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It was a sad goodbye, but not a bad goodbye. Mele was a mother to many of us, we will miss you dearly Mele x // You were called to bring people together and build relationships and you did just that right to the very end! We love you, honour you and can't wait for you to greet us in heaven! #rilmele #wewillmissyou

Remembering a great man today. Thank you for being part of the Spanish Oaks family, Coach Hannon. #coachhannon #wewillmissyou

Volleyball Pink Out Senior Game. #wewillmissyou #oncealionalwaysalion #OneSchoolOneTeam

I’ll never forget you Rigby. Thanks for letting me marry your dad and for putting up with all my shit. You’ll always be the queen b. 🐱😿💔 @traviscjackson #fancycat #wewillmissyou

The "Final" chapter of "KornKnock" tonight.... #EP13 #wewillmissyou #thebestepisode #kornknock #LineTV

Here’s to you #gord. Canada will miss you 🇨🇦. #tragicallyhip #wewillmissyou

So sad to hear the news today - absolutely loved meeting Sean at the @affordableartfairuk ... #seanhughes #artcollector #greatman #wewillmissyou

With broken hearts we tell you that our sweet Ophelia passed away Tuesday. We are completely devastated.. She brought us so much joy and love in the short months we got to call her ours. She was full of curiosity and wonder. She and Nick had a special bond and it was always really sweet seeing them love on each other. I really think he was her favorite. It's amazing such a tiny little girl can leave such a huge hole in our hearts, but damn. I've cried for three days straight. She was a darling and had only love to give. She was so silly. Pure goodness.. It's an understatement to say she will be missed.
Ophelia, we love you so much. We hope you had a wonderful life. We will never forget your big, goofy, loving eyes. Thank you for the laughs.. you were the cutest thing in the entire world. "Honey I love you, that's all she wrote
Oh, Ophelia, you've been on my mind girl like a drug
Oh, Ophelia, heaven help a fool who falls in love"
#rip #babygirl #wewillmissyou #weloveyou #ophelia


We made it!!! Thank you for all your prayers!!
God is good!! Hope you made it great!
#blessed #favor #grateful #hardtosaygoodbye #memorial #apostlebeverlybanks #wewillmissyou

From your Babies R Us family, and the countless customers you have helped in the 11 years you were with us, we will miss you very much Loriana! Best of luck in your new adventures! #bruwesthartford #wewillmissyou

Here’s to you #gord. Canada will miss you 🇨🇦. #tragicallyhip #wewillmissyou

"Goodbyes are not forever. Goodbyes are not the end. They simply mean we will miss you until we meet again." Congratulations Julie on your new career journey. Thanks for all of your dedication and contributions to @wndecpa #farewellparty #audit #auditorproud #onthemove #wewillmissyou

Happy last day Harry! We will miss your energy and enthusiasm, dedication to Vic Books for three awesome years and (of course) your affinity for marshmallows is second to none 😋😊 Serving up coffee and banter to hit the spot! Best of luck for all you do ❤ #lastday #vicbooks #byeharry #wewillmissyou #cuteteam

Volleyball Pink Out Senior Game. #wewillmissyou #oncealionalwaysalion #OneSchoolOneTeam

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