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I lost one of my virginity's last night and I'm mad. I look pissed because of what I did and this.cold ass weather. I drank and ate so much shit I looked 3 months pregnant.😣 #itscoldouthere #whathappensinvegasstaysinvegas

Thanks babe for making my 23rd birthday one to remember🍻🎉 you’re the best boyfriend in the whole world💗 #whathappensinvegasstaysinvegas

THANK YOU LAS VEGAS! We had an incredible time in Vegas at @gvrcasino! It was a special weekend full of friends from far and wide. And yes, seeing @magicmikelive was magical IN EVERY WAY. Thank you for all your love! These two weary moms will fly home today smiling the whole way home! #vegasstrong #rideordie #greenvalleyresort #imomsohardlive #lasvegas #whathappensinvegasstaysinvegas #magicmikelive #besties #friends #laughter #wine

While it is suspected gambling has been around since the dawn of human civilization, the earliest definitive evidence that people gambled dates back to approximately 2300 BC. Tiles from this time period that were found in ancient China indicate people in that region engaged in a game of chance that resembled a modern-day lottery thousands of years ago.
Keno slips from around 200 BC suggest lottery proceeds were used to fund various state projects in the area, which may have included the construction of the Great Wall of China. In the United States, lottery proceeds have also been used to fund civic projects over the years, including the founding of Harvard and Yale universities, and this practice continues to this day.
Although gambling has existed for several millennia, the history of some of the world’s most popular games is comparatively shorter. The earliest version of Baccarat was not documented until the 1400s, for instance, and it took centuries after that for the game to evolve into the version that is played today.
The first known written description of blackjack was provided in a book from 1601, which was written by the author of Don Quixote, Miguel de Cervantes. It is widely accepted the first primitive roulette wheel was a byproduct of Blaise Pascal’s attempts to create a perpetual motion machine in the 17th century. The game as we know it today initially appeared in France in 1796 and was first described in Jaques Lablee’s novel, La Roulette, ou le Jour, during the same time period. #betcruise #betvoyager

I love that I have understanding friends that willingly oblige me when I randomly yell "STOP!" because they are standing in the perfect spot for me to snap a photo. Now, if only I was talented enough to photoshop out the group strolling by. 🤔#constantlyseekingwonder

Turkiye gundemi daha yangin yeri..
#wynnlasvegas #wynnpool #whathappensinvegasstaysinvegas

When in Vegas, take belly dance videos


The best things in life are free 💕 #lastnight

Moms in town for thanksgiving.....They are Loving Las Vegas!! 🌎✈️💃🏼💄
#moms #lasvegas #vivalasvegas #grandmas #traveling #breakfast #firsttimeever #whathappensinvegasstaysinvegas

My beautiful partner in crime 🖤🖤🖤#happiness #whathappensinvegasstaysinvegas

Vegas spam😍#beforeilostwhatdayitwas 🤣🤣

Panorama looking out into the Nevada desert. Taken off the strip in downtown Vegas. I love how the horizon looks straight and the buildings are curving around it.

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