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When You Model On Your Bestfriends Car❤️ #Cosmo #Counterfeit #ModelStatus #WeWearRedOnFridays

God Bless America & Those Who Defend It, Remember Everyone Deployed! ❤ #wewearredonfridays

There may be a hurricane outside but IT IS COUGAR RED FRIDAY, So I had to post a picture with my squad! Join the Familia for a great time at our TAILGATES this semester! #GOCOOGS #HBSA #bauer #wewearredonfridays

#WRX #flexfriday #wewearredonfridays put in the hard work before the weekend fun. Pushing it to the next level.

Costume change - had to get ready for work. #bayvalleyfoods #rembereveryonedeployed #wewearredonfridays #redfriday

Supporting my sailor & all military that are protecting our freedom today🇺🇸⚓️#wewearredonfridays

Congratulations to my friends who made Leadership Team for the 2016 Orientation Staff! 🎉🎉 I cannot wait to see all the amazing things you guys will do with the freshman. The incoming freshman won't know what hit them when they are impacted with y'all's greatness! #wewearredonfridays #ulgetinvolved #studentorientation #Cajunsof2020 ❤️

Go Red for women! February is ❤ month! Take care of your tickers!! #goredforwomen #heartmonth #redispowerful #wewearredonfridays


"The quality of a person's life is in direct proportion to their commitment to excellence, regardless of their chosen field of endeavor."
-Vince Lombardi
Commit every day to be the best you can be that day. I struggle some days with not being "perfect" and I remind myself daily that perfect is an illusion. No one is truly perfect. But we can strive to be better and we can be the best we have each given day. The best thing about a new day is that it's a fresh beginning to try again.
The faces I make during a good lift are pure comedy. Swipe⬅️ to see the rest of my pics.
Today's workout was awesome. Honestly I feel that Way every single work out. It's my moment to clear my head. To not worry about all the things that I am struggling with. I just focus on what I'm doing in that moment and work towards being better. I love the way that success in the gym/weight room/garage or whatever you want to call it shows up. You put in the work and you see measurable results over time. You're able to lift more weight or run farther or go a little longer. Not everything in life is quite that clear-cut. There's no measure of how good of a wife you are or how good of a mother you are. I like things that are measurable I like when I can see definite progress. I think that's why I love doing what I do. The rest of my life can feel like it's falling apart but my hour during my work out I can forget all of that and just be in the moment.
5 min Amrap
weighted squats jumps 20 pound dumbbells
2 min rest
five minute Amrap
bicep curls 20 pound dumbbells
two minute rest
five minute Amrap
kettle bell swing 30lb
crunchy frog
five minute Amrap
3 bear complex (add weight each lift) started at 55 pounds ended at 80 pounds.
200 m run
two minute rest and repeat one more time
21 gun burn out three sets one set at 10 pound dumbbells one set at 12 pound dumbbells one set at 15 pound dumbbells. #StrengthUnleashedWithSheena #MorningWorkout #FlexFriday #BearComplex #Fitness #FitMom #InstaFit #FitnessJourney #FitnessMotivation #DoTheWork #GarageGym #FlexFriday #HappyFriday #swipe⬅️#wewearredonfridays

#WRX #flexfriday #wewearredonfridays put in the hard work before the weekend fun. Pushing it to the next level.

Yay!!! Its Friday...so Color of the day is Red...Blu-Red💋

#lipsense #lipmom #wewearredonfridays #supportourtroops #Keepcalmandglossonwithheather

Mom may have overdone it today 😂#freshfriday #wewearredonfridays

Good gracious those are some good lookin' folks 💪🏼

This is my #fridayflow #latergram #sds #stopdropselfie for my girl @keto.rn
I literally had zero time to post it when I took it, then I forgot about it...😆 so yea...me + my bulletproof coffee + my duck lips, sporting my #wewearredonfridays tshirt= #itsfridaybitches
I'm open tagging #opentag to today because I love all of you and want to see ALL of your gorgeous selves.😘 #ketofam #ketosisterhood #bringthemallhome #wearredonfridays #supportourtroops #marineswife #rememberthosedeployed

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