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Big Mac! Aka daddy lol idk where I would be without him. He's pushed me to be the person I am today and thank you isn't enough to be said. I love you dad, happy Father's Day❤❤ #fathersday #wetwins

AM walk with Lou and my best gal pal 👯 #wetwins

Finally got a day off to shop in Paris 🇫🇷☺️💜 #Bf #Love #DaBest #WeTwins

One week and my person is home#wetwins

I bet none of y'all can switch it up like us #wetwins

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the love of my life !!! Can't believe you will be 22 thank you for making me feel like the luckiest girl alive ! #wetwins #thatsmybestfriend #jan10

Happy birthday to the most beautful twinie sisy in the world... My lawyer May God bless you today and always with peace and joy. Have an awesome day! #loveyou # happybirthday #twiniebday #wetwins @glorydidas

Happy Father's Day to the greatest of all time. Your wisdom amazes me. You know exactly what to say in every situation. You always knew how to discipline and show love in the same sentence. You taught me how to get my hands dirty and that it's okay for girls to be tough yet still love their high heels. We've fished, killed chickens, road four-wheelers, swam in the pond, sang, laughed, played sports, and worshiped together. You've always been the man I wanted to look and act just like. You're the one who taught me if anyone can do it so can I. You have more talents than should be humanly possible, but you want no recognition. This day is all about you. No matter how old you get you get better looking:) I love you dad you're my best friend. #hotdad #twopeasinapod #wetwins #hecandoitall


ElePant Crew🤙🏽

When you're trying to creep up on the seagulls but you have me as a dad... lol

People always say that looking at me is the equivalent to looking into a mirror from the past and seeing my dad so I guess this is 110% what I'll look like when I'm 54 🤷🏾‍♂️#Pops #WeTwins #OGJoeMalone

Love my brother, forreal the best person out there. Visiting in Tulsa this weekend #brother #wetwins #twinbrother #lovehimsomuch #mustang #hefancy

This week was long. Full of emotion. And just fucking brutal. But these two get me through everything. ❤️ #momma #twins #youugly #wetwins

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