMALL steps to BIG changes.

First pumpkin spice of the season @panerabread ! Unfortunately Starbucks and Dunkin's pumpkin syrups have dairy :/ But that's okay because Panera uses real pumpkin! Just ask almond milk, for no whipped cream or caramel sauce :) 🎃 #basicveganbitch

shrimp aglio olio pasta 🍤🍝 #whatiate

Syn free and SP chicken and ham salad from the works canteen. They've just opened a 'build your own' salad bar at the office I work from a couple of days a week which means I don't have to come armed with Tupperware if I can't be bothered to prep 😁 🎉 Hallelujah! #slimmingworldmeals #synfree #sp #speedfood #spmeals #slimmingworld #sw #swuk #swblogger #instafood #whatiate #weightloss #fatloss #onplan #fooddiary #foodoptimising #weightloss #swfollowers #fatlossfood #healthyeating #eatclean

📍 เครปไส้แตก
🍰 เครปบุฟเฟ่ต์ไส้หวาน
💵 49thb

อลังการอะไรเบอร์นี้ 😲 ตอนสั่งก็คิดไว้แหละว่าเยอะ เพราะเราชอบกินเยอะ ๆ แต่พอของจริงมา มันเยอะกว่าที่คิดมากกกก เครปสตรอว์เบอร์รีแป้งกรอบ ท็อปด้วยบรรดาขนมหวานทั้งหลาย มีทั้ง marshmallow เซี่ยงไฮ้ kitkat กล้วยหอม ลูกเกด ทาโร่ ฝอยทอง เยลลี่ ฟันโอ ซีเรียล บลา ๆ ๆ เยอะมากกกกก แล้วคนขายใจดีมาก เค้าให้ไส้แบบไม่หวงเลย (อย่างคิตแคตก็ให้ซองนึงเต็ม ๆ มาร์ชแมลโลวก็ทั้งถุง) ในส่วนของพลังงาน เราคิดว่าน่าจะเกินพันแคล 😂 กินเกือบชั่วโมงกว่าจะหมด หวานและฟินมาก ประทับใจจจจ 💓

ปล. เรากินคนเดียวหมดเลย...

First meal in Karachi ft bun kebab and more delicious chaat (I really can't recall what they're called though) 🙊#yee #yummyinmytummy #chaat #desistyle #onthetable #handinframe #whatiate #Karachi #Pakistan #exploretocreate #travel

Yesterday I made Thai-inspired soup, since it finally felt like fall. #whatiate

Lunch game strong 💪🏻 Plus if you put pomegranate seeds on any of your food to make it look 👑 you have to photograph it right?! 😂
Got super organised last night and put together some healthy but colourful lunches for my week - fail to prepare, prepare to fail and all that! Kept it simple and easy with just some pre roasted veggies, half a pack of rice with some lentils, a pre cooked veggie sausage and some spinach! Yum!
What are you all having? 😋

Guys, I can't even lie- the burger was ahhhhhhhmazing!! 😂😍 chips were 👎🏼 so didn't eat most of them. Oops #sw #SlimmingWorld #slimmingworlduk #slimmingworldpregnancy #pregnancy #pregnant #mcdonalds #burger #ooops #whatiate #fooddiary #swdiary #swfooddiary #nocontrol #cravingamacciesfordays #giveintotemptation

h o m e r doughnut • yespls

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