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These pictures are taken about a year apart, so you may not see much of a difference.
The image on the left was for a branding style shoot for myself. I was pursuing real estate and I wanted some new images that communicated my new profession. I remember feeling excited to be trying something new. I had the best in the biz for support and guidance. BUT, no matter how much great training I had, or tools, tips and tricks I had, every fiber of my being told me “NO”, that this wasn’t where I was supposed to be serving the world. That was really hard for me to realize as I had a lot of people who thought I was really going to be great at real estate. I struggled because I was scared of sharing this, I didn’t want to let anyone down. But I wanted to be true to who I am, my beliefs, and the guidance that I was receiving.
I sat in limbo with this for a few months. I didn’t have the courage to share that I wasn’t supposed to be doing this job. I also didn’t know what I was “supposed” to be doing either. I got angry, I got resentful. And needless to say, I got stuck and wasn’t moving forward.
Finally I had the courage. To end what wasn’t working. It felt very freeing. I decided to take a Leap of Faith and ask for guidance as to where I could best serve and how. My first course, #UnleashYourSoulPurpose was born. The ideas started flowing, and once I let go of control, I was ready to move forward. I’ll be transparent here, it hasn’t been easy. There are many days where I still feel stuck and blocked. And sometimes I still shut down in that. But those feelings are temporary and I can always seem to find a solution. As long as I don’t start with the self pity spiral downwards.
What I’m doing isn’t always fun or glamorous, but making a difference in someone’s life, now THAT is worth it! Helping others create ways to connect with themselves, discover who they are, what they believe, face their fears, live in authenticity and rewrite their story. That is what I am here in this world to do. And knowing that, and actually doing that, is so damn gratifying, and you can see it in my face in the image on the right. #liveauthentic

“I love my images because I feel that they convey who I am in inside out. I try to approach all things in life with positivity and joy. I am grateful and appreciative of what I have, what I’ve accomplished and the people who have helped me in my journey. I can be serious but have a sense of humor. I always try my best and hope that my light shines through to all that interact with me.
My experience with the #unleashyoursoulpurpose photo shoot was phenomenal and beyond anything that I could have expected. I was able to convey to the camera who I am....an employee - business woman, a believer in life and magic and angels and the universe to help guide my way, a person who can be serious and strong and perhaps a little seductive and classy in a dress. All sides to my personality. Inner strength, courage, joy and positivity was the intention I set to project out into the works and at the photo shoot. And this was made possible through the self-development portion of the course.”
Client: @heidilynnchristensen 📸 @fierceco 💄@Cristinaziemerbeauty 💁🏼‍♀️@jennabuck3
Course Creator/Coach/Host: @taraathatcher @unleashyourofficial
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When waging war with the enemy against the lies he has fed in to your mind. Victory comes when you strip his lies of their power and focus instead on the truth of God’s Word.
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We tell ourselves so many things that just aren’t true. Myths and reasons, why’s and because’s, have been passed from one generation to another for thousands of years without question. We must ask questions, seek verity, discern the difference between truth and fantasy. This is one of the only books my Dad ever gave me. It’s a book about writing screenplays which, if you know me, is not exactly my lane but I love writing my own life story, and teaching others to do so. Dad and I were discussing my love for creating writing and writing in general one day, and he gifted this to me. Thank you, Daddy! I have tried reading this a few times and one of these days I will get through it, again not my lane, so, until I turn the last page...my truth is “story is so very important but more important is truth and authenticity”. If I bring anything to this world through these posts may it be truth. #thisisit #whatdoyoubelieve #story #fable #fantasy #hollywood #screenplay #creative #writing #onefineday #limitless #infinite #wisdom #talent #doingyourbest #learnsomethingnew #truth #honesty #authenticity #clarity #integrity #FrankVincent #mlgpics #imagefreak #igers #instagram #instagood #authorsofinstagram #IAm #authorsofinstagram

“Why do people believe a particular belief?... What necessity is it serving? [By] showing what’s at stake,... there is a kind of pathway to empathy" - Lucas Hnath. "The Christians" runs Oct 16-Nov 11. Tickets at https://bit.ly/OutreChristians. #WhatDoYouBelieve #pompanobeacharts #outre https://youtu.be/ENQ2lBTdH7E

I Asked What to do:

I am alone in this world
even with people constantly around
I acknowledge that the world we live in held too much pain
some seeped into my life, bit by bit

I took the sleep aides so that my mind would not awaken me with repetitive, emotionally consuming thoughts
I wanted to sleep and not address my wounded heart

I drank to lower the frequency of thoughts in my mind
I smoked to smother my true feelings so they did not develop into words
I connected with bodies to escape my own darkness

It became a daily battle Holding the hurt in
If i passed on my brokenness
it would just initiate the cycle again

Third time is the charm
So I ran back to You , you welcomed me back with open arms
This time around I ran to the source of all life
I needed guidance and direction on how to do this right
I fasted, I prayed, I read, I sought, I asked and I forgave
This simple yet complicated response was: to let it all go
Be grounded by nothing but gravity
practice and master the art of unconditional love
Challenge yourself to Find love in everything that came your way
Acknowledge the false and absorb the truth
Create a purer reflection of you


Feeling super duper fall in this oldie from @loft ! Heading to church this lovely morning. I believe that spiritual health is something that we tend to forget in our health journey. We all need something to believe to guide us, right? #spiritualhealth #metime #healthylife #whatdoyoubelieve #church #loveloft #fall

Believe...and what you give of yourself and what you put into...when you believe in something. Time, energy, investment...but look what happens when you believe in something good and share it with your heart...with others.

I needed this reminder this morning.
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Your attitude has everything to do with how you perceive the world around you. It shapes the way in which you process information and it can either aid or deter in the process of personal growth and development. How do you see the world? Your life? How much of that is molded by your attitude? If you realize that your entire reality can change by shifting your mindset and adopting a new attitude, you’d probably act on it very quickly! Don’t get discouraged if the shift takes a while - you’ve been holding onto old attitudes and beliefs your entire life so be gentle on yourself during this process of transformation. Remember: you attitude is everything! 💡🙌🏻 David
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What do you believe about yourself? Stop believing the lies and start believing you are strong, confident, disciplined and beautiful!
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Have a paradigm shift in your mind as to the things God has said.
Believe and you will prosper in it #belief in? #ibelieve #monthofknowledge #trinitychapel #yourbelief #whatdoyoubelieve #destiny #values #habits #belief

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As much as I love my @passionplanner, I’m really bad about working on the weekly challenges. Especially lately as I’ve become so much busier (yes, excuses, I know). But this week’s quote and challenge really spoke to me. In times of hardship, it’s often difficult to remember the beauty and light you bring to the world, and sometimes even your friends don’t know the words to use to remind you of that light. About a year ago, I started keeping a list of qualities I liked about myself that made me feel empowered. It seems like a silly exercise, but it honestly works. And not only does it work to uplift you in times of need, it helps to remind you of who you are when you forget. So I’m tackling this weekly challenge head on, because it’s important to define who you are, what you believe in, and look forward to the journey ahead. #friday #quotes #motivation #whoareyou #whatdoyoubelieve #whereareyougoing #passionplanner

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