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Starting to put together some pretty incredible players packs for the 2017 @eagleswingsdiscgolf Ladies Mid Atlantic Throw Down on Saturday, here is a sneak peak of just a couple of items included! We have 47 women signed up, hoping to reach 50 so sign up now before it's too late 😁#discgolf #womensdiscgolf #eagleswingsdiscgolf #whalesacs

#ohwhale !! My #whalesacs is on the droopy side. It gets well used

A dream come true. I got to play in the first ever sanctioned tourney in La Grande, Oregon with the largest, and most competitive division yet. Several of my closest rivals, and some blazing hot sun on the campus of eastern Oregon university. I took the win, and got to celebrate with first place Int women, and Team 208 all star Avie Durrant. Such an amazing day. #dynamicdiscs #team208 #whalesacs #caliconnectiondiscgolf

Look at what we have here. The best looking opto compass I have ever seen. My favorite disc to throw and now I have one with the whale sac stamp! Thank you @tstana7 ! #whalesacs #discgolf #bedynamic

First win, Trilogy Challenge. Pretty happy right now. #Playoff #HolyCrap #BeDynamic #whalesacs

What a fun weekend on the beast in Waco Texas, such a fun course with so much variety. Not to mention, it features one of my all time favorite holes in disc golf, hole 16! On to temple now, I am very glad to be in Texas for a few more weeks! Huge thanks to the Draper's for the hospitality and to Lamboreaux and Carvalho for semi caddying 😜! I really wanted to push the cart since it was my first weekend with it, but I really appreciate you guys walking with me and supporting!

Check out the Zircon polo for sale on DynamicDiscs.net for $24.99. Super comfy and sweet design, excited to sport this all year long!
#BeDynamic #PaigePierceConvict #TeamKeen #TeamHandeyeSupply #WhaleSacs


Custom made Whale Sac for @unclebobbyjr! Should come in handy for the Kansas humidity! #whalesacs #ohwhale

Hey guys! I'm Tina, the owner and creator of Whale Sacs! I'm a lucky but motivated lady that started a small hobby that slowly turned into a full time job. I now tour the country in an RV playing disc golf, making Whale Sacs, and vending at a lot of the larger tournaments. Check out www.ohwhales.com. #ohwhale #whalesacs #discgolf

Back at it again fam cuz it's everyday! Walked to Hoover today to play a round with some locals, then did some putting cuz I'm on that non stop putting grind! Winter collegiate tournaments are coming up and we bout to murdur these courses, and chow down on some birdies yall!

Reaching back to get over this hump day. #parked
#happyhumpday #discgolf #reachbackatit #innova #whalesacs #alwaysimproving

This past weekend I played in the final NT event of the season, the Hall of Fame Classic at the IDGC in Appling Ga. I tied for 8th place playing on the chase card both 2nd and 3rd rounds. I’m happy with my play overall, being a couple of mistakes each round from being in the hunt for the W. Thank you @dynamicdiscs for supporting me all year! Next up @cdick1322 and I are headed to Jacksonville Fl for the DGPT Finale. Wish us Tennessee boys luck!!! 🤞🏼#BeDynamic #HOF #IDGC #eagletalk #niceshirt #whalesacs #handeye #whatdoes10do

OH MY GOODNESS! Disc golf is an underappreciated sport! Here I am, on the football field throwing some up shots when out of nowhere comes the football team trying to use it for THEIR practice! Like, what? Exuse me? Disaster. Low and behold I got kicked off the field and had to relocate to an empty grass feild about a mile away. I biked there. I'm riding the struggle bus right now. Yikes.

Met a few of my Disc Golf favorites tonight who were so sweet to sign a #whalesacs mini. Thanks to @jerryg3130 for capturing my total fan girl moments.
@jomezpro #discgolf #pdga #dgpt #fangirl #jomezpro #dynamicdiscs

Hole 18 again but during the afternoon round. Such a beautiful day! #adairdiscgolfcourse #oregonteamdiscgolf #wdgod #hyzersandwhich

Paige got a new Whale Sac. A little early but still really cute! Www.ohwhales.com #whalesacs #discgolf #halloffame #ohwhales

This was my 3rd year competing at the US Championships in Rock Hill SC. I finished in 18th place, shooting under par every round. While I wanted to play better, I know I played well this week. Next year I’ll be back! I want to say thank you to my wife Heather, @alhernandez100 and Adam for coming down to walk with me and support me. Also a HUGE thank you to @dickiejbrewer for being the best caddie, host, and friend ever. You were there with me during the rounds being positive and reassuring. You let me use the “Dick’s Wagon” which saved my back haha. You Penny and Gloria are my family away from home. I look forward to this week every year! Thank you @dynamicdiscs for the amazing support this year! You guys rock. Also thank you @allie_discgolf for this SWEET shirt. Check out @dcdiscs for some cool designs. See ya next year Winthrop #BeDynamic #usdgc #rockhill #whalesacs #handeyesupplyco #dickswagon #dcdiscs #teamlefty

The United States Disc Golf Championship in Rock Hill, South Carolina is the most prestigious event in our sport. To qualify, play, and represent one of three Minnesotans on the biggest stage is mind blowing. Unfortunately the back half of the Winthrop Gold course had my number all week... By far one of the hardest courses I’ve ever played. The highlight of the week was this photo. Seeing the future of Disc Golf watch, learn, and interact with us professionals every single day made my trip. Thank you to everybody for the continuous support! MN Bound! ✈️ 💿⛳️ ( 📸: @dgworldtour ) #innovadiscs #upperparkdesigns #booomclothing #natidiscgolf #skycandydiscs #whalesacs

Playing in the USDGC was an absolute honor and something I will never forget. That first round feature card with three of the best players this sport has ever seen was incredible. I have to admit I was slightly geeking out when they would include me on rulings or have me decide who was farthest out on the putting green. Thank you to everyone who voted, you made my entire year! Man, my bio defenders were my work horses this week, can't wait to get another crack at Winthrop with those bad boys!
Thank you to Mad for caDDying this week, I know you were busy at the EDGE village teaching hundreds of kiddos about this sport we all love and you got hardly any sleep between that and carrying my bag through the rain. I appreciate it more than you know! Also thanks to Alyssa for stepping in on those early rounds that mad couldn't make it to, y'all are the dream team! Tina, that rap alone mixed with that laugh was definitely the key to a few birdies out there 😘. I don't see how it keeps getting better. These three are truly the best. It continues to astonish me daily how a support system and family makes every moment feel so much greater. #BeDynamic #HummKombucha #KeenFootwear #DCurveSunglasses #HummSquad #WhaleSacs #DynamicDiscs #HandEyeSupply

Today is the final round of the USDGC. I've played well every round, but had some mistakes that have kept every round from being REALLY good. My goal is to stay clean today and play my best round yet. #BeDynamic #winthrop #usdgc #norollercoastertoday #discgolf #whalesacs #handeyesupplyco

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