Got our transportation all set up today to get us from the Cancun airport ✈️ to our resort in the Rivera Maya 🏖 for the FREE trip we earned thanks to my coaching biz 🤗 so I figured I better throw on a bikini and see where I’m at! 👙👓 Our trip might not be until April, but bikini bodies are made in the winter so it’s time to get a MOVE ON! 👊🏻 (plus it’s still like 85 degrees here in AZ ☀️ so a bikini makes perfect sense even though it’s the day before Thanksgiving RIGHT??? lol 😂) I still can’t believe this is one of my JOBS…work on my #bikinigoals 💪🏻 help others work on #whateverTFtheirowngoalsare 👯‍♀️ AND earn free trips for doing it 🤸🏻‍♀️#thankscoaching 🙏🏻 Link in bio if you want in on this shiz with me!✌🏻 I’m off to celebrate the start of the long holiday weekend with family and friends and a glass or two of 🍷👌🏻

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