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#tb #whatevertherewas in Lipe 👒🏖

Gettin close and personal with shelly the elephant ! A snapshot from the roadtrip video for Whatever There Was. #whatevertherewas #bathingelephants #makelovenotwar


Inspired by @point8cam and @haniehidayah maiko's video I set out in search for her.
3 days later

Saved a tiny life this morning 😏 while stepping out for some fresh air and a lil' bit of Vitamin D. Hi again Bali. WTW CAROLYN (@carolyn_reddbullets)

My travelers notebook is about 10 months old now. I have to say, it's not easy to journal every day and it is certainly not cheap and can be quite time consuming sometimes. But the fact is that I love the whole process and I have no regret starting it since the beginning. Thanks for the lovely feature @whatevertherewas about me, my book and I absolutely still feeling lucky to be on the site. You can read more about it at whatevertherewas.com 😀 Question 8 is my favorite 😋 #whatevertherewas #travelersnotebookmalaysia #planneraddictmalaysia #varanasi

New @whatevertherewas episode is up online. In this episode, we all gain some weight. #ipoh #whatevertherewas

To another day of missing Melbourne. More than a place, of memories that it holds.

#ANewBreedofTraveller #ProjectVacation #passionpassport #thetravelintern #whatevertherewas

Bersama ex-pengacara MadMarket Hanie Hidayah #pudingraja #desserts #pudding #whatevertherewas

QUOKKAS! My ultimate aim in Perth was to see the world's happiest animal.


A sticker for your thoughts?

“A Conditioning Of Consciousness” by Joseph Kosuth, 1988.

Can you hear everything I’m not saying?

Goodbye Perth! You've been pretty spectacular.

QUOKKAS! My ultimate aim in Perth was to see the world's happiest animal.

Don't believe what you tell yourself. Your ship hasn't sailed yet.

Whaddup whaddup.

Looking for a #homeawayfromhome while vacationing? @homeawayasia offers beautiful homes across the globe for you to stay in while you're in a new place so you get to live like a local, make new friends and experience the neighbourhood like we did in #Bangkok. How beautiful is this house we stayed in? .
Use the code 'HomeAwayHanie' for special discounts when you book your next vacation home on http://hmwy.co/bkkhomeaway.
#homeaway #homeawayasia #homeawayfromhome #homeawayinbangkok #travel #thailand #whatevertherewas #vacationhome #vsco #vscocam

It's been a little over three years since we started #WhateverThereWas which was just something we decided to come up with to personally share our travel stories and videos after years of being on separate platforms. We've worked on it since then and despite the difficulties we faced we managed to sustain it for these beautiful 3 years. Life awaits us, although this is not a goodbye. Thank you to those who have been supportive and believed in us, even if it's just a small number 💕

satodei ~

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