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Yum! Falafel, chicken bacon and BBQ beef sliders 🍔 Sweet potato fries, mac and cheese bites, and loaded fries...oh my! Pure deliciousness 🤤😍😋@hudsonville_ic @basementburgerbar @yelpdetroit

TF kinda aminal is this anyway 👀#whateverimgettingcheesefries #humpday

On Tuesdays we watch @meangirlsbway. Thank you to my 🐝 @alex_interrupted for my long anticipated birthday gift!! #whateverimgettingcheesefries #yourelikereallypretty #fetch

“Cady, all I've been eating are these Kälteen bars. They suck.”

“No, no, this is just how they work. This is all your water weight. First you bloat, and then you drop 10 pounds like that! Well, the Kälteen bars have burned up all your carbs, and now your body's just running on water. But once the water's gone, then you'll be all muscle. It explains it all on the label.”

“You know Swedish?” “Yeah, everyone in Africa can read Swedish.”

I’m on day 2 of this {0sp} challenge & I’m sitting here totes bloated from all the fruits & veggies I’ve been eating & hoping it will pay off | Contemplating making a Trader Joe’s Turkey Corn Dog for dinner & all I can think about are these scenes from Mean Girls 😹

When the (college) kids are away, the adults have room to play. #whateverimgettingcheesefries #yum #dinnerbymyself #independentlikethat

#seconddinner; or, bobby needs to do something or he'll have a goddamned panic attack #potatopancakes #tatertots? #croquettes? #paparellena? #whateverimgettingcheesefries #theanxiouschef #thestruggle

Some people run this trail in 20 minutes and do squats at the summit, I nearly died on my way up and ate two pieces of cold pizza at the top. Okay, so I didn’t almost die; but the part about pizza is true. 🍕>🏋🏼‍♀️

On Wednesday’s we wear black. #WCW #WhateverImGettingCheeseFries

A gentle reminder: don’t wait to be the person you want to be after a big traumatic life event. Go be that person now. Or work on it at least. Quit that shit job (although omg working for yourself can be cray too!! Just DM me!!). None of this revenge body business. Go get that body you want now and love on your current partner with it. This is an interior designer who got a degree in economics so I know what it’s like to not follow the pattern. I don’t care about the stock market, I like pillows!!!!!!!!!! #clientmeitsmewhoistheclient #saturnreturn #spacecowboy #interiordesign #whiteoak #whateverimgettingcheesefries

Did I finally reach Regina George status?? Lmao 🤣 #thiswasanaccident #whateverimgettingcheesefries #meangirls #reginageorge

Everyone is always reminiscing about fun times with friends or taking amazing vacations. NOT ME! I reminisce about the days I cleaned the house and it stayed clean or when I would fold laundry and it stayed folded! #thosedaysareover #thatshowmykidsroll #whateverimgettingcheesefries #hesluckyhescute

Missing #NYC necessitates a trip to @shakeshack. The Smoke Shack + cheese fries (obviously).

We're Brandi and Cheryl and we're here to win at bingo. #dragqueenbingo #whateverimgettingcheesefries

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