WGB FAQ: Check it. My favorite number is 3. #wgbfaq

WGB FAQ. I have a goatee. Don’t be jealous. #grownassman #wgbfaq

WGB FAQ: At top speed, I can run about 63 mph. No big deal. Here I’m just jogging along, so I’m clocking about 40 mph. Don’t be jealous. ✋🏼 #wgbfaq

WGB FAQ: I got big love for kitties. My brother is a big orange and after Bear (R.I.P.) he's my very best friend. Big oranges love to cuddle and do hoodrat stuff. If you think you'd be a good home for a big orange, swipe ⬅️ to meet Torrie at @kittykindcats. Torrie's ringtone is No-TORRIE-ous and he rocks a GB tongue ✌🏼#WGBFAQ

WGB FAQ: Wut up w/ my tongue? Yeah, it always hangs out. Sometimes it dries out so my parents have to wet it. It also made my teefs grow weird, so 7 of them got stinky and had to go. 👋🏼#RIPstinkyteefs #WGBFAQ

WGB FAQ: Peeps are like, "Yo GB, your shirt matches your pillows?" And I'm like, "Yeah." ✌🏼

Wondering how the boy WalterGB gets his nose so fresh, mine is showing my age @waltergoodboy #wgbfaq #snout #smooth #seniordogs #vanity #halp #bulldog

WGB FAQ: Peeps are always like "oh GB, where do you put your money?" My $0.77 lives in my murse, courtesy of @wtfrenchie 💰💼 #wgbfaq

Welcome to WGB FAQ. People are always like "GB, where's your tail?" FAQ: I don't have one.
✌🏼#WGBFAQ #bornthisway

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