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When hump day is a two-cup kind of day. Pull up a seat. #wework

🌸 Hi New Yorkers! Please join us today , May 24th for our second pop up collaboration with @wework! Location: WeWork FIDI - 85 Broad Street, New York 10004 | RSVP hello@goldno8.com! 🌸

I really thought Disney would end up being my favorite China visit but it was quickly one-upped by a company called "WeWork". Basically they are an incubator company who builds offices all over the world for entrepreneurs to work in and collaborate. The offices are incredibly designed and create an amazing working/learning environment, where entrepreneurs can work side by side and get help or bounce ideas off each other. This is the main value that WeWork delivers to its members. ••
How it works: so depending on the location of the office members pay a fee from 300-400$ a month. This includes a desk, full usage of office space, and other amenities like free coffee and beer. But like I said the main value is working side by side with other entrepreneurs. I've always had kind of an entrepreneurial spirit so I was surprised I'd never heard of this company.
WeWork was founded in 2008 by two guys in New York and they have locations all over the U.S. including LA and Chicago. So for you locals that have a great idea and need some help it's definitely worth looking into. Also in just 9 short years the company has grown to a 17 BILLION DOLLAR VALUATION. Further proof that if you dream big and work your ass off your wildest dreams CAN come true!! This is another company I wouldn't mind working for lol.
Like always don't hesitate to ask me questions/give feedback. And if any of you are super passionate about business or entrepreneurship I'm always open to meeting up and talking 🙂 #entrepreneur #businessblog #bizwriting #innovation #creativity #incubator #marketing #wework @wework

Love working with these #bossladies 😘

killed back day with my boy 💪🏼🏋🏽‍♀️ #havefunwithit #swolemates #wework

"It's NOT a game.... it's a lifestyle" 💪🏽💪🏽
On my GI Jane ishhhhh earlier! 😜
@thekenyacrooks in the back tho!! 😩😂 #wework #cantstopwontstop #birthdaycountdown #teamgemini ♊️🏃🏾‍♀️🎉💃🏽

1 0 D A Y S. (tomorrow) #graduation

#Leadership for #change makers workshop was a great opportunity to meet social leaders in different industries!
#coach #lifecoach #coaching #networking


Get up, get out, and go get what you want

Пивасик на работе #vectaury #wework #afterwork #paris🇫🇷 #beer

nice event hush truth #playground #shanghai #wework

No bullshit! Hackers talk only. #H13120 #amsterdam #wework #hackathon

Lunch, check. Snack, check. Stickers/coloring book/crayons, check. Sofia the First headphones and the Little Mermaid on the iPad - check. Going to work with Mom - priceless.

Hey what's up parents!! Now that your child have worked hard all school year for good grades and academic awards, it's now time that they work all Summer perfecting their craft and skills in whatever sport they desire. From June,5 - July,28 With the help of myself and NFL vet/Gym owner Dwight Johnson @total_athlete also lots of other former pro/collegiate athletes, we will work hands on with each kid everyday from 9:00am - 3:00pm doing strictly sports specific skill work and other sports related exercises. Also while mentoring and motivating each child. We will feed every child everyday breakfast, lunch and evening snack. Early drop offs are at 7:30am and every child should be picked up by 3:30pm the gym will be open till 9:00pm so with additional charges you can let your child train longer with us professionals. Space is limited so please stop by at anytime from 9:00am - 9:00pm to sign your child up or Call. THOSE DAYS SITTING PLAYING VIDEO GAMES DOING NOTHING ALL DAY ARE OVER!! #TotalAthlete #InvestInYourChild #FitKids #GameChangers #YouthSports #WorkHardPlayHard #WeWork
Also when you come in or call ask for me or say I referred you and get the first week free!!!

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5년전 코흘리게 찌질이가 오랜만에 인사드립니다. 나의 #유튜브 #영웅 스타트업에 들어오시다. 승승장구 하실거에요! 좋은 인사이트 많이 얻었습니다! #인플루언서 앞으로도 잘 부탁드립니다

The @wework #creatorawards are tomorrow! Don't miss the after party full of food, drinks, and a special live performance from @wyclefjean !🎤🎉#detroit #wework #creatorawards #wyclefjean

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