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WHERE THE WATER IS NOT BLUE ANYMORE... Sad to hear news of the forthcoming closure of L'Uomo Vogue. Back in the 1980s I worked for the publication under the direction of the maestro Marco Reati. As well as writing a regular 'Letter from London' I also styled some stories including this cover shoot with the divine Jean-Marc Barr. I swooned over his portrayal of Jacques Mayol in Luc Besson's 'The Big Blue', so suggested him to Reati as a possible subject for a fashion shoot. Barr was such a gentle man. Obviously, I dressed him in layers of blue...with a few white highlights. I was so besotted that I also styled him for French magazine Max with photographer Ian Thomas. This photograph by Mark Lewis, L'Uomo Vogue, May 1989. #whatdoyouwanttoknow? #everything #aboutwhat? #abouteverything x

So excited to be back at #Days after a long break, and excited to hear from all of you! You said you liked the video blogs, so send me some questions & then tune into this week's #plankblog ... I'll answer as many as I can! #whatdoyouwanttoknow

What do you want to ask me?! 🙋🏼 I am doing a Q&A video for YouTube tomorrow and answering your questions! 💕 Nothing is off the table so go ahead and ask me 🤗 #whatdoyouwanttoknow #rebeccalouise

Heeyyy y'all!! This is going down tomorrow Thursday 9pm EST! Ask me live any question about our business and I will give you my best unfiltered answers. All a part of our Actors and Filmmakers Fellowship Series. Saturday 11am EST my friend the indie film director @thejlamothe will be teaching u guys what he knows he knows about the film business. You really don't want to miss our series! It's a gift to all anywhere! Sign up affseries.com. Link in my bio! #WhatDoYouWantToKnow #AFFSeries

Geese mom 🙄 Tomorrow I will be filming a Q & A so leave your questions below 👇🏻 and be sure to watch Wednesday's video for your answer.

So I am going to film that Q&A I mentioned a week or so ago, next week. Thanks to those who have sent me questions already. Would love more so please feel free to pop them below! #mummymearns #instablogger #mummyvlogger #instamum #whatdoyouwanttoknow 😊

Hey Guys!!!
I've decided to give my fans a chance to participate in my forthcoming DVD. On the night I will be reading out some questions that will be sent in by you... so for a chance for your question to be read out live and part of our DVD all you have to do is state your question below... the best question will win 2 FREE TICKETS to the show! So... go for it #QuestionTime #DVD #WhatDoYouWantToKnow

It's that time again guys. I will verbally address all questions about sex. So leave any comment now so I can reply with my two cents. Btw don't ask me how much, when can we fuck, or anything like that because I will kindly ignore you. When i post the reply I will tag all of you that asked valid questions. #sex #askmeanythingsexual #redlightspecial #whatdoyouwanttoknow

🇫🇷 Tous sur la page Facebook de @noemiespantry pour la possibilité de gagner l'un de mes guides de survie !! // 🇺🇸 Ever wondered what a French grocery store looks like? Head to @noemiespantry's Facebook page and find out!
#Repost @noemiespantry
***Join us tomorrow morning at 11:30AM EST for our 1st Facebook Live & Win a "Guide de Survie by Estelle Tracy*** We'll be live streaming from a typical 🇫🇷 supermarket and will be showing you the differences between French & American supermarkets and showing you our favorite products. 😍 To make it even more fun, we've partnered with @estelletracy and she's offering 3 of her amazingly resourceful e-books "Guide de Survie alimentaire aux Etats-Unis". It's made for French people living in the US but can also be helpful for Americans moving to France! (It's in French but you'll have to learn tidbits if you move ;)) Check our Facebook page (Link in bio) tomorrow for more details on the contest!
#whatdoyouwanttoknow #Facebooklive #contest


I'm curious... in regards to pregnancy & birth. If someone (in a non medical role) that you hired to support you during your pregnancy and labor knew all the options and didn't explain them to you because you did not specifically ask for them... would you feel like options were withheld?
Would you want them to explain these options to you unsolicited?
Do you feel as if this is their job?
Do you feel that it is your primary healthcare providers jobs (i.e. Doctor, midwife etc)? #options #whatdoyouwanttoknow? #birth #pregnancy #somuchimformation #supportingyou #balancedbirthsupport #dcnovadoulas #doulas

"Dear Future Wife..
I have been running pages with my pen..
Leaving my thoughts in letters in hopes to one day give them to you.
So you could understand how..
There is not ever a moment I do not ache to be with you..and the thought of our love not meeting forever takes my breath right from my chest in a painful sting...I dont even allow myself to think about it..losing you has not ever been an option..
I apologize for anytime I caused you to think I saw anything other than forever with you..There was not ever another soul I cared to share my heart and soul this lifetime with...if it is not you Love..then I want no love..not just anyone will do. I mean it when I say it has..and will only be you. I know that might sound extreme but it is how I feel. You are it for this soul.
Or how..
I was so worried about perfecting how I came to you..I almost missed that you just wanted.. Me..in my flaws and imperfections...as I am..and as I grow..you would love me unconditionally just bring me honestly and open..
Or how..
..I craved the grasp of your hand...and..to massage your scalp while we laugh about our day...or just lay...
Or maybe..how I knew you were Home even though I never knew what Home felt of until I looked at you..until You enveloped me in your love..showed me safe in your arms..
I just want you to..
Know it all..
Hear it all..
See it all..
Spread my heart in ink blots along my soul as I spill myself along these lines..
Let you into the quiet of my mind..
I will keep nothing from you even if it hurts..
Dear Future Wife..
Tell me..
What do you want to know?
Love Unconditionally, .
#DearFutureWife #iamheretostay #iwanttoshareitall #withyou #magic #always #nowuntilforevermore #ionlyseeforeverwithyou #youhavenoteverbeentemporary #weweremadeforalwaysuntilforever #whatdoyouwanttoknow #itisyouornoone #iamsoserious #magic #always #Love #unconditional #Nissa💚

For the last several years clients have asked me countless questions; from work, financial, relationships, etc. In the past, I have typically reserved this type of thing for repeat clients, but now I have decided to open this up to anyone who is interested. If you have a burning desire to know the answer, simply check out this link. www.CarlSeaver.com/?page_id=1005
#pyschic #psychicquestions #psychicreadings #psychicmedium #carlseaver #askmeanything #questionoftheday #whatdoyouwanttoknow

Soooo #Whatdoyouwanttoknow
Hmmmmm... Where shall I start 🤔
When Ppl say #TellMeAboutYourself

So many opinions of ppl yet nobody asks the person directly... #askmenoquestionsilltellyounolies #storytellers #whatdoyouwanttoknow 🐼😉

I want to know what you would like to learn about!! #convention #panel #paneltopics #learning #whatdoyouwanttoknow #helpmeout

Ahojte! Okrem pripravovaného článku by som rada napísala aj ďalší a touto cestou sa obraciam k Vám! Ak máte nejaké návrhy na ďalší článok, prípadne ak by ste chceli vedieť vyjadrenie a moje názory na rôzne veci a témy tak sem s nimi....odpovede na otázky budú v článku..#kxtlynblog #questions #whatdoyouwanttoknow

[góc nhờ vả] 📬📬📬Mọi người cần tớ làm video về những gì nhỉ? Cho tớ xin ý kiến và ý tưởng để gom thành các chủ đề làm nhé :D #bulletjournal #whatdoyouwanttoknow #ideas #asking #box

Every week, we'll answer YOUR QUESTIONS about faith, the church, Jesus, relationships, the Bible... just ask! You'll be anonymous and known only to Adam. DM, text 714-264-9931, or email adam@fanninbaptist.org. #fanninstudents #justask #whatdoyouwanttoknow

Did you know your brain absorbs 20% of your body's oxygen? #Fitness #👣 Cardio boosts blood flow to the brain giving us that oxygen. #Healthy #LifeStyle
Those with improved cardiovascular health are less likely to experience age-related changes to the brain. .

#MindsOfSociety #NourishYourBrain #Healthy #Fitness #MindOverMatter #LetsSetGoals #WhosWithMe #MakeAChange #TakeCareOfYourself #EmailUs #WhatDoYouWantToKnow

This is your chance to text Marco, our Chief Experience Officer all of your Staypineapple questions or thoughts. It's kind of like texting or calling in to a radio show with your "Dear Abby" questions!
We'll feature some of your best "Dear Marco" texts right here!
Text 866-866-7977 right now!
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Messy morning lessons.
Our only structured lessons are reading and basic math. These take a total of 20-25 minutes in the morning after breakfast. I don't like to separate learning from life, because they really are one and the same.
However, I did want to make a slight shift this year and show Odi the difference between life learning and the intentional seeking of knowledge or skill.
Sometimes you need to sit down and make an effort to learn something. His obsession with paper folding has shown him this too. We've had some pretty great discussions lately on what it means to learn or know.
Other knowledge he wants to intentionally seek out:
How to play the flute (like Krishna.) How to cook more food.
How to identify animal tracks.
How to fly.

#AlwaysLearning #SunshineGardenSchoolhouse #HomeSchoolForTheWin #WhatDoYouWantToKnow

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