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Us girls are getting out and voting, you should too! #wevote #imwithher @gillianjacobs @debbyryan @mollsterg @jennisennis @hillaryclinton

Get your crew , cast your vote!! #WeVote #wevoted #imwithher

I know I’ve posted this picture before, but that's because it’s important! Our ancestors made incomprehensible sacrifices so that we can have the opportunity to vote…It’s simply irresponsible for us not to exercise this right, so get out there and do your duty!...Last chance!! #GoVote #HeadCount #WeVote #ElectionDay

What do you get "the woman who has everything" for her birthday...you vote for her! HAPPY BIRTHDAY HILLARY!
My friend @brideyp and I were giddy today after voting. We celebrated with margaritas and dreams of the future. #imwithher #wevote

Because after receiving this little sticker at 8:30am, I patiently waited all day for a glass (or five) of wine... #WeVote #OneNationUnderGOD 🇺🇸

Major shoutout to this amazing panel for allowing me to be their moderator. Shoutout to the DNC for coming through and live streaming the event! #WeVote hosted an amazing conversation. Many thanks to everyone who supported the event! #Election2016 #BlackMillennials #VOTE #squad

Roofus beat the lines by voting early! You should too!
#WeVote #EarlyVoting

Here we come, diskonan! #PilkadaDKIJakarta2017 #wevote


Familia que vota unida, permanece unida! Faltaste tu mi amor @ralurralde #Noalaconstituyente #FueraMaduro #Nosfuimos #VenezuelaLibre #WeVote

2 hours in the sun to Vote! A symbolic vote! A vote that tells the world that Venezuelans are no happy with how the government is dealing with the out issues, this vote is for all the protesters that have been in the streets 100+ days fighting for our rights and out freedom! The world needs to know what is going on! We need help! We want to get out of this situation and we don't want any more blood in the streets, sadly the government doesn't feel the same #Venezuela #WeVote #ConsultaPopularBoston #ConsultaPopular #sosvenezuela #NoALaConstituyente

Cultivate Your Independence #2, Women in Action Huddle of Greater Newburyport #imlistening #bridges #independentwomen #wevote #welovethiscountry

Moody skies match my annoyance with the Governor and the politicians in the state capital who failed to pass the state budget by midnight last night and forced a NJ state shutdown beginning today. Not everyone who works for the state of NJ is living high on the hog like they are, and this includes my husband (and therefore me too). They of course will continue to get paid. 60,000 will not, like my husband, and will not get back dated pay even though it's through no fault of their own they're not going to work. Because we can afford to lose this money apparently 🙄 All state workers have it made dontcha know? 🙄 I will try not to stress out, but it's SO hard not to be angry 😡 I'm beyond tired of ALL politicians being thoughtless and heartless when it comes to our livelihoods and health benefits. There's literally nothing we can do about it now, but We will remember when it comes time to vote 📝 Too bad not enough others will 🙄 But, we've weathered many storms together, Big & I, some worse than this, and we'll weather this one too. For now we'll just keep dancing together to the B52s in the kitchen while the storm rages on ⛈⛈💃🏻🕺🏼⛈⛈ #fedup #upheavalintorevival #weatheringthestorm #thisismynj #wevote
#myperfectlyimperfectview #thisperfectlyimperfectlife 7/1/17

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