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Food for thought before bed.
#whatareyouworth #love #faith #respect #chooseyourworth

Such a beautiful kitchen. Work hard so that your family will never have to financially worry again. Don't just set yourself up for success, set up your future generations for success as well.. #goal #whatareyouworth #levelup #ig #kitchen

Doesn't matter how hard you work, what truly matters is how much are you getting PAID for the time Being worked... Earn what you are worth👍

Much love for my homies 😌💖 #bocjacmmbj #getonthebus #whatareyouworth

#whatareyouworth what if I told you that for $5 a day you could feel amazing and earn some spending money while you're at it? Let's do this y'all! Looking. For 5 people ready to start next week!!


Purchase those running shoes!
Get that season swim pass!
Hire a health coach!
That bicycle is worth investing in!
Food grown without deliberate application of poison is worth it... Don’t treat yourself ‘cheap’! xx Michelle @ Jubilant Fitness. #1life2live #whatareyouworth #dontbecheap #jubilantfitness

I've learned to be very selective with whom I give my time to. For those that I cannot avoid, I can feel the dis-EASE immediately.

Having to force daily interactions isn't living! Which is why I chose to work for myself.
It's not always easy. You have to WORK to get to where you want to be, but it is WORTH it.

It's not what you have,
But what you're worth.
A man does not think of excuses,
A man provides! ·
-Izak J. van Heerden

7:30 AM. Don't make excuses. Make it F.I.T. .
Finding Increments of Time

When you have goals you will set priorities.

#noexcuses #goforit #fit #begreat #trainwithme #idlife #realpeople #realresults #healthfirst #fatloss #transformation #youareworthit #whatdoesitcost 👉🏾#whatareyouworth 🤷🏽‍♀️#thedifference #leggo

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Day 26: How to stop selling your Soul❤️ The final archetype that Mastin talks about is the Prostitute archetype. As the name suggests, you must ask yourself, how much is your Soul worth? The Prostitute archetype revolves mostly around money. All of your survival patterns and limiting stories surrounding money exist here. Since I was young, money has absolutely fascinated me. I love money! Earning it, spending it, saving it and talking about it, but still, I am freaked out about losing it. I work with money everyday and I have not met one person that doesn’t associate their self-worth with how much money they make and/or have. Money frees some, yet cripples others. We need money to survive. Every day we live has a price tag attached to it and to top it off, we all love stuff! Mastin writes, “When it comes to money, we can easily imprison our Souls with the bondage of material things.” Money is a powerful manifestation that continues to separates us all from each other. In order to heal the Disempowered Prostitute archetype you must change the way you think about your money. Like everything in the Universe, money is just another form of energy. And like all forms of energy, it loves to flow! When you hold on too tight to your money, you don’t leave any room for it to expand. Yet, when you are too loose with your money, you will constantly feel like your money is always slipping out of your hands. As you grow, your flow of money will grow too. Infinite abundance is waiting for you. You just have to trust that miracles are everywhere and that you will be provided for❤️ #ClaimYourPower

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