Would never not miss school two days before finals to help out with field day!!!!!!! 💖🤩🌻💞🌊 #WhatEvenIsSchool #365DaysOfHappiness #Day312

If someone would take me back to the beach I will love you forever #schoolbroken #stresslevel1000000000000 #whatevenisschool

Had a great day Sunday crashing Narnar Goon pony club 😝 -

The lovely @ae_eventing invited me to come do her pony club rally on Sunday and rocky was a legend💪🏻💪🏻 I had so much fun and the club was so well run :)) -

Rode rocky tonight and I’m off to @chestnut_n_pally place and we will ride her horses tomorrow and then go to rocky after so we will get videos !! #whatevenisschool

Hey guys just remember to keep finessing cuz eventually it pays off. Except for when you fail midterms? #whatevenisschool

Wow I was literally living my best life 24 hours ago and now I’m back in misery.. smh 🤦🏼‍♀️ #crying #cantdoschooleither #whatevenisschool #imsupposedtolivebythebeach

a winter wonderland as they say ❄️ #whatevenisschool #snowday

Had a blast at Disney with the best mom ever 😊 #whatevenisschool

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