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HBD to my beautiful blonde bombshell @kaleyschaap!!!! Kales I love you SO much and 24 is going to be your best year yet! I hope your day is filled with kisses from Loki and Vali and all the donuts and shoes your heart desires 🐶🍩👢!! #mom #itsMYbirthday #stassischroeder #idontknowwhatweredoingbutilikeit #ilikethat #what #thatthing #donutqueen #phoenthusiasts #tentacles #slobber #nickiminaj4life

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Confidence isn't being exactly where we want to be... confidence comes from knowing we're doing what we need to do in order to get there. I've been working my ass off through a few lingering/lagging injuries here and there & am starting to feel near 100% again. In the words of my wise friend @donniewelte -
We don't need to have 6 pack abs, have muscles, a skinny waist, etc to be confident. Confidence comes from being happy with who we are. Doing the things that make us happy, doing the things that push us to be better, will make us happy. A lot of us think we need the acceptance from others to be confident. Other people shouldn't have any effect at all on our confidence. None. We hold our own confidence in our own hands. We need to be confident in our own skin, & if we aren't exactly where we want to be, we need to know we're on the right track. We need to be comfortable in our own skin. We need to accept ourselves before anyone else will. #EarnEverything #EarnIt #Unedited #Real #Raw #fuckafilter #NoFilter #NoFuxkingAssImplants #HardWork #Sweat #Work #WorkHard #RunEverything #FlagNorFail #GetMoney #FBGM #what #loveyourself #quadtastictiff #FloFitPhysiques @runeverythinglabs @flagnorfail @flofit_physiques

Sometimes recognizing how worthy you are of love and beauty puts you naked in a field of poppies far from where you'd ever thought you'd be. Sometimes it looks like being inside anger, anguish and intense longing- far from the poppies. Luckily the ol' adage "what you resist persists" is especially true when it comes to love and connection. Let's stop apologizing for who we are and be more willing to fail. Let's assume our guts know what they need and that we can handle the heartache. Let's stop apologizing for crying or for being sad. Let's assume they know who we are more than the pain we are called to face in life. Let's stop apologizing for being joyous and happy. Let's assume they will celebrate with us! Let's stop apologizing for wanting to be naked or not wanting to be naked. Let's assume acceptance where we are at. Let's stop apologizing for knowing what we want OR not knowing what we want. Let's assume we are right where we need to be and living into the answers. Let's not apologize for only posting the happy moments and hiding the hard. Let's assume some things are private and sacred for a good reason. Let's stop apologizing for our self hatred, shame, self abandon and darkness. Let's assume we are all willing to face our own enough to hold you in yours. Let's stop apologizing and start asking for forgiveness. Let's start forgiving the ones who hurt us so we can be gifted our full worthiness and power back. Let's ask the Earth for forgiveness on behalf of all humanity. Let's ask our bodies for forgiveness for the ways we may have hurt her or continue to harm her in harder moments. Let's pray for forgiveness in the name of Love. Let's assume we are not the mistakes we have made. In the name of not only seeing beauty but feeling the sacredness in her and where that freedom lives inside of us. Let's assume I AM you and WE are stronger together. Worthy of love and beauty. Photo by @socaposhi for an interview on being fearlessly YOU coming soon. #artoflovingYou #powerofLove #wildLove #poppies #relentlessjoy


I am #who I am, I am #what I am, I #do what I do and I can’t $never gonna do it any #different . I don’t #care who likes it and who #don’t ....

Never put off till tomorrow, what you can do today.
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Mikä ihana syy hymyillä yksin.

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