So excited we had the chance to revisit @westwindorchard and check out their new tasting room. If you’re in the Catskills it’s worth a stop... and the pizza, 👌

French, Croatian and all soccer fans come to Westwind Orchard for the final showdown!!! We open our tasting rooms doors at 10.45am. #worldcup2018 #westwindorchard

What’s about garlic I love so much? People think Italians put garlic everywhere or eat it all the time, that’s not true, most of the times we golden it in olive oil and then take it out. We love the odor of it.
#garlic #westwindorchard #italians

Got a double header this Saturday, July 14th with Liana Gabel. First it's @westwindorchard from 5p to 7p for those in the Ulster County/Shawangunk area where you can kick back with a cold cider and brick oven pizza. Then for the late night crowd in Beacon, Liana will be joining me at @draughtindustries for my monthly residency from 9p to 11p.
📸 by @_gusponce

Mmmm refreshing cider #westwindorchard #cider #refreshing

Hand made Farm weekend essentials. Courtesy of last summer vacation in Formentera. Missing you @gabriellasfardini ❤️Bosco not included with purchase. @westwindorchard #westwindorchard

Little 10x12 duct with custom 20x20 transition on top! #weldporn #weldnation #runningduck #millerwelders #mig #westwindorchard

We are thrilled to be BACK @viacarota with our Goldrush cider and @buvettenyc with our Wild Wild East draft cider! Thank you @chefjodywilliams for supporting our farm! #naturalcider #westwindorchard #buvettenyc #viacarota

Sunday afternoon in our cantina. #westwindorchard #naturalcider #pizzaandcider

First carrots of the season!! They will be on our new salad tonight! Open 5 to 10pm. #westwindorchard

Out in the new orchard to train our baby trees! And Bosco is always on my side!! #bestdogever #westwindorchard #ciderorchard

And thus begins our team building/identity crisis journey… Stopping at the wonderful rejuvenated old orchard that is Westwind Orchard and Fabio Chizzola, and to think and talk about what cider means to us tiny producers trying to beat the steam drill. And then this morning… Neversink Farm’s Market Garden course to address the incredible current mismatch that is our labor pool to vegetable and fruit cash flow, pur high tunnel production style vegetables versus our expansive long-term perennials and the past three years of burgeoning hospitality. Very cool to see how Fabio has addressed some similar issues, but starting with an old orchard, and in the Hudson Valley… Further musings on cider culture for New York State coming as soon as we enter exit this period of overwork(ha!)

The reworking of an orchard- 18 years of sweat and blood @westwindorchard @fabiochizzola ... 50 year old macs with 15 years of pruning to new wood, slowly now topworking to Ashmead’s Kernel. So fascinating to tour this Hudson Valley orchard on this trajectory as a contrast to own starting with a bare, degraded slate – is that Tabula Rasa? – And what it means to take old, abandoned orchards and sink your life into their renewal. Saluti Fabio

I can see you, your brown fur shining in the sun. I see you barking real low and you're smiling at everyone. And I can tell you our love for you will still be strong, the good boys of summer are here.

1. Pierre the best poodle
2. A stately, distinguished Australian cattle dog in Kingston
3. Brasco, the farm lab at Westwind Orchard

Hand Thinning our crop is one of many duties of growing apples organically and a way to make our trees annual instead of biennial bearers.
LOVE instead is everything we have for our children. #wecare #westwindorchard

Today we are releasing our 2017 Goldrush Cider.
We are open from 5 to 10pm for Pizza and Cider.
#goldrushcider #westwindorchard #naturalcider

My boys staring at me with loving admiration .... NOT....I’m just standing in front of the screen where the
the World Cup soccer is playing at our cidery! Happy Father’s Day!! Apples don’t fall far from tress @fabiochizzola @matteo_chizzola #westwindorchard

Beautiful day out with my new Cider family to pay a visit to @westwindorchard 🍎 Many thanks to Fabio for all the hospitality and taking the time to give us the grand tour. Seriously Great Cider, Beautiful Old Orchard and amazing Facility that is 110% worth the trip to visit. Also 🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🤘🍾🍏 #whosecideryouon #westwindorchard #westwindcidery #cider #catskillscider #nycider #drinkcider #realcider #craftcider #naturalcider #cidre #apfelwein #sidra #cydr #sidre #sidro #ciderculture #heritagecider #wildwildeast

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