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Cold training matters.
#Repost @sgcarney
After an hour on a boat in the cold take a look at how our hands responded. Jeff's vasoconstriction response offers a corpse-esque effect. #nofilter #whatdoesntkillus #coldday

3 weeks, 3 states, 3 events, 1 badass sister in law. #spartanrace #thesufferclub #whatdoesntkillus

Got a new read in the mail today. Can't wait to tear into this one.

The #AdamCarollaShow is the most downloaded podcast ever according to the Guinness record books. Psyched this legend had me on today to talk sufferfests. (Link coming soon!) #thesufferclub #whatdoesntkillus

When life gives us lemons , I make lemonade and ........He drinks it! #whatdoesntkillus#onlymakesusstronger#Mr&;MrsH @achmatharris

It's a balmy 4 degrees this morning, the gloves are out and the teeth are chattering. What a perfect morning for footy! ⛄️❤️💚☃️#whatdoesntkillus #makesusstronger #goashy Thanks Hugh 📸

Coming soon, Gabriel Reece, Neil Strauss and I go deep into the TruthBarrel. #whatdoesntkillus #truthbarrel

The struggle is real. Allahumma yassir walatuassir. Sesungguhnya tiada tempat bergantung selain Allah. #1sttimeuwanttobeinthestats #prayfordalienpakwan #whatdoesntkillus #makeusstronger 😇🙏



This made my heart break and tears fall. I lost my best friend to a car accident at 16. A car ride I was suppose to be in. Everyone thought I was dead as well because all my belongings were with her. I was so lost and depressed. I became anorexic and obsessed with exercise because only thing I could control. On top of this I had an abusive cheating boyfriend I just couldn't seem to leave. I was numb to the world. After years of counseling And Zoloft, I felt me again. I had left my boyfriend, worked two jobs, got my associates degree and left Montana for nursing school in Idaho. I had always wanted to be a teacher because writing saved my life and kept me sane. I met a guy who would become my fiancé at 20 while visiting friends in Montana. Before I knew it I was accepted into the teaching program at UOM. He however didn't. He was still supportive of me and worked even harder to get in. He proposed on top of a mountain and my still wounded self said yes. Fairy tale... right?! No, 4 months before our wedding he dropped out of school became obsessed with amway and spent all my money. I called the wedding off and started to become depressed and lost again. My parents helped me. I went back to counseling and wrote my tail off. Graduated with a 3.6 and got a teaching degree. I swore men off for two years. I then met my now husband. Yes, we have our ups and downs like anyone else but marriage isn't always easy. I spent years wondering and questioning why god saved me many times throughout my life. When my midwife placed my daughter on my chest I knew. I knew she was why. The first thing I told my sweet daughter as she rested on my chest "you were what I was waiting for." I pray she doesn't go through half the struggles I did. I hope she knows she can always come to me and she doesn't always have to be strong. I hope she knows her mom will be here for her no matter what. #momlife #alwaysmylittlegirl #whatdoesntkillus #http://www.scarymommy.com/dear-daughter-journey-different/

New book, when I'm too lazy to read #audible #wimhof #whatdoesntkillus #vacation #cabinlife #gethealthy

Happy Father’s Day! We love keeping our Dads healthy and feeling great so they can enjoy spending time with the kiddos!

▫️Bury me before my heart stops beating
Close your eyes and tell me why this is breaking
My whole heart is torn into pieces
Just because you stopped believing ▫️ - Bloodshot Eyes

We were getting tortured at sports therapy so we had to un- wine'd 😊#painamongfriends #whatdoesntkillus #winetherapy

Who has purchased all 3
Throw The Fight full length albums?? Tell us your favorite album & song!
We will select one of you & send out some TTF swag!
Ready Set GO!!!

Such a pleasure to have investigative journalist and anthropologist Scott Carney in for his first official #cryotherapy session! If you haven’t already, be sure to pick up a copy of his New York Times best-selling book “What Doesn’t Kill Us” - can we hack our bodies and use the environment to stimulate our inner biology? You better believe it!! #whatdoesntkillus #scottcarney #coldhealth

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